Golovkin edges Derevyanchenko in Big Drama Show

Photos: Emily Harney

Former middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (40-1-1, 35 KOs) scored a very close twelve round unanimous decision over Sergiy Derevyanchenko (13-2, 10 KOs) to reclaim the vacant IBF middleweight title on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
Ggg Derev04
The 37-year-old Golovkin showed his power early, dropping Derevyanchenko in round one. Derevyanchenko was cut over the right eye from a punch (ruled a headbutt) in round two. Derevyanchenko was very aggressive in rounds three and four. Derevyanchenko hurt GGG to the body in round five. Derevyanchenko was a buzzsaw after that. Derevyanchenko had a big round ten making GGG look slow while missing punches. The last two rounds were close. Scores were 114-113, 115-112, 115-112.

GGG: Very tough guy / D'chenko: I wanna rematch
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  • Canelo will now DEMAND a trilogy with GGG! He looked like shiat!

    THAT was a fight! I thought Devenchenko won by 2 rounds!

    GGG should be a man and admit he lost!

  • Great fight!
    Had Golovkin by 114-113.Great fight by Dervy but he was one knockdown behind just like Porter last week.

  • He lost this fight definitely 115-113 for sergi please don’t fight canelo he will ko you out

  • I felt Golovkin won 114-113 due to the knockdown inthe first round and it was tougher than both Alvarez fights for GGG.

  • The DAZN guys are doing their best to spin the win for GGG.

    Objective journalism is dead in this country and objective boxing analyst is certainly dead!

      • Exactly, nothing last forever and no one beats Father Time.

        GGG is still decent, but on the slide, in reality he’s no longer the best MW, but a contender, and if he continues, a stepping stone.

  • Anyone saying GGG won or those that had him ahead, you shld be ashamed of yourself. Although it was an AWESOME fight. Sergiy deserved this fight hands down.. uggghhhh.. even the crowd booed GGG.. soooooo disappointed!! Be the man GGG and admit u lost bro. It wld get u further with ur fans..

    • Well said, I thought the ref got needlessly and unnecessarily involved especially when Sergey hurt GGG to the body and when he was doing his best work.

  • Canelo ruined ggg’s life lofl. ggg lost this fight badly. Canelo ripped that mans body to shreds and damn near killed him twice and the proof is in the pudding. Now don’t you ppl here go trying to say different. ggg got butchered tonight and was granted a decision based on a possible 3rd fight with Canelo. Canelo damn near killed him twice before and this ggg would get murdered and Canelo would be brought up on charges for what he would do to him

    • What are you taking about?

      Both GGG v Canelo fights were close, many thought GGG won both – personally I thought it was 1 a piece.

      Age ruined GGG’s career – Canelo timed it perfectly, avoiding him for at least 2 years after beating Cotto for the MW title and letting the inevitable happen (GGG to age/slow down)

      Agree Sergey won – and Canelo would win a 3rd fight, but he’s 37 now and not the fighter he was.

  • Holy SHIAT!

    Even Jonathan Banks thought the fight was closer! Judging by what he said, it seems he was surprised GGG won!

  • DAZN is crooked. I like the idea of DAZN but GGG lost or tied this fight. Total BS. He lost vs Canelo last fight too for all the GGG fans. He sucks.

  • Canelo and Oscar made a big mistake not taking the third fight immediately. What a coincidence that GGG and Roman Chocolatito Gonzales use to headline HBO championship boxing together and only to lose their skills almost the same time.

  • A close fight isn’t a robbery. Robbery is when someone deserves to win by at least 4-5 rounds but doesn’t get the decision. It would do some of you well to learn this distinction.

    • A robbery is when the fighter who landed the better and majority of punches looses to the man who got beat to the punch and landed less power punches!

      Doesn’t matter how many rounds!

    • “I’m not going to say it was a robbery, sit it was a big error”- Sergio Martinez after his draw to cry baby Contron

  • Great fight but horrible night for GGG. If it wasn’t for that knockdown he would have lost. Now that he really got exposed and was very weak in the fight, Canelo might give him a third fight. Sergey was quick, retaliate alot, backing up GGG, even hurt him with that left body shot. I love GGG, but I think he lost in a very close fight. I’m not really upset, judges are ok with the score. GGG was slow, defenseless, weak, not very effective, couldn’t answer back the movement of Sergey and the quickness with the many shots he took. Was really disappointed. Hope he gets back to his old self.

    • Like yourself, Im disappointed to see GGG slide and lose (although he got gifted the decision) but it is what it is.

      He had a really good career and was great in his prime, the biggest disappointment for me is that he didn’t get a career defining fight when he was in, or nearer his prime.

      Still he had a a good run and made short work of some decent fighters, but now it’s another generations time.

      I wish he’d retire and save himself from further punishment / enjoy the next phase of his life.

  • I can say im shocked at several things. Ggg was not himself and the cards should not have been that far in his favor. Honestly, I think he got edged. It looks like the clock has struck midnight for Gennady in terms of age catching up to him.. It could also be the style of fight that Derevyanchenko brings to the ring(likely a little of both). Golovkin is my favorite fighter but I think the other guy did enough to pull off the win. DAZN seems to be like the WWE.

  • I think so much of this stuff is stayed Golovkin could have just played a risky game to look vulnerable to get the fight with canelo(may have played possum). I honestly dont want to think he is as weathered as the fighter I saw in the ring tonight that they called Golovkin.

    • Hah! I thought the same thing, maybe he played some drama to show to Canelo that he is now weak and can have a third fight. But I doubt boxers do that.

  • Great fight! I feel bad for Sergey between the Jacobs and GGG close calls but at least he’s 5 million wealthier tonight and we watched a war!

  • @juan, if you felt you got robbed on the biggest stage TWICE.. Would you admit you lost on the road to redemption? I don’t think so.. He’s and angry man now.. And he doesnt care what people think. Thats what happens when people do you dirty several times.. You become the same way.

  • I think ggg will switch trainers again. He implied several times in post fight interview his training wasn’t good. Either way won’t make a difference.

  • GGG is 37 and looked like a worn down fighter. His age and fights have caught up with him. GGG lost tonight but got the decision based on his name for another money fight.

    • I agree and I say that as a fan of GGG.GGG lost the fight and looked horrible.Bad defense and lack of power.When did anyone walk thru his punches and literally walk him down.When was the last time he was hurt in a fight?It became obvious to me he lost a lot from his hay day.Also because boxing is a business I knew if he finished on his feet he would get the decision.DAZN has too much invested in him to let him lose,but in sense i think he and DAZN did lose last night because the aura and luster of GGG was greatly diminished.

  • Boxing is so disgusting. What a robbery…GGG got a huge gift decision. Im not sure how these crooks can call themselves judges. Boxing is no longer a sport. Its as fixed as the professional wrestling. GGG just signed a big multi fight contract with dazn its in their best intrest to keep him winning. Even the announcers kept saying “oh these are very close rounds Id hate to be the judges for this” I’m sitting there thinking no theyre not close rounds GGG is getting out hussled, hes getting his ass kicked. Oh and btw that so called knock down in rd 1 was a slip. The guy was ducking a punch and lost his balance. Im so pissed and dissappointed.

  • The fight was a close one, but Derevyanchenko just plain outworked Golovkin and should have gotten the decision by a couple of rounds. Derevyanchenko’s activity level was exceptionally high, but even better, he responded with attacks of his own whenever Triple G went on the offensive.

    The body shots landed on Golovkin were having a major impact and I thought Triple G was a much more tired fighter at the end. Derevyanchenko did everything that was expected of him and much more. He had faster hands than Golovkin and his punches were compact and straight. Golovkin wasted a lot of energy with looping shots that didn’t connect. Derevyanchenko’s movement was exceptional and he was turning Triple G whenever they got in close and backed him up most of the fight.

    This fight clearly showed that Triple G is not the fighter he was several years ago. He didn’t use his jab consistently, which was a huge mistake. His jab was his most effective punch tonight.

    This version of Golovkin will probably lose to Canelo if the fight does materialize in 2020. On the other hand, Derevyanchenko has stamped himself as a real threat to all the top fighters in the middleweight division. A rematch is probably the most logical fight to make. I look forward to seeing it next year.

  • They are always programming us.. Look at the commentators show replays of a left hook destroying derevyanchenko’s eye.. Yet the Commissioner was dead set on saying it was a headbutt.. I don’t think a headbutt even occurred in the entire fight.. And definitely not to that point. Just like the commentators ate great with saying how a fighter is doing well that is getting beat. Do we believe them.. Or our lying eyes?

    • Yes two red flags before the decision. It took a loooooong time to announce the score card. 2nd red flag (Michael Buffer) made a comment about giving a round of applause two the two warriors. He knew the crowd would be upset at the decision and said that to acknowledge Deverechenko’s great effort to keep the crowds from rioting. They still booed GGG though lol.

  • As I said; “strong amateur background, already a world champion in as little fights, this will be no walk in the park.” I do not think GGG is shot, I simply think that no matter how unknown in the states the opponent was, it was obvious he was upper echelon type of guy. A bit past his prime, GGG looks but still a monster! #Rematch

  • All who think GGG clearly lost need to watch the fight again. A lot of the opponent’s punches were caught on the gloves. GGG landed the clean harder shots overall. The body shot was significant and did effect Golovkin, After the fight I saw him holding his left hand over that area on his way to the dressing room. Could have been holding his robe or could have an injury. He didn’t look his best but give him credit for perseverance and grit. D’chenko too. I need to watch it again too but can’t see D’chenko as a clear winner.

  • GGG best days are long gone. No way he ever beats Canelo. Hes a worn out fighter. Nothing more to say really. He keeps going his brain will be reduced to Dementia Pugilistica.

  • It was a great fight with the KD making the difference imo. Many close rounds that GGG could have lost, but calling it a robbery is a bit over the top. I think GGG should go back to training with Abel.

  • This is what you get when 2 men will not take no for an answer. I saw a very hard fought fight, that I.M.O had a give and take feel throughout. Both guys came to fight, and both men had their moments, GGG I.M.O was making it his business to bust up that eye on Sergey, and he certainly did that, and I might mention Sergeys corner really kept him in that fight. It could have been stopped because that cut was deep and bad.Two pros putting on a Ukrainian/Russian throw down. This is exactly why GGG held his title for so many years. I had it a win for GGG, a couple of points for him. They were both taken to the hospital, Sergeys eye will need GOD knows how many stitches, and i’m CERTAIN Sergey will get a rematch off of this performance. I’ve seen the fight twice now, no doubt each man can claim victory, however I thought GGG was the winner. I see some are calling this fight a robbery, well maybe the best thing is to watch this with no sound on and see how you feel after that. Glad the CHAMP has one of his titles back. Now if Canela wants a trilogy, all he has to do is make the phone call and put the hello on the table. And B.T.W I see some are saying GGG is to old now, well looking at Sergeys face tells me he was in there with a man that punches like an anvil still.

  • Didn’t score it round for round but gut feeling was that Derev deserved the win. Regardless of the result this faded GGG did not look like a guy who can beat Canelo. After watching last night it makes you wonder what GGG was left in the 2018 fight

    • Agree with you CB. Those wars took there toll. He continues hes going to have real neurological issues down the road. He shouldn’t blame Abel Sanchez. He should blame himself. Hes 37!!! and can’t see the obvious. Hes really beginning to wear down. Like Peyton Manning whose defense won him a superbowl at the end. Then quit on a high point. 11 more hard fights on his contract at the expense of his health? Not worth it if you end up scrambled brains. The last to go is power. He still has that, but everything else is in fairly rapid decline. See no evidence changing trainers did anything. Hes deluding himself.

      • GGG’s issues aren’t his age it’s his competition. When he was on his knockout streak none of those guys were even B level contenders the division was weak and he benefited. Now that others have entered the division and he’s faced them tho ko’s have stopped. When he beat Steve Rolls all his fans were on sites claiming he’s back and he had no business fighting Rolls I’m a huge boxing fan and had never heard of him.

  • Everyone is saying how Golovkin was hurt with that body shot and he’s showing his age. How many world class fighters would have taken a knee from that liver shot? I think he showed immense toughness last night. Great fight! I’m sure Canelo will reconsider a third fight IF he gets passed the Krusher. No wonder he vacated again (and blamed his promoter).

  • Remember the Kell Brook fight? Golovkin looked vulnerable at times. We heard similar comments about his performance then. He is older now but I think he was serious when he said he learned a lot from this fight. Has anyone heard about any injury like brusied rib etc. Is Golovkin still healthy enough to utilize things he might have learned? Only another fight or two will tell. To be on the safe side hanging the gloves up might be the best idea.

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