Foreman: Tyson could be a top contender

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Former two-time world heavyweight champion George Foreman was impressed with Mike Tyson after viewing a video clip of him hitting the pads and thinks he could be a contender if he dedicates himself to training.

”I was so happy. He looked like he had turned the clock back at least 20 years,” Foreman told IFL TV. “He was looking fit and those punches were coming sharp. If he’s able to go into the woods and dedicate himself to that for about 10 months, he could come back and really be a top contender…I would like to see him back in the ring. He’s an older fella, but a record is always waiting to be broke.”

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  • Maybe there should be a senior division to showcase some exhibition fights for the former fighters?

    • A guarantee you based off the licensing, Tyson will have baseline radiologic tests like an MRI or CT to rule out age degenerative changes before he can lace the gloves up as a pro again in the ring. The commission of the state he applies may not even grant him a license to fight again. Oops, I forgot, money talks too…

      • You are right but the Mri and CT scan are always passed. As long as you can get the MRI or CT scan they let you fight, unless you have something extreme like brain bleeding but I have never seen a fight cancelled due to those tests.

  • I see all this covid crap has made people lose their minds. A clip of him punching mitts for 10 seconds doesn’t mean a dam thing. When he was younger and in somewhat kind of shape he LOST to Kevin McBride. Give it up people, his fighting days are longggggggggg gone. He’s only gonna get hurt if this crap continues.

    • He was not young or in shape against McBride. Of course he can be a top contender there’s nobody in the division. Can he beat Fury or Joshua? No. Wilder? Probably

      • You really think Mike Tyson could beat wilder right now? Tyson in his prime would kill wilder but now? I need to get some of what your smoking. How much for an ounce?

        • Wilders a bum. Didn’t you see his fights against Fury? He hasn’t beaten anybody. Just because he beat the real King Kong doesn’t mean he beat King Kong

    • Tyson’s act had gotten old by the time his career ended. He was more or less a sideshow for the last few years of his career, things like biting Holyfield’s ear, hitting Norris after the bell, trying to break Botha’s arm, going through the ref to get at Savarese as the fight was being stopped, trying to break McBride’s arm, as well as butting and biting McBride….not to mention things like the Lewis press conference brawl. All that crap was tiresome back then, now we’re talking about him fighting again at 53?

  • Does drug testing test for weed as I really don’t think Mike will fight if he has to give that up..

  • Don’t think he could make a comeback, but it scares me that the John Ruiz’s and the Jameel McClines may be getting ideas. It was painful enough the first time around.

    • Doesn’t mean he can’t win a fight. He won’t be able to start a whole new career again, but hè can win a fight or 2, maybe.

    • He actually won that fight is his worst physical condition. Prime? You’re out of your mind to think that.

      • @cruz come on he got his ass whooped and KOd theres nothing more to say but i believe a clear headed focused Tyson would have crushed Buster in a rematch

        • He should have won that when he dropped him in the 8th rd. It was over 10 counts that Douglas was on the canvas.

          • Cruz is right, alot of people either didn’t see the fight or sustained brain damage since so they can’t remember.

    • you ever wonder why there was NO rematch? Tyson vs Douglas II would have probably not gone the same way but history is history and todays fighters are not the most technical so why not Tyson at 53 his head is clear again and he has always loved the sport for the sport

      • There wasn’t a rematch because Buster Douglas fell of the map after getting crushed by Holyfield and Tyson went to prison at the end of 1991. I’m pretty sure Tyson would have KO’d Douglas in the rematch. After he lost, Tyson put together a nice string of victories before getting sent up: KO-1 against his amateur nemesis Henry Tillman, KO-1 vs. KO artist Alex Stewart and the two wins over the red hot at the time Razor Ruddock. Ruddock was never the same after those fights.

  • Working out is one thing. Fighting is another. A burst of activity is one thing. Sustained give and take is another. And so on.

  • No. Tyson is a pot head. He took enough punches when he was young. I am not saying that he couldn’t go in there for the first 2 rounds against anyone and have a shot at a 1 punch KO still. His power never goes away like with most old folks. But if Tyson would have fought Holyfield in late 91, no matter what happened, he could have fought Lennox Lewis in 92, then retired. Foreman was washed up when he fought Alex Stewart in 1992, and Coetzer in early 93. Tyson would have handled those versions of Foreman. Tyson messed up too much in his personal life with women from 1986 to 1991 though.

    • true but he also learned from that most experts agreed that a clear and focused Tyson would have not lost to Buster or Lewis but against Holyfield not so sure Holyfield was just Tysons Kryptonite and he wasnt “chinny” like Lewis

    • You are too if you eat at all. Were all full of it. But Foreman is a master fighter and know boxing more than most.

      • True- Being an Olympic gold medalist and legendary heavyweight champion pretty much makes you more of an expert on boxing than I can ever imagine. That’s why it surprises me that he thinks for 1 second that Tyson could be a top contender

        • Anybody who weighs 215 plus can be a contender in the heavy right now. The division barely exists. The ones in the top ten are old and overrated. When Klitschko took over everybody retired

  • Glad Mike is taking care of himself and looking to fight a few exhibitions; but talk of him being a contender and even beating Deontay Wilder is ridiculous.

    • why not ? Wilder is wild and leaves himself open constantly age takes it toll on us all but power and technique in fighters never leave

  • Even with the current shallow talent pool, Tyson should stick with low level exhibitions.

    Or maybe they could talk Bronco Billy into being his first comeback fight?

  • Love Big George. An All time great champion and christian brother in Christ. But I honestly think he was just being nice. Tyson will never be a contenter again and he was waaaay overrated when he fought. Not being a hater, but lets face it. Douglas, Holyfield and Lewis exposed him. Tyson was talented and had power for the first 5 rounds. But he was too small for heavyweight.

    • Absolutely correct. Tyson never beat a top 50 all time heavyweight anywhere near their prime. He KOed an old Larry Holmes in the 4th after getting outboxed for 3 and got absolutely abused by an old Holyfield twice and a past his prime Lennox Lewis. He has always been a flash fighter. Great on the mitts and the bag and against inferior competition but he never beat a top heavyweight. He was super lucky that the 3 belt holders were berbick, tucker, and smith. If they were Bowe, Holyfield, and Lewis he probably would have been another Ron Lyle. People have bought the hype for years but facts are facts.

  • tyson vs wilder, just a scenario, but if tyson sets those wicked body shots early, wilder is down, I am a fan of both of these men

  • Foreman says: ”I was so happy. He looked like he had turned the clock back at least 20 years,” Foreman told IFL TV. “He was looking fit and those punches were coming sharp.

    I say, “Anyone can look good hitting ,mitts for 5 seconds being recorded” I cannot believe people believe Tyson could make a successful comeback. I mean I guess it’s quite possible but I wouldn’t bet my last dollar on it.

  • This is the same sude who in the May 1st article of talk sports said he Tyson has “Done enough for the sport” & he urged him not to return.

    Now the flip flop?????? Somebody musta told him he could hock those grills at the gate.$$$$$

  • With no defense Wilder would get knocked out in 2-3 rounds with an all out assault. I see what Foreman is talking about.

  • I believe Mike Tyson at his current age and with his mind really set on it could beat a few of the heavyweights including Deontay Wilder, maybe even knock him out. Wilder is overrated. Idk why people hypes up the man when he never beat anyone worth mentioning his whole career. Anyone with good power can rack up KOs against shitty fighters. That’s why he got his ass whipped by Tyson Fury.

  • The world has gone crazy…or at least quite a few boxing fans.

    How many top level, consistent, fighters did he beat since his comeback in 95?

    He lost to everyone who was close to the best of that era, as well as to Williams and McBride – if he couldn’t beat the best of the division 20+ years ago, what chance has he got now?

    In the ensuing years he’s smoked a tonne of weed, been out of shape and gotten middle aged….but he does a decent bit of pad work for 10 seconds….and suddenly he could be a top contender….Really?

      • He beat Ruddock twice in 1991. The question posed was who he beat since his comeback in 1995. Tyson was definintely not the same fighter since getting out of prison. He wasn’t focused like he was before. His fights were huge media events, full of distractions, and Tyson was staying in shape between those fights.

  • I’ve always liked Foreman but he seems to write what people like to hear without thinking. Any talk of Tyson comeback is just that, talk. Anyone can look good throwing punches for a few seconds but when there is someone throwing punches at you and is fitter and younger it’s a different ball game. Forget it Mike and carry on smoking your weed.

  • Fat chance of him fighting at all because he smokes pot!
    World anti doping organization wouldn’t allow it.

  • Mike is a legend NO DOUBT about it but like all of us who exist on this earth, father time has caught up on us all.. Aging takes an unseen toll of us INCLUDING Iron Mike. I’d like to see fight again to recoup some of the money that he pissed away when younger.. but to think that he’d go right to the top again and hold a title of any kind, I think is asking too much of a 53 year old man… Not knocking Iron Mike becasue I saw his one man show and he was simply great showing much humility… but just being real, that’s all.

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