Floyd Mayweather teases comeback

42-year-old former world champion Floyd Mayweather has teased a possible comeback on his Instagram page saying “coming out of retirement in 2020.” Just yesterday he indicated to Reuters that he wouldn’t fight again, but still plans to do exhibitions generating paychecks “between $10 and $30 million.” It appears Floyd’s plan will involve the UFC.


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    • Love your comment. Mayweather in his prime had exceptional defensive skills. I felt he lost the first fight to Jose Castillo. Judges gave him a gift much like Alvarez against GGG part 1. Mayweather is older now, talks a lot of smack, must be bored, and probably needs something to do. Mayweather reminds me much like Oscar De La Hoya. They each know how to cherry-pick fights, promote them, and make them cash cows with lower quality outcomes. I am not impressed.

      • I don’t think Oscar was quite as bad of a cherry picker. He fought undefeated champions in his divisions when they were in their primes like Genaro Hernandez and Miguel Angel Gonzalez at lightweight and Ike Quartey and Felix Trinidad at welterweight. He even tossed his hat into the ring against Hopkins!

        • Agree Oscar allway’s fought the best and was often robbed in those fights.. No way you can compare them..

          • It does. Everyone ducked winky’s style. Even Floyd. When Floyd was running his mouth that he would go up a few weight classes like jones did to heavy weight winky extended an invitation, Floyd hit that reverse before coming to a complete stop. Stating to the effect of “sometime we say things we don mean”.

        • Oscar made Hernandez and Gonzalez go up from their natural weight classes to fight him so he would have size & power on them. He cherry picked 1st half of his career, but not the 2nd half.

      • May won that fight against Castillo. Lot of rounds could have gone either way. And he solidified it by winning 2x. He fought the best. Not every fight. But he ducked no one. That’s a fact.

          • He fought him. And do your homework. At one point Paq wouldn’t do the blood testing that Floyd required of his opponents. Another Paq wanted 50/50(he didn’t deserve that), and they were on rival networks with Rival promoters. Arum even said once he wouldn’t do the fight due to Arum wanting a bigger arena than Floyd was contracted to fight at. And he fought him and beat him soundly.

          • Since when does Floyd “require” of his opponents? Isn’t that the commission’s job?

          • Actually, Floyd agreed to 50 / 50 in exchange for drug test, Manny said no.

            Like AJ ducking Wilder, Arum was making good money fighting No Hope’rs.

          • He sure did. What was it? Olympic style drug testing? Kept that shit at bay until Pacquiao had a few more wars and was ko’d

        • Anthony he lost against Castillo the first fight everyboby Knows dont talk trash pusy !!!

          • There were unbiased experts and boxing columnists sitting ringside that had that fight going both ways and some like Dan Rafael who is smarter than you had it a draw. All comes down to who won the rounds when points were taken away. So there’s that.

          • Experts, columnists and dan Rafael have one thing in. Common: they are judges. So their opinions are only that, opinions.

      • i agree Mayweather is probably struggling to stay relevant at the moment, and I agree he lost first Castillo fight. I don’t, however, agree he was a cherry picker.

  • Oh my goodness. We need a Floyd comeback about as bad as a chicken pox outbreak. This guy seriously needs to find a hobby already and get lost. Get a life already Floyd, no one in their right mind would want to watch you fight again Castillo beat your ass the first time

    • Lets say Floyd lost that first fight. I believe he also tore his rotator cuff in round 1 and still had a great fight. Plus he won the 2nd healthy. If his worst fight was when he moved up in weight and tore his rotator cuff and lost a razor thin decision is your point that he sucks and shouldn’t return to boxing…..OK

      • Anybony J I don’t get why Guido threw Castillo in there as if that’s the reason he shouldn’t come back. I agree with you on that one. All boxers have a questionable win in their record.

  • When people wake up he’ll either go away or actually fight a real champion at 154 or 160. He’s had all the skills to defy greatness but elected to waste time fighting future Hof’s at a favorable time. Oh yeah and he’s a terrible promoter.

  • Not sure who Money ran from. He faced the best. Once again you can’t fight entire generations in their prime. He beat every great fighter in the era and ran from no one. Beat Corrales at his best. Beat Castillo 2x in his prime, beat Marquez who after that fight knocked out Paq-Man, beat a bigger Cotto, beat a young lion Canelo, beat Hoya, and Mosley, past their primes but those were still high draw fights. Beat Maidana 2x. Floyd went down as the best P4P for years. Cherry picker career. Give me a break. People talking smack. Look at guys like Loma right now. He’s not exactly fighting undefeated legends right now.

    • yeah I agree. There are things you can criticise Floyd for, but cherry picker is nonsense. What is he supposed to do? Never age and fight every threat for eternity. The funniest one for me is when people argue he got Canelo too early, like Floyd is craftily chasing down fighters before their prime. In reality, Floyd was 36 and fought (and schooled) a hyped guy who was calling him out , who a lot picked would beat him. Now Canelo has progressed further, Floyd (now in his 40s) is criticised either for not waiting for this improved version or not fighting him again.

      • The Mayweather loss actually made Canelo a better fighter. He went back and learned from the loss. He saw how Floyd made him miss and added that to his arsenal.

        • yeah true. Early on it looked like he was gonna be another Chavez/Barrera style Brawler, but he became more patient and defensive. I actually thought the Jacobs performance looked like he had come straight from watching Tyson Fury against Wilder

      • He did cherry pick at the end. Andre berto? When berto was done. Robert Guerrero when he was also past his prime and really wasn’t elite at 147. And Connor McGregor as his 50th defense? The McGregor fight was a multimillion glorified exhibition match and was counted as another win in his professional boxing record.

    • I enjoyed the cotto fight because Floyd went out of his norm a bit and engaged. He almost had cotto also. It did show however that he could be touched if he went out of his normal defense shoulder roll style.

  • Do the world a favor and stay retired. No one wants to watch these rigged fights that turn into snooze fests. The majority of the people tune in hoping to see him lose anyways. Boxing is WAY better without him and his antics. Go away Floyd, we don’t need you.

  • The man is a boxing legend and there is no need for a comeback. The only reason he should come back is to see if he can beat Rocky Marciano’s record because true boxing fans don’t count that McGregor exhibition scripted event as a 50th win. He should stay retired at 49-0 cause even now, pacquiao would destroy him since he’s looked quite amazing, and he beat the man that Mayweather ducked in Thurman.

    • He never ducked Thurman. That’s laughable. There is always a young undefeated lion coming up. It just so happened Thurman came up when he was retiring.

    • i find it humorous that your evaluation says Manny would destroy Mayweather now. Seriously what is that based on? The only reason you could think that is if you think Mayweather has declined since he retired which is not much of a criticism. What is this mega new level that Manny has found? He beat Thurman and Broner on points? He stopped Matthyse who Danny Garcia schooled? Pacquiao was tipped to beat Floyd originally because of his phenomenal intensity and power which is nowhere near the same level now. You believe what you want to believe.

      • Agreed! Money May was awesome. He still looks in awesome shape. I don’t believe for a second that guy will ever leave the gym. Paq-man doesn’t have the tools to beat Floyd. Mybe he is somewhat boring to watch because he is so awesome he doesn’t really have to risk what other fighters do. But he has had some great fights: Castillo x2, Corrales, Maidana 1, Cotto, he’s just so good fights don’t look competitive. He beat Hoya and Hatton before Paqman did and got way less credit for it.

  • He can comeback or not, it makes no difference to me and doesn’t do a damn thing for boxing. If he stays retired it will save a lot of people from feeling like they got ripped off spending $80 watching him peck his way to 12 round decision victory against whoever he fights

    • Maybe DAZN will sign him up on a $500million contract and we can see he there for $19.99 a month. That’ll be the nail in the coffin for DAZN.

  • Stay retired!! Boring fights, running, beating up women, cherry picking, avoiding true challenges, dirty fighting, etc etc. The best thing ever was when you retired!!!

  • To read how Floyd fooled everyone by avoiding TRUE CHALLENGES- read THE BOXING TOUR DE FRANCE by Boxing writer The Non Pareil Hilario. A great read!! And True!!! Go away Floyd!!!!

  • If he was boring back than I cant imagine how boring he must be now TBE CHERRY PICKER of all time his title fit him perfect. Pls dont come back boxing doesn’t miss you XD

    • I think it’s foolish to come back at 43 but to call him a cherry picker is just a gross lie. He beat everyone

  • The only fight left for Floyd is with a 40 year old Pacquiao, other than that he wont get in the ring with a prime fighter.

    • Why would he? He’ll be 43. I think he’s foolish for even trying it. He will get stretched

  • Floyd Mayweather VS Canelo Álvarez 2 …. Coming soon!!!! Canelo Álvarez wins by Murderous KO!!!! ☠️

  • If Floyd does come back, he should give Canelo a rematch, especially now that Canelo is a much seasoned fighter.

    • Floyd was already old at 36 then when he spanked Canelo. Now at 43 and out of the ring for years that would be ridiculous

  • Emmanual Augustus was one of his toughest opponents. Augustus is deserving of more than he was given.

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