Browne: I’d fight Gallen and Hall same night

<em>By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing</em>

Former WBA heavyweight champion Lucas ”Big Daddy” Browne has issued a challenge to football greats Paul Gallen and Barry Hall who boxed a six round draw last Friday in a Melbourne, Australia and reportedly earned a mega payday for breaking the Aussie pay-per-view record.

”Gallen, I’m sorry but you looked like s*** tonight. That was absolutely pitiful,” said Browne. “I’m impressed by Hall’s general performance. I thought it was sad that he started gassing in the fourth and fifth round considering that it was only two-minute rounds. Shows you how hard boxing actually is, try doing that for 12 three minute rounds.”

“I still stand by my previous comment that I would take you both on the same night. I think I’d clean you both up by round two in either fight.”

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  • Got take more PEDs, your a nobody now and Gallen and Hall can Easley make more money fighting SBW.

  • Browne is simply blowing smoke to get recognition over his dying career as a fighter. I think he would fair better as a bouncer in a cheap-entry nightclub than as a “professional” fighter at this point. Browne appears he spent all his fight earnings on his tattoo body work to make him look like a pseudo-tough guy in the ring rather than dedicated athlete.

  • Browne is meant to be a real boxer and he looked like shit against Dillian Whyte, Dave Allen, that bloke he got the gift against in Glasgow, Hopoate etc….

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