Fury Team issues joint statement

Addressing the publication of a number of unspecified statements and articles they call “misleading and misrepresentative” relating to Tyson Fury, MTK Global, Top Rank and Queensberry Promotions have issued a joint statement that says in part:

Tyson is contracted to a third fight with former WBC world champion Deontay Wilder. Any statement made regarding negotiations, talks, venues or any other bout should be disregarded.

Top Rank, MTK Global and Queensberry Promotions have and will continue to work in close conjunction with each other to deliver Tyson Fury the best opportunities to enhance his career and earnings. This will require each party, as well as Tyson Fury himself, to continue to work together as a team to explore and negotiate any and all future possibilities.

The collaboration has thus far seen Tyson Fury enter into one of the most lucrative contracts in boxing history, become a global phenomenon and reclaim his rightful position atop the heavyweight division.

Any updates regarding future fights will only be made through official channels, and we will continue to deliver boxing fans the biggest and best fights involving “The Gypsy King.”

Many options have presented themselves in the Middle East for such bouts. Any meetings regarding this subject will be held in Dubai with all of the necessary parties.

March 28 Beterbiev-Fanlong card is cancelled
All scheduled PBC events cancelled

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  • Regardless what happens or who wins in the third fight against Wilder, the contract must be upheld as it was signed prior to the second fight. I know everyone out there says Fury will DESTROY Wilder in the third fight and minds are already made up, but a contract is a legal document and must be fulfilled. Besides, both parties can make one thing in the third fight; money.

    Wilder loses one fight and boy, the onslaught of everyone saying he is a nobody now and a fraud is just unreal. Fury had his number so let’s see him take it again. Let’s all take a deep breath and relax and just watch the third fight. There was no cherry-pickin’ in this trilogy as other match ups have indicated. These guys deserve a hats off for giving us entertainment.

    • I think Wilder is a strange case. Many people haven’t really U turned on him. He was always an alarmingly poor boxer for someone with that much success, but an insane puncher. Fury’s annihilation of him really just proved it. Had Ortiz kept focus and held stamina, people would have been saying that was an embarrassing schooling aswell. I even remember Gerald Washington outboxing him until Wilder landed something.
      Do I think Wilder is still as dangerous? Yes. Do I think Wilder can beat him in a rematch? Yes. But if he doesn’t land the one monster shot, he will lose in embarrassing fashion.

      • CB, you are correct. Wilder is a dangerous puncher. Boxing has always allowed those fighters, who cant box worth a dime, to enter the ring with pure strength and hope for the one-punch KO. We as fans can pick who we like as fighters; KO artists, sluggers, boxers, and a mixed-bag of all the above.

          • Even as Wilder was getting mauled, you still had to watch closely. You knew he could land and had in the previous fight. The same thing exists in a 3rd fight.

          • haha yeah the watch party I was at was funny. I probably follow the sport a lot more closely than others who were there. By the 5th/6th round, the tension in the room was starting to ease, but i was still on the edge of my seat until the moment the towel came in

  • I have seem many guys like Wilder in the past. Guys with a no a defined style, bullying others with their awesome pwer, succeding impressively with some spectacular ko victories, but vanished as a force, diminished in their performance, once someone find the way to defeat them in an overwhelming way. Two that come to my mind are: Vic Darchinyan and Randall Bailey. I honestly wish Wilder is not belong to this club, but rather to the good ones, that for some reasons found their nemesis in one particular fighter ( Like Mosley with Vernon Forrest or De La Hoya with Mosley) shining after, despite these setbacks.
    Wilder lost to the best man at HW, but I think he still a force

      • Maybe. Hamed was actually a phenomenally effective boxer below the very top level. I don’t think I saw him lose a round for his first 20 so fights. Imo opinion Barrera and Kelley were the only ones convincingly outboxing him. I do agree that he was diminished and vanished soon after losing though. I think he had partially checked out anyway

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