GGG vs. Munguia in the works

By Jeff Zimmerman

Promoter Oscar de la Hoya told Fightnews®.com that discussions are at an advanced stage for a clash between IBF middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (41-1-1, 36 KOs) and unbeaten former jr middleweight titleholder Jaime Munguia (36-0, 29 KOs). “Both fighters interested and willing,” said Oscar. No time frame other than “the near future.”

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  • I am not going to get excited till a real contract is signed. However, this would be a great match up. GGG’s experience would be a tip in his direction for the victory. Yes, GGG is getting older, but I feel Munguia has not been in these chartered waters yet dealing with a hard precision puncher that could actually test his ability to stay really focused in a fight.

  • This is an awaome match up. I believe it will happen. Its a fight and style made for both fighters. Anyone can get knocked out. Yet, they both have good chins. This could be a real fight due to each fighter does not back away from anyone and the money is right.

  • This is going to be an absolute war! While Munguia is green and doesn’t quite have GGG’s experience level; he is younger, fresher, and hits hard enough to make this interesting. Could be a passing of the torch. Does GGG still have a few great wins left in his golden years? Can Munguia withstand the heavy hands of GGG? Great match up if it happens!

  • This could be a very damaging loss for Munguia. GGG is gonna pepper him with tattoos and power shots to the head and body.

  • If Munguia can take Golovkin’s shots he should have a good chance in this fight in my opinion. But he will most certainly have to take a lot of them. His defense is his biggest deficiency and it will be a giant hole against even an aging GGG who might be 39 by fight time.

    • Golovkin will KO Munguía. Even though he looked slow in his last fight, the Kazakh middleweight still has gas in the tank!

  • GGG got burned twice vs Alvarez, shady unscrupulous judges will likely be at it again thanks to GBP.

    Munguia is with GBP. If it goes to the scorecards they will already be filled out before the fight even begins! so unless GGG scores a knockout it’s Munguia W12.

    • GGG had 24 rounds to supposedly KO like the millions at that time insisted would happen and what we saw was Canelo outboxing him in the 1st fight and the Canelo walking him down in the 2nd fight

      • Lol.. Yet Triple G won both contest in the eyes of most . GGG should avoid this matchup since Fishnets de la hoya will have the judges in his back pocket as he did with the Canelo fights.

      • Boxing Historian–ur the first I’ve seen to say Canelo won the 1st bout with Triple G. The only thing he won in that bout was closest to the ropes which he clung to for 9 rounds. Come on Dude. he might have drawn in bout 2 but winning #1 ; no way .

      • Boxing Historian claims Alvarez beat GGG in bout 1. First person I’ve seen to say that. I had GGG up handily in 1 and narrowly in 2.

    • What makes you think Mungia has no chin? I haven’t seen all his fights but I haven’t seen that vulnerability.

      • Watch his last fight… he is like a baseball glove, he “catches” everything thrown at him. Golovkin would KO this guy within 6-7 rounds.

  • Can’t see a Munguia shot here. GGG is older yes but still a very sharp power puncher. He is very economical with his power as well which is why he can go rounds. The difference in class is going to be extreme. Fun fight and I guess Munguia has to step up sometime. Time to see if he’s got what it takes. I just can’t see it.

  • Fighters at the high level like Golovkin, perform better with a reason to get motivated, that’s why sometimes lackluster performances of some elite fighters against mediocre opposition. Jaime Munguia is a strong reason to motivate Golovkin, and bring out the best of what he has left. Great matchup for about 7 rounds, then Ibelieve it will be all Golovkin.

    • Also, don’t forget the best matchup for an aging great fighter with power on his hands, is a steady target with porous defense like Munguia, not a guy with a good defense and foot work like Canelo for instance.

      • I agree with that in theory, but I actually think that Canelo had more success against Golovkin when he was able to push him back and was on the attack, Derevyanchenko as well, and I’m pretty sure Munguia can do that and will have an older fighter in front of him.
        The difference, of course, is that those guys don’t make a habit out of blocking punches with their face as Munguia so often does.

  • Yeah, bold move by Golden boy as GGG is definitely past his prime, but he’s not completely shot yet. Munguia could get seriously hurt in this fight blocking Golovkin’s punches with his face

  • still cant help but to wonder why GGG still not fighting Charbroil or Booboob

    • I don’t know about Charlo, but has been evident he is afraid of Andrade, who has called him numerous times with no response from GGG

  • Munguia has both the speed and feet to create major problems, and if he can improve his defense this might be more than GGG can manage. A young upcoming fighter, cramfull with confidence and in tailwind, yes I can see the belt change owner…

  • If Munguia does not knock GGG out early I can see GGG hurting that Boy, the youngster does not have any defense.

  • IF this happens, sounds good. Munguia steps up his opponents and GGG continues to cement his legacy adding another name fighter. Munguia body is growing so there should be no weight issue/complaint. The Canelo fiascos judgement aside, truth is GGG has NEVER been knocked down. In over 400 fights. And he will fight anyone. Everyone gets old so don’t care that his feet are slowing down. GGG is a top must see fighter.

  • Definitely an attractive fight; would have been more attractive had they fought 2- 3 years ago when Munguia was fresh off his KO of Sadam Ali and before GGG showed signs of fading, but I’ll take it! Munguia has yet to become the sensation he’s shown flashes of becoming, but he has grown and developed into more of a complete fighter since becoming a champion. GGG hasn’t looked like the dominant fighter he was in a couple years, but great fighters always seem to turn the clock back for big fights. Munguia’s name has recently been tossed around as a possible future opponent for Berlanga; Team Berlanga will definintely be keeping a close eye on this one.

  • If this fight happens, I think GGG KO’s Munguia. I just don’t see Munguia as a defensive fighter. Munguia is very careless when he throws punches and only moves forward.

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