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WBA Judges and Referees seminar a success

The online judges and referees seminar “How to score a round and refereeing procedure,” given by the World Boxing Association (WBA) through the WBA Academy, brought together more than a hundred participants for about three hours to learn from the experts about the complex job of rendering justice in boxing.

WBA President Gilberto Jesús Mendoza was present at the seminar and welcomed all the participants. He gave the floor to speakers Gustavo Padilla, Luis Pabón, Roberto Torres, Raúl Caíz Jr. and Octavio Rodríguez. The online seminar was the first of its kind and was very dynamic, allowing participants to ask questions while complementary slides were shown on the screens.

The WBA Academy was born in 2016 and has grown greatly over the years. A new stage has arrived to bring new people into the world of boxing, just like in this case, aiming to encourage the interest of boxing lovers to become judges and referees.

Some of the topics discussed were how to score a round, legal and illegal punches, scoring factors, the ten-point must system, decision types, the referee’s uniform, movement and position, attributions, language and signs, among many other basic and non-basic aspects.

The WBA is proud that this first seminar reached maximum attendance, which is a great motivation to do others in the future. In addition to courses for judges and referees, it will also focus on training, medical staff, managers, fighters, and all those who play essential roles in this discipline.

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