Golovkin-Derevyanchenko Scorecard

Ggg Derev Scorecard
Photo: Emily Harney

With the knockdown, Gennady Golovkin won the first round 10-8 on all three cards. After four rounds, scores were 38-37, 38-37, 39-36 all for GGG. Sergey Derevyanchenko won round five on all three cards. After eight rounds, it was 76-75, 76-75, 77-74 all for Golovkin. Judges Frank Lombardi and Eric Marlinski (both 115-112) gave GGG three of the last four rounds, while Kevin Morgan (114-113) awarded Derevyanchenko three of the last four.

Who do you think won?
Lundy outclasses Frankel
GGG: Very tough guy / D'chenko: I wanna rematch

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  • GGG showed some of his age in this fight. He looked good, but had moments where the speed of Derevyanchenko and multiple combos thrown had him confused in his stance. GGG lacked some head movement in the later rounds making himself a bullseye target to get hit. Great fight!

  • Well with all the comments on this site, at 50 % for GGG,and 35% for Sergey, that does show how many people saw the fight like the judges. And 50% means this poll favored GGG by a wide margin. I had GGG a winner by 2 points.

  • The comments on this site seem to be 90% trolling. It was a close fight. I feel like Golovkin looked old, but he also seems that way bc he fights with less confidence. He covers up a lot more than he used to while waiting to throw one shot at a time. I had the fight 115-112 GGG like the judges. But they were a lot of close rounds and 114-113 Dev would be understandable.

  • What’s fun with some boxing fan’s is that they can praise some fighters like Marvin Hagler who aged terribly in the Leonard fight at 33 and talk shit about GGG who beat a top notch middle weight at 37 ! Yes he’s slowing down but he won the first Canelo fight , draws or loose the second against him and beat a fighter Jacobs barely beats last year.. Fuck you, give this man his due, he’s one of the best MW ever and 3 or 4 years ago he would’ve knock the shit out of Cheatnelo !! Just respect what he achieve in his life…

    • @Regis are you clueless? Canelo beat his ass the first fight by outboxing the hell out of him but most of you claimed he ran pffffft then in the rematch Canelo stood his ground and backed up ggg and then you crybabies wan to try and say ooooo oooo ggg outboxed him WTF and you like the thousands all predicted ggg would KO Canelo he had 24 rounds to do it and what? Canelo should be 2-0 against the Russian home of the greatest PED abusing country ever didn’t they get banned from the Olympics………….

  • Didn’t score it round for round but gut feeling was that Derev deserved the win. Regardless of the result this faded GGG did not look like a guy who can beat Canelo. After watching last night it makes you wonder what GGG was left in the 2018 fight

  • once again this just shows you that judges can have that bias as well especially with a promoters help there is NO WAY ggg won this fight Sergey made him miss constantly and immediately scored with a counter, Sergey backed him up all night and pounded him with combinations

  • Not sure how ggg won 3 of the last 4. It was clear sergiy finished stronger. He got outfought in most rounds. Not a robbery but the scorecards didnt reflect what i saw late in the fight. Whoever gave ggg the last round obviously knew he needed the round. That was one he clearly lost.

  • This happened when Canelo beat him last fight except it was the other way around. GGG fans didn’t like it and they were the Trolls. You get what u give.. and now, ur getting the Trolls. Payback is a bitch… now ur upset?? Lol
    Anyway, VERY close fight but I did have D-chenko up by a round. That silly knockdown cost him 2 hard points. I saw only a few rounds where GGG fought strong and won the round convincingly, rest he was doing what he could to steal the round.

  • Something is hard to understand for some people, and also difficult to get used to, but is a normal and routinely procedure to favor the guy with better name, the one that means business; when they are involved in a tight, difficult fight. Those ones that don’t understand how the system works, call this robbery or the judges sold their soul and still debating who won in many fights, like Oscar vs. Felix Sturm, Canelo vs. Lara or ĢGG, Mayweather vs. Jose Luis Castillo and many others. When two good names are involved, they favor the one that promise better businesses (GGG vs. Canelo or Leonard vs. Hagler for instance).
    Having said that, this was just a close and difficult fight, nothing special or out of the normal.

  • Only 9 comments so I’m willing to bet that survey consists of very few people, the two judges who voted for ggg are horrible. They gave him 3of the last 4 rounds which he clearly lost and that gave him the win. I’m just a boxing fan and I saw him lose and listening to his trainer late in the fight he felt ggg was down too.

  • All you need to know about GGG is he now seems unable to finish his opponents. He’s still very good, but 2 or 3 years ago seem like 10 years now. I would love for him to get another great payday to make up for the years he dominated and didn’t get paid, but part of me hopes that he’ll hang them up.

    The most winnable fight where he might score some good cash is Charlo. I’d make it a pick em. The other fight he’d get paid in is obviously Canelo. He can’t win a Decision and with his clear unwillingness to sell out, he won’t win by KO either. With that said Canelo can’t punch at Middleweight, so it’s little risk to health and huge payday.

    I wish him luck in any decision he makes. He’s always been a true professional and will always have my respect.

  • GGG won, but looked terrible, he got caught more than ever in this fight. Changing his trainer has done nothing for him. A GGG fan, but looking from the outside he is close to done.

  • I am wondering, what Abel Sanchez might be thinking. No fight under Abel tutelage can be recalled to compare with this one. Everything bad came on top of GGG in this encounter with Derevyankchenko (battered and hurt like never before, first time having a dubious win, and some other bad issues). Can fit in here the word “KARMA” or maybe the phrase “God delays sometimes, but never forget”. To me, what Golovkin did to Sanchez was a bad action, that more than certainly he might be regretting by now

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