Jake Paul, Hasim Rahman Jr. Statements

Jake Paul: “This is another case of a professional boxer, just like Tommy Fury, being scared to fight me.”

Hasim Rahman Jr: “He wanted to drain me down and be a shell of myself when we got in that ring.”



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  • You pulled out of the fight Jake. As much as I supported you, you became a sissy by not fighting Rahmin Jr. I hoped the best for you but you became a KAREN!
    Only way you could reclaim yourself is fight Rahman at heavyweight. #JakeCoward

    • arturo,
      so a contract means nothing?
      if rahman follows the contract that he signed, this fight happens.
      the NYSAC should hit Rahman with a very long suspension. probably a large fine too

      • LeKaren James
        it stands for, Rahman refused to honor the terms of his contract. And it seems that he entered into this written contract without any intention of following through with this part of their agreement. (Bad intentions)
        LeKaren James, it also stands for, you are a huge idiot

      • Except they didn’t give him a full 30 days to lose 30 pounds. Boxing commission will not side with Fake Paul on this. Paul is a punk that is too deep in his on grandeur to get out.

      • Reclusive White Baby, probably Fake Paul’s backup persona.

      • Contracts can
        to make you do something that’s impossible to do. Contracts are are not divine. I’m with Rahman on this. Why not fight him at 215? If you claim to best him at 230 why not be ready to fight him at 215? I think Jake Paul doesn’t think he can beat him at that weight, period. So they pulled out of the fight.

    • Rahmin?? You’re such a fan, you don’t even know the opponents name? Such a big boxing fan, that you don’t know is the family name of a former hw champion. Casuals should just stay quiet.

    • I Concur Arturo. You nailed it. Jake is a two bit hustler cry baby. What a little B****ch. Weight don’t mean didley in the heavies if you’re a true boxer and pugilist. 1 lb, please! What a puss.

  • Jake Paul is a joke. I agree with Rahman Jr. Paul doesn’t want to fight a real fighter, or wants to fight a real fighter if that fighter significantly reduces his effectiveness in some unreasonable way. He wanted Rahman Jr to come in anorexic, weak, and depleted. Just disgusting.

  • it seems Rahman had No intention of abiding by the contract that he signed. and at No time planned on even trying to make the weight that he is/was contractually obligated to make. the promoter(s) should sue him… it surprises me that people commenting on here have so little regard for a signed contract and blame Paul for this fight not happening. Rahman is worse than unprofessional and should be fined and suspended indefinitely by the New York state athletic commission

    • U R exactly right, rwb.

      There r so many stupid posts on these boxing forums.

      • Hotel Dixie Boxing Forum
        yes. if rahman honors his contract, or is even close, the fight probably happens.

  • Rahman should be ashamed. If you don’t like it and want to be a weight class above then don’t sign the contract.

    • Agreed James. Rachman crying cuz he got nixed. Dude, u signed the contract. Why sign if you cant make the weight. Thats stupid. Thats a lack if discipline. And Rachman calls himself a professional fighter? GTFOH with that non sense.

    • That makes no sense at all. Contract or not, if you can’t medically make then weight, and it’ s dangerous for your health, then science trumps contract. Rhaman said he tried but his body does not allow it. He lost 15 lbs. Jake could have fought him at 215. The ones who messed this event up were the ones that were inflexible, and unwilling to renegotiate after clearly the contracts demands were unreasonable. And, of course you’re going ton sign the contract. The contract is always signed prior to meeting the conditions, not after. But if you can’t medically meet the conditions and trying becomes a hazard to your health, then contract doesn’t work.

      • Get out of here with that excuse Charlo. I lost 35 pounds in 3.5 weeks. Was I drained, yes BUT did i make the weight? Absolutely.that was my fault. Nobody knows ur body better than You. U know what u can and cant lose. Rahman knows better. This isnt his first rodeo. He tried to pull a fast one that bit him in the butt!.

  • VERY punk move by Jake. Not only does this damage his boxing image, it damages his promotional image, business image, and Youtube image. Jake just painted a picture that he is a punk. A scared punk.

    Jake should have taken the fight. And if he lost, but put up a good fight, it would have HELPED his image. Not hurt it.

  • Understand Rahman position… concerning the fight…issue is …there is a contract..Both Rahman and Paul saw advantages…here…Both more likely than not had lawyers looking at the contract…Paul reasoned that he could beat Rahman … particularly if Rahman was weight drained…Rahman probably knew It was not possible to make the weight…but Rahman would get close as possible..while not be totally depleted..restructure the deal..destroy Paul and makes lots of money..Jake saw this coming and canceled…Rahman knew or should have known about the weight clause and the consequences of signing the contract with that clause ..fighters sign these type of contracts all the time …maybe not recommended but it happens… bottom line …there is a contract…

    • Remember you don’t play boxing…there is gamesmanship in boxing…but boxing is not a game.. Paul’s team is certainly aware of this…

  • The Jake Paul show is not very funny and is actually an insult to boxing.

  • Jake Paul is a personality milking the system. If he wants real fighters, he should fight guys that fight between 180 to 200 lbs. Cruiserweights who never drop to 175, but never fight over 200 lbs. About pulling the plug on a boxing event, we’ll, Paul shouldn’t sign contracts with dudes that regularly fight at 220 and higher anymore. Paul proved he doesn’t want to fight anyone who would fight over 205 lbs ever again, so I don’t want to see him agree to that later down the road.

  • Rahman Jr. Shouldn’t have signed the contract knowing he wasn’t able to make the weight. Jake’s the A side here. If you can’t abide by the terms of the contract set by Jake, don’t sign it. Jake has every right to cancel the fight.

    • this is where your incorrect Jake the fake isnt side A hes side circus and why any boxing organization allows this BS should be shutdown immediately this isnt WWE

    • That’s not accurate. It wasn’t that he knew he couldn’t make weight. The man tried. Loosing 15 LBS is praiseworthy. he said that his body dodo not allow him to lose anymore. You have ton respect that. It is the reasons why boxers move up in weight classes. No contract is God. Contracts do not trump science.

  • Jake the snake .Always a catch 22.Glove up and show up.Just make sure you ready for war.If u scare go to chruch

  • unless there is a point of where J.P. is lying in his 2min video here, it seems clear H.R.jr was unprofessional. You can make points about weight strategies but many heavys drop 20lbs between fights to fight night. And HRjr was given 5 lbs less between original contract. 11 lbs to a big fighter over a month is NOTHING. To a non-stop complaining guy the whole time it could be a issue… These other guys that are related to famous boxers are used to getting things they want. But they aren’t going to bleed jp dry.
    It’s too bad, I still think either fighter could have got the win depending on how things went. Jake will have to fight a non famous name who fights to eat, and get a backup in case they pull out.

    • You can’t use others as examples of dropping enormous amounts of weight because that’s them. We are talking about Rahman Jr. His body, not their bodies, his body just did not allow it.

  • In this case Paul is the a side and Rockman Jr could not follow what was written in the contract. Ofcourse Paul wanted to drain you. It’s a professional fight, one has to move every stone to get every advantage. Come on, it’s prizefighting what did you think. Ps! I’m not even a Jake Paul fan or YouTube boxing bullshit what one has to apply according to the contract. It’s not rocket science

  • Who puts hydration clauses and expects a heavyweight to slim down to cruiser weight in a few weeks time lol Paul tried gaming the system and failed. He’ll have to get knocked out on another night i suppose

  • Rahman is very unprofessional. How do you agree to the terms and then say I’m coming in 10lbs over the generous allowance of 5lbs over the limit. He isn’t in any position to make demands. He is totally at fault of this is true.

  • Jake really is trying hard to be a professional boxer but he’s just a pay per view TERD like Dana White said.

  • I thought Rahman was a very odd choice for an opponent to begin with. He chooses a bonafide heavyweight, yet tells him to come down and fight at cruiserweight. I questioned how that was gonna work out.Rahman is a not one of those inbetween guys that fight at both heavyweight and cruiser. Secondly, I thought he was too good for Paul. All I knew about him was that he ws 12-1 and had a decent amateur backround. Now upon watching videos of some of his fights, I see he has some serious flaws in his game that Paul could possibly have exploited. I can’t blame Rahman for accepting the fight because he probably stood to make the most money he will ever make in a fight, but maybe he shouldnt have been so quick to agree to the weight terms. Paul’s team put him in a complete advantage because they knew if Rahman were able to make weight, he would be severly drained. If Paul wants to silence his legions of haters, he would go up in weight and fight Rahman at around 210-215

    • How did that work out for Corrales in his second fight with Castillo and when Castillo attempted to go over the weight limit in the trilogy Corrales’ wife made the call to turn down the fight the day before the fight. How about Joey Gamache vs. Arturo Gatti? If you agree to the terms you make due. Especially if it is a huge opportunity. It wouldn’t surprise me if Rahman’s advisor planned this scheme all along.

      • Clyzer- You are correct; Rahman signed the contract, was not able to reach the terms, so he’s out. Fair enough. And you are correct; going up in weight is dangerous and Paul chooses wisely in not doing so, even though 10-15 lbs at the cruiserweight/heavyweight level is not as signifigant as 10-15 lbs at the lightweight level. In heavyweight fights, there is often a 30-40 lb discrepency. Sometimes much more. How about Logan Paul/Mayweather. That was like a 40lb discrepency where the weight difference was much more impactful as Mayweather was the much smaller man. But I digress, Paul had every right to choose to not fight Rahman. My question is-Why did he choose him as an opponent in the first place and make those unrealistic demands? Let’s face it, despite a decent 12-1 record, Rahman is a mediocre fighter and was lured in by the opopurtunity to make a lot of money for what should have been an easy fight for him. He thought “shit, I’ll lose 25 lbs in a month for the chance to make some serious $$$ and put my name on the map” (his purse was never really disclosed) I feel Paul delibrately did this so he gets the cred of calling out a bigger and more experienced opponent, then gets to bitch about him for not making the unrealistic weight a week in advance. Paul himself said fighters often lose that weight the night before a fight, yet he specifically had it in the contract that Rahman could not rehydrate more than 10 lbs. According to Rahman-Paul was offered a replacement. Mushin Cason-a 10-0 legit cruiserweight. Why does Paul not take that fight? A 10-0, basically unknown fighter should not be too risky of an assignment for a guy who’s making millions in the sport, headlining PPV’s, calling out Mike Tyson and Canelo, and guaranteed a world ranking by the WBC should it? I guess he is.

  • Jake weak as hell and this is exactly how screwed up boxing is because he’s white a so called YouTube star, he gets to make all this money people have been fighting for years can’t make or never will and it’s another blackeye to the sport and it’s racist as hell! Fuk the Paul brothers and anyone else that’s an embrassement to the sport.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHHA Racist?!?!? Please tell me you aren’t that stupid. Do you even know the meaning of “racist”??? The ONLY reason he makes so much money boxing is because of his huge YouTube following. It’s called capitalism not racism. His YouTube followers follow him over to the boxing world. If the ticket sales are there and the PPV buys are there then so is the money to pay him. I don’t agree with it either, but it’s certainly not racist. He should have started off in small club fights NON TELEVISED and worked his way up like everyone else does. But like I said, the fan base (unfortunately) is already there so he gets the skip the line. Anyone with half a brain knows he’s not a legit boxer and the guys on his record are a complete joke, but the masses don’t care!! It’s entertainment, and suckers love entertainment. Not to mention Jake Paul is a wigger scumbag and a disgrace, the opposite of a racist.

      • That’s your opinion but the elements of racism are always there when jumping lines in the first place!

        • you knew “racism” would weasel it`s ugly presence into this shdeshow…..

          good job,dude….

        • Ahh yes, you’re one of those. “Everything is racist”. Get a life dude.

  • Am I missing something.??? Rahman jr. Signed a CONTRACT that he would make the weight. he was unwilling to do that so it is 100% Rahman’s fault.

    If you didn’t think you could make the weight DONT SIGN THE CONTRACT.

  • Also as a side note make tommy fury vs Rahman and the winner can get a shot at Jake to make 5 million bucks on a ppv.

  • jake paul loves to fight average fighters and then take advantage of them when he already has the upper hand

  • Yeh it’s almost like weight divisions matter. Glad it got cancelled it was a carny act from start. This Paul reality tv farce has run its course and the ones really screwed are the actual professional fighters on card also cancelled. Showtime network, grow up.

  • These 2 dummies can share blame for this. Paul for trying to starve a fighter in order obtain an unnatural edge and Rahman for signing such a contract steeped in unobtainable weight stipulations. A lot of people now face loss of $$ thanks to these fools.

  • If it’s true that Rahman only lost 1lb in 3 weeks, then I would have to question what the hell was he doing and thinking? OK, great Rahman is out, but claims he has am actual cruiserweight to replace him in Mushin Cason, who’s 10-0 but Paul doesn’t go for it, so now the whole card is cancelled? Fighters pull out of fights all the time for whatever reason and last minute replacements are found, sometimes the night before the fight. But no! Not in Jake Paul’s world of boxing. He has hand pick his opponents and make sure he has every advantage over them and the tide is turned in his favor. What other 5-0 boxer, with zero amateur experience has had the luxory to call the shots like that? Nobody! He is an interloper in the world of boxing, yet is calling the shots. Who allows him to do this? Ben Franklin

  • Actually, Capitalism is Racism, in the highest form. Do you even know what racism is, Berserker?

  • this is good…hopefully it puts a stake in the heart of these carnival sideshows….

    good on ya,rahman….lol

  • I find it funny people calling out Paul for wanting Rahman to drain himself when it was Rahman that signed the contract. He was expecting to show up at the weigh in at 210 or something and try to renegotiate then. If Rahman wants to say he is a bridgerweight/heavyweight, why didn’t he either say 215 or I am not fighting when he was first negotiating?

  • I think both Jake and Rahman, Jr. look bad in this. First, Paul’s camp pushed for a weight that they believed would weight drain Rahman and make him less dangerous. They selected a weight to give Jake an advantage or remove an advantage from Rahman to affect the competitive balance of the fight.

    Second, Rahman should not have signed to fight at a weight that the light to have known he could not make.

    I would like to know if the PPV buys were lower than expected before assessing whether that had any role in cancelling the fight rather than imposing a purse penalty on Rahman and going ahead.

    Going forward, it seems like it will be difficult to match make for Jake Paul. I think he would lose to any legitimate top 10 cruiserweight or light heavyweight, which seems to be his weight category. Would he generate enough interest to justify
    showtime or showtime PPV against a 25 to 50 ranked (or lower) unknown fighter? Other than that, there are only so many sons/relatives of known fighters that might create enough buzz, and the fights against DJs, influencers, or athletes converted from other sports seems to have passed it expiration date, unless you get a Conor MacGregor fight to happen.

  • I would like to see his eating habits and his training he looks lazy on the pads and he has that reputation 20 pounds 2A heavyweight is nothing shame.on.you ramen shame on you

  • I had a feeling Jake Paul would pull this bs. Picking an opponent who lost his last fight by stoppage and is naturally bigger but required to come down in weight after claiming to have outclassed him in sparring at his natural weight just shows Jake Paul’s lack of confidence. His fans will always worship everything he does, but real boxing fans see through this bs.

    There are PLENTY of boxers Jake Paul’s size that could give him all that he can handle. Whether he wants to step up to a real challenge is up to him.

  • Hasim Rahman Jr. is a joke and unprofessional…
    1. For taking this fight
    2. For not doing the weight but whining… and blaming JP ?!??

    You want free money and but still eat at McDonalds

  • For those people defending Rachman Jr. who made zero attempt to lose ( 1 pound) weight in a fight with 32 days notice, it was 32 says total, costing people hundreds of thousands of dollars in time and advertising expenses I will respect your position much more if you were totally transparent in all your business dealings in life and just stated before signing any contract that you had no intention of fulfilling any of the agreed terms if it does not suit how you may feel in the future. Go ahead, see how far you get in life. There are places I have seen in my travels where the word of a man has zero value and where contracts have zero meaning and are never legally enforced. Those places all have one thing in common, extreme poverty and International charity, receiving financial aid just to keep everyone from starving to death. Ironically, receiving free money from those very same people and cultures who do honor there word and complete there end of the deal regarding a signed contract. Again, for the people proudly stating that Rachman Jr had no obligation to fulfill his end of the deal, I totally respect you if you are willing to state that, before we sign a contract together.

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