Fury 277, Wilder 238

Tyson Fury V Deontay Wilder Weigh In
Photo: Mikey Williams (Top Rank via Getty Images)

Tyson Fury 277 vs. Deontay Wilder 238
(WBC heavyweight title)
Career-high weights for both fighters. No face-off.

10/8/21: ìtyson Vs Wilder Iiiî Ppv Fight Weigh In
Photo: Frank Micelotta/Fox Sports/PictureGroup

Efe Ajagba 237 vs. Frank Sanchez 240

Tyson Fury V Deontay Wilder Weigh In
Photo: Mikey Williams (Top Rank via Getty Images)

Robert Helenius 246 vs. Adam Kownacki 258

Tyson Fury V Deontay Wilder Weigh In
Photo: Mikey Williams (Top Rank via Getty Images)

Jared Anderson 240 vs. Vladimir Tereshkin 256

Tyson Fury V Deontay Wilder Weigh In
Photo: Mikey Williams (Top Rank via Getty Images)

Edgar Berlanga 168 vs. Marcelo Coceres 166.5

Tyson Fury V Deontay Wilder Weigh In
Photo: Mikey Williams (Top Rank via Getty Images)

Julian Williams 156.5 vs. Vladimir Hernandez 153.5

Tyson Fury V Deontay Wilder Weigh In
Photo: Mikey Williams (Top Rank via Getty Images)

Robeisy Ramirez 126 vs. Orlando Gonzalez 126
Bruce Carrington 127 vs. Cesar Cantu 127
Viktor Faust 233 vs. Mike Marshall 242

Venue: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas
Promoter: Top Rank, TGB Promotions

Weights from Philadelphia
Weights from Germany

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    • I think Wilder has gained the muscle the right way. He’s had great training for over a year. I could be wrong but I got a feeling in the Dossa tomorrow. Lol

      • Absolutely wrong, Wilder doesn’t have the legs to carry that weight, he’s 25 pounds heavier than their first fight. He’ll be gassed by the 3rd round. Total Fury destruction.

    • Totally disagree. I think conventional wisdom was that Wilder couldn’t handle the weight in his last fight. I never felt that way. To be elite, he needs to be around 240. He couldn’t take the shots; too skinny and not solid enough. Of course, the issue is that you’ve got to have the cardio to still go rounds with that weight.

  • Wilder surely is going to be a very different fighter at 238. But different better, or different worse. I really don’t know.

    • He’s 26 pounds heavier than their first fight, and another 7 pounds heavier than the second. I think he put himself in a better position to be competitive in the first fight than the second, so in my mind, his camp went the wrong direction. We’ll see how it plays out!

  • The undercard hw fights – Anything can happen. Very interesting. Looking forward to this!

  • Did someone say they are both making a mistake on weighing in heavy, for a heavyweight fight?? Ha!

    • I get what you’re saying, but I don’t know. He’s still not going to big enough to body up against Fury or push back that big body leaning on him and wearing him down throughout the fight. Plus, he doesn’t need it for extra power lol. Maybe it gives him a confidence boost, which could be important. But he’s prone to gassing late, so we’ll see! I think both fighter’s weights adds some intrigue. Fun to speculate, anyway! Enjoy the fight, Carter!

      • Extra weight will be to absorb the slap punches and bruising of fury.. for no other reason than padding

  • I’m not understanding Wilder’s strategy coming in at 238 being he looked like crap at 231 the last time he fought Fury. Don’t see Fury having any issues carrying 277. I think the Bronze Bummer is in for another rough night.

    • Really? He was 273 last time and the strength advantage / difference was telling. At that weight 4 pounds is very little difference.

    • He will put all 277 on Wilder and make Wilder move him. This will wear out Wilder just as seen in the last fight. This is how it helps him.

  • It’s almost the same as he weighed for his last fight, 4 lbs heavier.

  • It’s almost the same as he weighed for his last fight, 4 lbs heavier.

  • Once Errol Spence Jr becomes undisputed Manny will return boxing is his passion there’s one more fight left in him lol l

    • Very unrealistic. He hasn’t Beene a destroyer like that historically and doubtful he is one now.

  • Wilder at 238! Let’s go! Can’t wait for this. By honest prediction you gotta go Fury but I put money on Wilder and got a feeling he’s taking this. All it takes is one.

    • That’s what it’s about Mr. Anthony J!!! I freaking love this! Your guy loses and you say “oops,” but he wins and you’re freaking legend. That’s what makes this fun! P.S., I think you’re wrong, but mad props to you

      • It’s 20$ that pays back 68. You can’t forget Wilder has put him down 2x as well. It’s not a bad bet. I just won $500 on a separate bet so putting 20 down is free. And yes Tommyz I really have to fan ties to this bout so yeah this is just purely boxing fan and gambling.

  • Don’t know if its hype and a show or he’s trying to psych himself up but Fury looked and sounded like an idiot today

  • Decent card! Don’t mind paying for this one and for Crawford-Porter and Canelo-Plant! Why not?? Who pays for the circus acts parading as boxing matches??!!

    • Me too! I have seen Sanchez, but not Ajagba. Sanchez leaves room for Ajagba to thrill me…

  • MGM has Kownacki at -225. Apparently they think he’s gonna beat Helenius with his pannus or something?

    • he is a dull eyed nub one punch away from stocking Costco shelves. Seen a thousand of these types. Likeable hard heads who think they are really tough. Helenious is slightly a better thinker but is a c fighter at best

  • here’s my pick so you can all laugh at me if i’m wrong, i think fury will start off looking impressive and in control but around the 3rd round fury will make a small mistake and then lighting will strike in the way of a right hand, wilder has alot of short comings in the art of boxing but that power in that right hand is far from normal

  • Maybe Wilder has been training as a Southpaw behind closed doors… if so, we may see a little chaos unfold upon Fury in Round 3… as Fury only watches Wilder’s right hand bombs. Wait and see…

  • Unfortunately for Wilder, he’s not going to have Mark Breland to save him this time while he’s getting pummeled. I thought Breland saved Wilder’s career and quite possibly his life last time by throwing in the towel. And instead of thanking Breland for saving his bacon, Wilder vilified him and fired him. I just have a real bad feeling about this one, that it’s going to be way worse for Wilder than it was for him last time.

    • very smart comment. Wilder is a bully and that is all. He is getting schooled AGAIN Sat.

  • Some notable things:

    Noticable differences: Wilder has been doing neck exercises with weights. You can tell that his neck looks thicker. Having said that it may have a small impact but to be honest if you have someone reaching and tapping your chin because of bad defense it’s really not going to matter. A suspect chin can’t be trained not to be suspect.

    Weighing in: Fury is around the same weight of the last fight,(4 lb heavier). If that’s any indication how the fight will go. Wilder again weighs more than previous fights and that extra weight hindered him while the gain favored fury.

    Preparedness: preparing for this fight. Wilder apparently has done things different in prep for this fight than the way he trained in previous fights in his career. Hard to tell what all that includes. Fury on the other hand has some question marks as to what kind and how good of training he was able to actually have due to family issues and time he’s needed off.

    Focus: Finally, where they seem to be in my opinion mentally based off of what they said in pressers and body language and how that comes across in my opinion. Wilder seems MUCH more relaxed and calm for this 3rd fight. One could view this in 2 ways: either he has trained well enough that he doesn’t have to get emotional and he’s confident OR he has resigned to the fact that he knows he has been bettered in the 2 previous fights and should know his place, personally. Fury on the other hand seems a little more on edge and maybe Wilder’s calmness has made Fury’s “get in your head” tactics backfire on Tyson himself. Fury looked a bit more rigid and aggressive at the weigh in than he did the 2 previous fights. My takeaway is that this also can be taken 2 ways. Fury could be attempting to compensate verbally for knowing he didn’t get the best training camp OR he may be 100% sure of himself that there is no way Wilder will win after he got the better Deontay in the 2 previous fights so Fury knows absolutely has Wilder’s number. I personally think that Fury may have mentally broke Wilder. There is no question that when someone has been hyped like they have “power of the gods” in their right hand and then the guy gets up twice and continues to paint you.. it will make you doubt yourself. To add to that.. in the second fight wilder, the supposed harder puncher was absolutely man handled and battered until the fight was stopped. This for sure will make someone with common sense question how tough and how good overall that they really are and were all along.

    • Fury won 99% of all the fighting they have done so far. If he hadn’t been clocked in rd 12 of first fight , he would have dominated Deontay in both contests thoroughly. Fury easiest yet. Ko3, not tko.
      Tyson is smarter. There I said way more in way less words.

  • Wilder is still puffed up posing flexed. He is just not as smart as Fury. ALWAYS bet on the smarter fighter.

  • Wilder is making a huge mistake coming in that heavy. I don’t care what he thinks. 20+ pounds against a mobile heavyweight will not help him. Having the agility to make a sudden unorthodox move, placing him in position to land a bomb is his key to taking Fury out because Wilder lacks the boxing ability.

    That’s a lot of muscle which requires more energy/air to function. Unless of course, Wilder got a few steak recipes from Reynoso. I kid…kind of.

  • Henry Akinwande and Steve Garber poleaxed John Fury Tyson’s Dad who had an 8-4-1 record-
    I have a feeling this is happening today to Tyson -We shall see-I say within 6rounds

  • I have never been impressed with either of these fighters and neither has fought anyone else since they last fought each other. Nevertheless, I hope it is a good fight, and may the best man win. Father Time is stalking both, and both have something to prove in striving to make the most money possible fighting as seldom as possible, before time and motivation run out.

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