Gassiev crushes Balogun in two

In a pretty big under-the-radar fight, former unified cruiserweight champion Murat Gassiev (30-1, 23 KOs) scored a second round knockout against previously unbeaten former NFL linebacker Mike Balogun (20-1, 16 KOs) to claim the WBA Intercontinental heavyweight title on Friday night at the Karen Demirchyan Sports Complex in Yerevan, Armenia. A Gassiev right hand put Balogun down for the count.

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  • If this was a big fight, boxing is in even worse shape than I thought.

  • You figured this is what would come to Balogun given how late he started and how aggressive he fought. Hopefully he got paid a nice purse to go all the way to Armenia for this fight.
    Gassiev is 29, which is pretty young for a heavyweight and he won’t be 30 until October. He actually has quite a bit of time to make a move, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him in against Yoka – Takam winner.

    • Balogun actually looks pretty good technique-wise for a guy who came to the sport so late. Looks fluid in the ring, but he was gone with the first power punch Gassiev landed….actually one of the first serious punches Gassiev threw in this fight. I knew this would be an uphill battle for Balogun, and no surprise that he didn’t get the W, but was hoping for a little more resistance from him. Decent win for Gassiev. Would love to see any pairing between Gassiev, Arslanbek Makhmudov, and Zhan Kossobutskiy.

      • There are levels to boxing. As long as I’ve been following boxing, there have been several guys who started late in the game, either coming over from other sports, prison, military, or just a late start, who have looked spectacular early on against lesser comp. Once they were really tested, their inexperience and lack of a solid foundation were exposed. Micheal Grant, Cliff Etienne, Seth Mitchell, Derrick Rossy, Micheal Coffie, Gerald Washington all fall into that category. The only two late bloomers I can think of who were succesful were George Foreman and Deontay Wilder. Both started at 19 I believe, but still managed to build a solid amateur foundation in a short period of time and medal in the Olympics. I should add Ken Norton as well.

        • @Kris Aside from having enormous power in that right hand, it really shows that Wilder got a late start in the sport. Not sure there’s any part of his game that’s above average aside from punching power. He’s had a pretty incredible run in the sport though despite all of his flaws. Bronze medal in the Olympics, and something like 10 title defenses.

          I didn’t watch Wilder as an amateur, but having watched him as a pro, it’s hard to believe he had the success he did there. Hard to imagine that style doing well in the amateur ranks.

        • Lol George Foreman started boxing at 17. Mike Grant actually beat some decent fighters like Andrew Golota, Obed Sullivan, David Izon, Lou Savarase ect.

          • All the guys I mentioned beat some decent fighters coming up. Cliff Etienne beat Lamon Brewster and Lawrence Clay Bey back to back. Micheal Grant was exposed in his first true test against Golota. Golota had him down and out, but failed to put him away. Grant came back to stop him in the 10th round as I recall. Grant then went on to fight Lennox Lewis and he clearly did not belong in the same ringas him

      • lol two times I’ve tried to reply to this and they’ve posted it and then ate it both times. Okie dokie.

      • I was thinking about Zhan, Makhmudov and Ivan Dychko USF. I think all those guys should just fight each other. All in their early 30’s an getting to the point where they REALLY need to do something. Gassiev against any of them work for me though.
        I think Balogun might still have a short future going forward as something other than an opponent. I’d still like to see him fight Kenzie Morrison.

        • @Lucie Actually read late last year that the WBC ordered Makhmudov vs. Kossobutskiy, which would be one of the more interesting fights that can be made right now IMO. Haven’t heard anything about it since though. Also agree that Dychko would fit in nicely with that group…

          • I didn’t hear that, but I look it up and there it is. It’s a good fight for both, they should make that happen. Might lean towards Zhan.

  • Gassiev is a name you will NEVER hear come out of Jake Paul’s mouth.

    • No wonder, Gassiev is a world class fighter, while Jake Paul is just a YouTuber who lost himself in the ring to cash up. Mayweather VS Paul, Micky Mouse vs Mickey Rourke, these circus fights getting way too much attention. Remember Tonya Harding made some pro bouts?

    • Gassiev is gone from the division. He was 238 for this fight, has been at least 230 for every fight since Usyk.

      • Not sure re your point Lucie? Gassiev is a heavyweight now and 230, 238 is fine surely?

        • Beserker said Jake Paul never won’t call out Gassiev. I’m saying Paul fights as a cruiserweight (and I think his last fight was 185). Why would he call out Gassiev, a heavyweight?

          • Ok, you refering to Jake Paul not supposed to call out Gassiev, agree

    • Comment makes no sense. Why wouldn’t Paul mention Gassiev? As for fighting him they are not even in the same weight class. Gassiev is a heavyweight now, Paul is a Cruiser, weighing about 50 or 60 pounds less.

  • If Gassiev can just get to fight regularly he will be able to get into the big name fights. He is still young and could be a threat to any heavyweight with his heavy hands.

  • first of all, gassiev should have had a chance the second time wbbs / against latvias champ, sencondly has about a cruiser shot.. ? thirdly why hsnt he been considered in the new division bridgerweight.. real pitts burgler and in a current breath daniell murtagh rue morge ? the edwin valerochamp lightweight champ what a crazy champ he was that he murderd his wife and himself? yea what were they and stll do in the hycyenth hause ..? pitts berg and ralf kiner 10 yeaars of body workt..

    • “why hsnt he been considered in the new division bridgerweight.”

      Because he is a a legitimate big heavyweight now, 238 pounds, 40 pounds more than when he lost to Usyk when both were cruisers.

  • Gassiev’s only loss was to Usyk. Since that loss he’s had four fights, winning all by KO. He is 40 pounds heavier now than he was when he fought Usyk, a big heavyweight with no fat, both of them. Balogun had won all his fights before yesterday, most by KO, including a 1st round KO of Tommy Morrison’s son.

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