GGG: Very tough guy / D’chenko: I wanna rematch

Gennady Golovkin and Sergiy Derevyanchenko have commented on their epic war for the IBF middleweight title at Madison Square Garden in New York City

Gennady Golovkin: “I told you, he’s a very tough guy. This is huge experience for me. Right now, I understand I need more. Focus is boxing. This was a tough fight. I need a little bit more. I need to still get stronger in my camp. Just more serious. I need to work hard. I need a little bit more focus.

“Right now it’s bad day for me, it’s a huge day for Sergiy, his team. This is huge experience for me. Right now I know what I need exactly. I lost a little bit of focus. Sergiy was ready, I really respect him. He showed me such a big heart. I told him, Sergiy, this is best fight for me. It’s a huge experience. It’s maximum destroy. I just respect his team.

“Rematch? Absolutely. Big fight for DAZN, for the people, of course I’m ready. I’m a boxer, I’m ready for anything.

“Absolutely I still want Canelo, I’m just open to anybody. There are so many great champions here. Sergiy, a lot of guys. Everything is ready, just call Canelo. If he says yes, let’s do it.”

Sergiy Derevyanchenko: “The cut really changed the fight. I couldn’t see at times. And he was targeting the eye. But no excuses, it is what it is, I was trying my best. When I started moving, I felt like I was giving him room and I was getting hit with those shots that he threw and that’s why I started taking the fight to him and getting closer and not giving him room to maneuver.

“He hit me in the back of the head. He hit me behind the ear. I didn’t really see the punch but it didn’t really affect me that much. I got up and I wasn’t really hurt so I continued to fight, so it was nothing, nothing too bad.

“I would like the rematch if it’s possible, I’m ready.”

Golovkin-Derevyanchenko Scorecard
Golovkin edges Derevyanchenko in Big Drama Show

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  • It may be time for GGG to look at hanging them up,everyone has a use by date and the young bulls coming through will really test him from now on …. but he won’t retire,just one more,one more,one more !!!!!

  • I like GGG and how he represents the sport, but I got to say Slava Ukrainii. Sergei derevyanchenko is a tough fight for any of the elite middleweights. Nobody is going to just beat him and that includes Canelo. You’re going to be in a dog fight and lose some rounds, and you may even lose a decision unless you’re Canelo of course. I would favor the Ukrainian over Charlo all day everyday.

    • Nobody in the middle weight division mops the floor with Canelo. Styles make fights. Jacobs beat Sergiy and Canelo beat Jacobs. Canelo has a chin, he has head movement, goes to the body, has great defense. GGG only fights coming foward and head hunts. Apples and Oranges. Lets not get carried away now.

      • bien dicho campeon!!!! canelo si le pega a sergi,y tiene mejor defenciva,saludos desde dallas texas mi gallo

      • Canelo didn’t beat jacobs. Jacobs won that fight…but Canelo got the decision because he doesn’t lose decisions unless the other guy completely dominates and wins every second of every round…even then some judges will give it to canelo, like that one did in the floyd fight.

    • You’re joking right Arturo? Mopped the floor with him. Canelo would actually love our of the way of some punches, unlike a tired, somewhat shot, GGG. I’d put a paycheck on Canelo in that one. Let me know when you’re ready

  • I’ve been a boxing fan for many, many years and I have to say, nothing I have ever seen compares to this robbery. No, not whitaker-chavez or wright-vargas or delahoya-trinidad or bradley-pacquiao. This was the single WORST decision I have ever seen in boxing match. In fact, this decision demonstrates why it’s questionable to even call boxing a “sport.”

    Yes, Sergey got dropped in round 1, a round he was winning until GGG landed a balance shot that landed behind the ear. But for the next eleven rounds, Sergey forced GGG to back up and Sergey beat the stuffing out of GGG to the point it looked like GGG would have trouble finishing the fight…and if you really look at round 12, GGG is in complete survival mode, doing nothing for the first two minutes but look for opportunities to clinch. It was such a robbery, it was astonishing!…even for someone like me who has seen MANY robberies in boxing. Yes, we all knew boxing is ALL about the money, but this takes the disrepute of the boxing to an entirely new level.

    • I’m an Aussie so biased but Fenech v Nelson was the worst I’ve ever seen………. Jeff just dropped his bundle after that !!

    • I would suggest you stop watching boxing if you thought this was biggest robbery in boxing history.

      Punch stats per CompuBox:
      GGG 243 of 720
      Sergey. 230 of 738

      • It is NOT the number of punches. If that his how you score a fight then you need to stop watching boxing. GGG could have landed 60 punches in the first two rounds (I am not saying he did) and then 183 the rest of the fight. How about you show us the per round punch totals and separate a jab from other punches. That will be more of an indication of who won but also remember that the scoring is based on effective punching and ring generalship. Outside of the first 2 rounds and the 11th round, the effective punching was by Sergey and we all know who dominated in the ring generalship category. Sergey basically backed up GGG the whole fight. The guy above was right, Sergey was winning the first round until GGG clipped him on top of the head and knocked him down.

      • Why are you quoting compubox stats? Did you even see the fight? There’s a reason GGG was booed after the fight and why the vast majority of people (not blinded by their loyalty to GGG) are saying Sergey won by a huge margin. What kind of boxing fan cites compubox numbers? Do you even understand how compubox operates?

  • The fight I saw looked quite a bit different, I thought Sergey won.

    I really think GGG needs to retire, now, that decision and winning the IBF belt were the best retirement gift he’s going to get.

    At 37, with the way he fights, it’s only going to get harder as he declines, sad but true.

  • 115-112 GGG is how I scored the fight, but it was a very very close fight. If you scored it for Dev I would understand. Anyone saying this is a robbery is just trolling for those who didn’t see the fight.

    • James no disrespect, but please see it again your giving the decision to the wrong man. 115-113 for sergi 40 years watching boxing and a triple GGG fan,but last night he lost sir

      • Well you’re obviously pulling a score out of your ass and didn’t watch the fight if you had it 115-113. You cannot have that score with a knockdown. Oops, busted.

  • 4 clear rounds for GGG (first round with the knock down), 5 clear rounds for Sergej and 3 really close rounds which could given either way from my point of view…as Sergej was the busier man I would give at least 2 of the the close rounds to Sergej.

  • GGG knows how it feels, when he got the fight robbed against Canelo. Last night at the worst it should have been a draw. You can’t go by compu stats because boxing is supposably scored per round. I am a super GGG fight, but it was not his night. With that said, I rather see a rematch with D than Canelo. It was a way better fight.

  • GGG’s age demonstrated some issues with his boxing skills. He was flat footed in most of the late rounds with minimal head movement. The reasoning behind this issue is the speed and constant work put out by Sergiy. GGG is not the fighter he was years ago. However, he is still fun to watch and gets my respect. I am concerned about his progress as he continues to fight.

  • I wonder if Fightfan scored either fight between GGG and Canelo for GGG? The first was a romp for GGG and the second more competitive but still a clear win for GGG. These Russian fighters are great for the sport.

  • Just one thing. Banks and Hearn said GGG was ill going into the fight. Not sure how true this is?
    What I will say is that GGG acknowledges he struggled and seems to be happy to oblige the rematch which is not the case with so many marquee fighters who scrape a decision.

    • No excuses from GGG, I’m a big fan, he’s a true fighter and he was very honest and humble in ‘victory’, even though I thought Sergiy won.
      Maybe he was sick, maybe not, impossible to know the truth unless you’re part of GGG’s team I guess.
      Personally I’d like to see GGG retire, I think he’s on an irreversible slide and is getting hit way too much nowadays.


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