Espinoza: Valdez-Lomachenko just a rumor

By Hesiquio Balderas

After his big upset victory over Miguel Berchelt, WBC super featherweight world champion Oscar Valdez is been hunted by the big names in the division, including Vasyl Lomachenko, Shakur Stevenson, Gervonta Davis, and others. 2x Manager of the Year Frank Espinoza, the man who handles the career of Valdez, gave us the lowdown in an exclusive interview.

“The Lomachenko rumors are false,” Espinoza told®. “There’s no truth to it. I don’t know where that rumor came from. We haven’t negotiated it, we haven’t even talked about the possibility of such a fight. Nobody has called me. It’s just rumors.

“But we’re open for anything in the future. If that fight comes along we certainly will consider it. Right now Oscar is resting and we have no plans whatsoever. We’ll see what happens, but at this moment I can confirm that the rumors of the Lomachenko fight are false.”

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  • You know, half the items we read about in the boxing world are just that; rumors. You can add hype to the mix as well. I have learned never to get excited on many levels till legalities (i.e., contracts) and signatures are met by both parties. When you hear that bell ring for the first round you know the fight is a true reality. Have a wonderful today!

  • Cracking fight is it can be made. Valdez needs a big name opponent and this is a decent comeback fight for Loma.

  • If it’s ‘just a rumor’ then it’s true Lol!! Nice fight if it get’s done. I’ve learned not to bet against Valdez! That’s for sure!!!

  • It’s probably a rumor now but it may be a fact that they will fight before the end of the year. That be an action packed fight!

  • Valdez never had a chance against Lomachenko in the amateurs, never mind as a seasoned professional with small gloves and not headgears. Lomachenko in 5 rounds

    • Mikemiguel, I don’t thing so. This kid proved me wrong and I won’t doubt him again. If he loses, then so be it, until then I say he wins.

  • Of course, this is boxing so big fights rarely if ever get made. Don’t worry though, us veteran fans of the sport know that a fight is not a done deal until we see the fighters in the ring.

  • If this fight is made, whether as an exhibition or a real fight, it will be a real fight. Holyfield is accused of using steroids in his wins over Tyson. He needs to prove to himself that he can beat Tyson without them. I suspect that it has always tormented Mike that he has two losses to Holyfield on his professional record. He has never been comfortable with this, and wants to prove to himself that he can beat Holyfield.

    So this would be a real fight, masquerading as an exhibition, with both over-the-hill geezers going for broke. Worth seeing.

  • Boxing has become a joke, any bum can be a campaign these day’s

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