Garcia defeats Benavidez in 154lb debut

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Photo: Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

Making his super welterweight debut, two-division world champion Danny “Swift” Garcia (37-3, 21 KOs) scored a twelve round majority decision against Jose Benavidez Jr. (27-2-1, 18 KOs) on Saturday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Benavidez stalked Garcia the whole fight but was constantly outlanded. Scores were 114-114, 116-112, 117-111. The Danny Garcia Show will continue its run at 154.

Garcia became very emotional in discussing his mental health struggles during the post-fight interview, concluding with “Hopefully I don’t become a meme with my crying face like Michael Jordan.”

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  • I don’t know about you guys but I thought this fight was boring. Garcia just wanted to go the distance and just out landed Benavidez Jr. I am a boxing fan, I like boxers like Mayweather and Leonard etc, but Garcia needs to step it up or fight harder to get more attention. Who’s he gonna fight next?

    • Danny was exciting at 140 because he could put your lights out. At 47 this lackadaisical style just lead to decision losses to the elite fighters in the division. At super welter it might even lead to him getting stopped.

    • You complaint on this fight because was bored but you like Mayweather??? Something it’s wrong with you …Floyd is the most boring fighter ever

      • What??? MW is not boring. He’s exciting to watch! Please , for the love of the sport, can you non-boxing fans go somewhere else!! Boxing is not always bloody wars. Boxing is exactly what MW demonstrates. Speed, precision, defense, ring-generalship, and a systematic beat down. You’re only saying he’s boring g because the guy you want him to lose to is boring and getting his butt handed to him.

        • Well since this is only about boxing, why did Garcia mention Michael Jordan?

        • Not if you’re being asked to pay to watch, u want your money’s worth. If it’s free, u can box and show your skills. but pay per view, fight and give us a show for paying.

      • That’s not true C, Floyd wasn’t boring when he beat Cotto, Hatton, Canelo, Gatti, stop with that boring bull crap, nobody pays to see boring

    • It seemed to me that Danny did step it up. A lot more aggressive and offensive. Much better punch output. Great body attack. All what he needs at 154. Power isn’t going to be the same at this weight so we wi have to expect fewer KOs. I thought he tried hard for it though.

    • Don’t put Mayweather and Leonard in the same class, Mayweather was extremely boring

  • Another miserable decision by these incompetent judges!

    Garcia DOMINATED….p e r i o d!

    What freaking fight were these “judges” watching?

    • Didn’t one of the Jussie’s score not a draw? That guy went on a break in the middle rounds.

  • I don’t ever want see Benavidaz in a ring again. The only difference between him and a heavy bag is the bag don’t talk as much. He channeled his inner Broner by pretty much not showing up. Garcia, meh, you couldn’t knock out a guy not fighting???? And why ask for a belt fight with Lara at 155? SMFH. The judge who ruled this a draw should be fired.

  • Its becoming too obvious that these events are now all about fighters within the same promotional company facing off each other in sparring sessions
    Sell the hype to the fans and in the end give a score in which both fighters can justify another pay day…most likely against another stablemate and the company as a whole keeps all the money in house
    Purist fans are being used and disrespected its not right but in the end its a business and the company and fighters are the winners as for the purist fans we are their fools for believing that we will get and event worth our time and money

    • Right on the money. They are using the pro wrestling formula. WWE vs WWE only or AEW vs AEW etc. Another part of the formula is maximum profit for minim risk. Yes, the health of the fighters is the very top of the list, but you also have to prove your greatness. A fair comparison between the last 2 crops of fighters and the ones before cannot be made.

  • So basically what thus event is setting up is Danny vs Charlo both PBC fighters so money wilk stay in house
    Benavidez might get a nice pay day next against I think either Harrison or Fundora fighters within their own promotional company its a win win set up for PBC

    • Benavidez certainly shouldn’t be fighting Fundora or even Harrison at this point. He should be in off-TV fights and if he can’t perform any better than he did in this fight, whether it’s because of the leg or lack of dedication, he needs to retire.

      • Certainly disappointing fight….styles makes fights…believe that Benavidez knew that he could not be hurt by Garcia and he could not box with Garcia…appears that Benavidez showed up to get a check…could have made it a fight with pressure…Benavidez did not commit to this fight though he signed a contract.and Benavidez is a good fighter…. usually when this happens..there is an underlying reason…either personal or business based..Kudos to Garcia for remaining professional under all challenges and circumstances…

        • A good fighter my ass ,lazy ,weak ,and overpayed..this bum should never have a camera on him again.

    • Garcia didn’t even mention Charlo post fight. He called out Thurman first and foremost.

  • Maybe I’m just an old fart, but I love bad mo fos who don’t need to be all tatted up to be a bad mo fo = Danny Garcia

  • And then he starts crying like a little girl. Millennials these days smh

    • it was low of Gray to do that to Danny ,Gray has been an ass since he came into boxing and I cringe everytime I see him in the production.

    • Arturo that is your opinion…we all struggle at times in life…no one is an exception…Garcia was man enough to step in that ring…in a gladiator sport…where you could lose your life or be seriously injured..Garcia did this though he had to overcome major depression..Garcia was prepared and he was professional,…after the fight Garcia celebrated his real victory.overcoming his personnel demons…been there…understand….nothing girly about that…

      • Garcia is a great counter puncher and at times you Don,t get the output you want as a fan. but the champion can come out.

      • Thank you for your comment Sean, I’ve been there too…it’s a double victory for Garcia, both inside and outside the ring!! However, Benavides really should evaluate his desire and dedication to the sport.

  • jose Benavidez should try exhibition he cant be professional cause he stands there like a idiot

    • To me he has been acting strangely since the build up. Just never seemed to be 100%.

  • This was a dominant performance by Garcia against a tough opponent. Give credit to him. He deserves it.

  • It was a one-sided fight with Danny winning 11 of the rounds. I gave the 9th round to Benavidez, but for the most part, he just posed with his gloves around his face and let Garcia take the lead time and time again.

    Garcia just outquicked and outworked Benavidez all fight long. Benavidez just didn’t let his hands go until the 9th round, then inexplicably went back to his prevent defense and let Danny get off first after that round.

    Extremely disappointing performance by Benavidez but a terrific victory for Garcia. I don’t know if he can hang with the top 154 pounders, but he did look good on both offense and defense. He showed speed, movement and combination punching that bewildered Benavidez while minimizing the return fire. However, I don’t believe his power carries up to the higher weight class. Benavidez was never buckled, just outboxed and outhustled.

    • Good point. I feel Garcia also does not carry the “crack” in his punch moving up in weight. Time will tell as he shakes off the ring rust.

      • Scooby, I think, like you do, that Garcia does not carry the punching power at 154. What he does have is boxing IQ, fluid movement, angles, and sound defense. He also absorbs punches well, when he has to. I want to see how he does in his next fights.

    • garcia is such an interesting fighter. the more i watch him, the more i appreciate his technical skill and his preparation. one of the beauties of boxing is that there are many different kinds of technical styles and aesthetics to appreciate.

      his ability to narrowly avoid a punch and then, counter with 1, 2, or 3 blows is fun to watch. his footwork, timing, and instincts are world class. the mixing of punches to the head and body is a breath of fresh air. it’s as though every punch has a purpose. he’s playing chess out there.

      regarding the judges, they should all be sent back to judge school — pathetic. regarding gray, sometimes he bugs me, but in this case, i thought the post-fight interview was really special and he handled it in a humane and professional fashion.

  • “C”, you must have never seen Floyd Mayweather’s first 30 or so professional fights before his hands became a major issue, to make a ridiculous comment like that. Yes, he became more economical later in his career and adopted a safety first approach to protect his long term health and make millions of dollars in the process. The fights are on youtube, you should check them out. As for DSG, he’s gonna have a tough time at 54 against the elite, but I wish him well.

  • The best prospect at 154 is Charles Conwell, but no one wants to fight him because he killed a man in the ring. Would’ve much rather seen Garcia vs. Conwell last night!

  • Danny boxed very well, while Benavidez, out of desperation acted like a fool sticking out his tongue and was relying on one big punch. Congrats to Garcia.

  • Garcia looked great in this fight. I hope he’s got some big things still to come. Well done Danny!

  • danny won fight easily he can fight at 154 one judge had it a draw 114-114 i wonder what he was watching

  • Thought Danny win the fight hands down! The 114-114 judge should be put in jail! As for Danny’s performance, I thought he boxed well and put some good combos together. Problem is that he is going to be undersized for this division. Is it me or did Benavidez look like a giant compared to Garcia. I can’t see him beating any day of the top guys with the exception of Harrison! I say he beats Tony by TKO!! As for Benavidez, his career might be over?!

    • Harrison is dangerous..He is a live dog…. Harrison can fight ..just ask Charlo…Now..what Harrison shows up is the question…

  • absurd scoring, especially the 114-114. it wasn’t even close. Garcia schooled Benavidez and lost 1 round.

  • Danny has a lot of skills, but it’s only when he uses combinations and then slips the counters that he really starts showing them off. He was non-stop with the jab, and showed good defense. Yes, he might lose to the elite but let’s see. Not a guy I would pay to see but I can appreciate all he has done. There are a LOT of come forward fighters like Benavidez, but you have to do more than that, you have to throw combos or land that big shot. He couldn’t do near enough. Only way Benavidez wins if he has 3 bad judges. Last night he only had 1.

  • That was not a bad fight. The art is to hit and not be hit. Benavides started well for the first two rounds and then pulled back. Perhaps an issue with weight fluctuations and a worry about fading down the stretch while looking bad?

    It took Garcia a few rounds to get into it, but once he did, he boxed well. I thought we would see heavier exchanges and counters.

    Benavides isn’t getting younger and I’m not sure that he can really focus on his career at this point. Danny should seek a rematch with Thurman as a confidence booster then reevaluate his career.

  • They want to say a fighter is boring because he isn’t fighting wars, but will they visit the fighters that fight in wars when they end up in a nursing home like the great Bobby chacon!!!

  • There are 2 sides to every story..why can’t Jake Paul’s matchmaker put together a boxing match? Or is Paul manipulating you too. Stop trying to put every aspect of a match one sided in Paul’s favor. Is it too much to ask to get a boxer at Paul’s weight with under 10 pro fights as Paul has requested to show up to fight? The hype about how far advanced a fighter Paul is, is not only BS it’s
    Waisting everyone’s time.

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