Figueroa tops Magsayo for WBC interim 126 belt

0054 Brandon Figueroa Vs Mark Magsayo
Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

Brandon “The Heartbreaker” Figueroa (24-1-1, 18 KOs) of Weslaco, Texas fought hard in winning a unanimous decision over a very tough Mark “Magnifico” Magsayo (24-2, 16 KOs) of the Philippines on Saturday night at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California to win the WBC interim featherweight title in headlining Showtime Championship Boxing.

Off to a fast start, Magsayo connected with a short right hand, Figueroa returned the favor as he landed a huge chopping right. Magsayo attacked in round two, backing Figueroa with a right hand, fighting at close quarters Figueroa connected inside. In round three, Magsayo pressed but Figueroa landed a thudding body shot, moments later Magsayo unloaded a series of punches to score and finished strong to end the round. Staying busy in the fourth, Figueroa and Magsayo fought at close quarters inside, both connecting and having their momentum.

The fight continued inside in the fifth, with Figueroa letting his hands go, Magsayo kept pressing. It continued to be fast paced and non-stop in the sixth with Figueroa getting a bit more distance boxing as Magsayo kept fighting on. Pass the halfway point and in the seventh, referee Thomas Taylor warned Magsayo for holding, moments after the Filipino slipped as Figueroa then began to stalk. Referee Thomas Taylor began the eighth round issuing a second warning for holding but soon after ward deducted a point from Magsayo. Figueroa then began to press but Magsayo returned connecting a series of left hooks but Figueroa continued to box.

Letting his hands go and swinging away, Magsayo was busy in the ninth, but Figueroa countered and mixed it up with the Filipino. Relentlessly fighting Magsayo and Figueroa were in the deep waters late in the fight. The tenth began with Magsayo unloading a barrage, Figueroa stood in. Figueroa appeared to be getting momentum as he began chopping down Magsayo. On the prowl, Figueroa sensed that Magsayo was fading. The championship rounds were not the best for Magsayo as another point was deducted for holding, Figueroa kept sticking to his plan as Magsayo appeared to be running out of time. In the twelfth and final round, Figueroa stayed busy as Magsayo sensed the urgency but appeared to be tiring as he dropped to his knees for a third time in three rounds. Figueroa pressed the issue to close but Magsayo fought valiantly to the final bell.

After completing twelve rounds the judges scored the fight 118-108, and 117-109, 117-109 as Figueroa wins a unanimous decision.

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    • Exactly…. No way Magsayo won less than 5 rounds. The deducts were legit, and there may have even been a legit knockdown or two in there. But Magsayo won several rounds for sure.

  • aaaaaa not sure what the judges saw bu no way Figuero won 9 rounds by one judge and 10 by the other two idiots hell Brandon held behind the head and thru punches without a hint of a warning from the ref

  • I was surprised with the game plan from both right of the gate, they both showed us different offense at times they looked very athletic and were fighting from angles not accustomed from both
    But…as it went on it became the grueling match I expected, Magsayo was getting overwhelmed and although courageous he was fading
    Only thing that I can criticize from observation is that Brandons power was a nowhere near as powerful as what I thought it would be at 126
    Be his relentlessness and chin are still there
    Also those scores were too far apart
    Right guy won but not 10 Rounds to 3
    Or 11 to 2
    C’mon now that’s a lie

  • unaminous decision for brandon what a joke it was closer than that, they need to do a rematch those score cards was one sided, maybe the judges were all mexican

    • The scores were a joke but the right fighter got the nod. I expected Figueroa to tire Magsayo by the middle rounds, and pull away but the scores were terrible. Even though I felt Brandon won, it was a lot closer than the score cards suggested. Even a draw would be fair.

  • Glad Brandon got the nod, he comes to fight every time. I thought he got the short end of the stick vs Fulton. I know both fights were close but I favor the aggressor. Heartbreaker has a lot of balls. Fun to watch him fight.

  • As always, Figueroa displayed an amazing chin and amazing conditioning. Figueroa goes all out until the final bell. Although the scores were far too wide, Figueroa won the fight. Figueroa should have done more body punching on Magsayo.

    Figueroa will also have a tough task against Vargas, and I am looking forward to this fight. For better body punching efforts, Figueroa will need to work on his jab to close the distance or else Vargas will sting him with combination punches for 12 rounds. I hope this Mexican (Vargas)/Mexican-American (Figueroa) scrap occurs in Texas.

  • I expected an up close war as Figueroa likes to be in the trenches and Magsayo isn’t one to back off that easy. Vicious shots landed from both in just about every round. I have zero issue with Figueroa winning, but the cards we’re ridiculous. 115-113 or 116-112 would have been accurate.

  • This fight remember me when Jose Luis Castillo beat Floyd Mayweather
    Castillo won more rounds and in the compubox card Castillo was ahead in punches landed and connected also Castillo was ahead in power punches and chickenweather won the fight by unanimous decision

  • vargas stay away from california if you fight the heartbreaker worstscoring ever did they give maygoso any rounds he lost fight as soon as he stepped into the ring rematch is in order maybe texas or mexico should be a better location

    • Biased? Magsayo was holding for dear life throughout the fight, even falling to the floor to take a breathers.

      • Exactly Roland, he could have easily called 2 separate knockdowns when Magsayo went down on his own. Ref was more than fair.

  • 114-112 maybe 115-111 Figueroa. No way 117-109 118-108. They should be ashamed for those scores. Might have been a draw, if not for the holding.

  • >