Haney-Kambosos rematch set for Oct 16 in Melbourne

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Undisputed WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF lightweight champion Devin Haney (28-0, 15 KOs) will travel to back to Melbourne, Australia to defend his laurels on October 16 in a rematch against formerly undisputed world champion George “Ferocious” Kambosos (20-1, 10 KOs). This time, the bout will take place at the Rod Laver Arena.

In June, Haney captured all the 135-pound belts with a unanimous decision over Kambosos at the huge Marvel Stadium with over 40,000 fans in attendance. The event attracted the second largest attendance in Australian boxing history – eclipsed only by the Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn WBO welterweight title bout in Brisbane in 2017 that had over 50,000 fans attending. Rod Laver Arena has a capacity of around 16,000.

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  • Nothing much Kam can change to get inside the best jab in Boxing. He doesn’t have the experience for his hard work to overcome Haney’s level of talent. Kam is very dangerous with his right hand but Haney is too smart of a fighter. Look at Haneys eyes when he fights remind you of SRL and FM. Young man has extreme focus in that ring. A true throwback that wants to test himself against the very best.

    • So are the promoters. You can see in the article that they went from fighting in a 40,000 seat stadium to a 16,000 seat stadium. First fight wasn’t even close, I can’t stand Haney but what did Kambosos do to warrant a rematch??? No one wants to see this fight.

      • What did he do to warrant a rematch, my guess is a rematch clause.

        • And other boxers don’t do that..use the rematch clause? FFS get real !

  • Kambosos made a lot of mistakes in the first fight. He never adjusted to that jab at all and he didn’t throw combinations, if he does those things, maybe he can make it a close fight against Haney, but that’s assuming that the exact same Haney shows up. I don’t think he will. The more I think about it, I think it’ll be even wider for Haney and a late stoppage isn’t out of the question either imo.

    • Lucie – Kam never made Haney adjust or go to a plan B. If Kambosos tries a different approach in the rematch, Haney may well be able to pivot and adjust to any new wrinkles. The question is why Kambosos didn’t adjust. Maybe he just isn’t capable of fighting differently than he did at Marvel Stadium.

      Kambosos ate a lot of jabs. Haney was very tactical and didn’t let Kambosos exchange with him. Without any exchanges, there was no way for a judge to think Kambosos got the better of the exchange, and the only scoring blows were the Haney jabs.

      Was it a thrilling fight? No. But Haney did exactly what he needed to assure that he won the decision. In the next fight, if Kambosos tries to be the pressure fighter he said he was going to be, Haney may land more rights and counter left hooks.

      • You’re surely right Bryan, if Kambosos presses more, he’ll be more open for counters, but we know what happens if he doesn’t press. If he gets in there he’ll have more of an opportunity to land something of his own, if he stays back, he literally has no chance at all.

  • With all the good fights that can be made at 35-40 this is what you get for Haney. Absolutely no reason for a rematch as the first fight was completely one sided and zero controversy. Kambosas a tough guy but nothing more than a club fighter

  • Kambosos sold the first fight well running his mouth and talking smack. He was riding on the confidence train after he beat Lopez in which he worked overtime to win. Now that Kambosos has been exposed by Haney, this second fight is nothing more than Kambosos acting in desperation all by a legal contract on paper stating a rematch. I do recall some folks saying Kambosos will beat Haney. Hmm, now since we saw the results of the first fight, I am sure the decisive thinkers will have a change of mind knowing Kambosos was basically a busy one-dimensional fighter.

    • Did read somewhere Manny has offered to help Kambosos, but to write someone off after a bad performance seems a bit one eyed in the comments

      • I think Manny would improve Kambosos’ technique. Kambosos’ style is not a style to beat Haney. We all saw that in the first fight. However, Kambosos’ style does pose threats to other fighters willing to stand in the pocket with him and exchange blows.

  • The changing of venue for this fight (From Marvel Stadium to a tennis court) is a clear indication of how unimportant this rematch became after the dominant win from Haney in the first meeting. I expect a boring and forgettable encounter this time, kind of 120 to 108 in Devin’s favor. Once this absurdity is fulfilled, I expect Haney facing a more credible opponent, being the best options Lomachenko or Gervonta Davis. For Kambosos, a good purse against Billy Dib, or a trip to USA for a very entertaining fight against Isaac “pit bull” Cruz.

    • A Cruz fight would be interesting as a cross roads type winner stays relevant loser becomes more of a gatekeeper. But don’t know if it could be made as Cruz is with Hayman and other is Top Rank.

    • Spot on. Good for George to make money for himself and his family. I don’t begrudge him that.

      I expect Haney will win and that Top Rank will put him against Lomachenko to give Devin a big payday.

      That, by the way, will be his third fight under his contract. I think that is his last unless they extend him.

      If he again becomes a free agent, that might clear the way for a fight with Tank Davis.

  • Nothing to see here…only chance Kambosos has is to hurt Haney with the right hand or lefthook, but that’s highly unlikely, as Haney’s defense and jab will keep George befuddled just like the first go around. And before the haters like Berserker start making comments about Devin’s nose and lips, I’ll quickly educate you in anthropology; wider nostrils and larger lips are part of the anatomy of most predominately melinated humans as these features are necessary for cooling the body as the wide nostrils and larger lips serve as a cooling mechanism and the brown skin is a built in sun blocker for survival in warmer climates near the equator. Facts!

    • Too bad for them their brains didn’t evolve along with their lips and nostrils!

    • My guess…Rematch not really relevant as most will see the same outcome. Yep, I think Haney wins again. Save your money for a bigger future fight elsewhere.

  • There’s nothing to watch here, why the rematch? The only thing I could see is that this time they will get the right judges to steal the titles that way, as they do in Australia most times.

  • Usyk beat the crap out of AJ, but I don’t hear anyone complaining about him using a Rematch Clause, and for the second damn time so let Kambosos use his. This fight isn’t going to change much with the exception of Kambosos being more desperate that he uses more energy and Haney stops in sometime after the 9th round. Haney is a special fighter and while he wants to fight every body every body don’t want to fight him, so if he holds all of these belts the #1 contender in each of the 3 Letter Organizations will be forced to step-up or shut-up.

  • This fight is such a colossal waste of time. Kam is what he is. He’s not a big puncher and some believe/believed. Haney has a higher KO percentage and he’s not a big puncher. There is nothing kam can do to win this fight. He simply doesn’t have the tools to win. After what we saw the first time, why would anyone want to see this again.

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