Garcia: I got a leg up on Benavidez…

…Thanks to my sixth toe!!


Danny Garcia has an edge over José Benavidez that cannot be matched, no matter how many miles he runs, or rounds he spars … the former world champ was born with an extra toe, and that’s all the advantage he needs!

Sure, Danny’s totally kidding … but this is an excuse to talk about one of our favorite clips ever.

If you haven’t seen it, back in 2015, the 36-3 welterweight took off his Jordan’s and literally proved he had an extra digit on his foot.

So, when we recently talked to Danny, we asked the 34-year-old about the toe … in addition to a bunch of serious questions about returning after a lengthy layoff, and whether Garcia can once again be champ.

“I’m gonna keep showing it off because when I was a kid, I was ashamed of it,” Danny said, adding, “Now, I’m somebody. That six-toe brought me a long way.”

And, perhaps the extra appendage has actually helped in some way … “I’ve never been knocked down!”

All jokes aside, Garcia says he’s ready for 30-year-old Benavidez (27-1-1) … and understands there are doubters considering his last match was a loss to Errol Spence in 2020. But, Danny says he’s as fast and strong as ever, and he’s ready to rock.

“It was tough in the beginning but the way I’ve been sparring, the way I’ve been training, the way I’ve been running … everything is stronger and faster,” Garcia said.

“I didn’t lose a step. I feel great!”

So, with the boxing skills and physical advantage, Garcia says Benavidez is gonna need a little more help to beat him come July 30 at the Barclays Center (on Showtime).

“I already got the advantage. I got an extra body part. He’s gonna need an extra arm to beat me.”

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  • Seems like Danny hit his plateau and never truly blossomed much more.

    There are many boxers who are trained by their fathers. Unfortunately, in many instances their dad’s aren’t trained professionals or established coaches! They can get their sons to a certain point, but after that it would be in the fighters best interest to employ someone who can take them to that next level!

    I feel like Danny could have been one of those fighters. Can you imagine if his lack of footwork was addressed and he was taught to be more defensive and illusive?

    I’m not saying fire the dads, just add some more knowledge and wisdom to your team. The dads should want more for their sons, it shouldn’t be an ego thing!

    Nonetheless, I do like Angel and Danny. Wish them nothing but the best. Should be a decent scrap!

    • I totally agree with your comment… i came to the same conclusion some years back…Danny is not a bad fighter, just lacks certain polish in his game..unfortunately in my opinion, its a little too late..

    • He would have to fire his dad. You know he’s not mature enough to think about his son when he’s trying to be the star.

  • >