Eleider Alvarez-Joe Smith Jr. fight postponed

Former WBO light heavyweight champion, Eleider Alvarez, was injured in training last week. He met with the team’s doctor, Dr. Francis Fontaine, and the report is an injury to the right shoulder which requires anti-inflammatory treatments, physiotherapy and a stop in sparring for 4 weeks. Unfortunately, this injury forces the postponement of the WBO light heavyweight elimination fight against Joe Smith Jr on ESPN on July 16.

Dr. Fontaine is confident of complete rehabilitation in a few weeks but for coach Marc Ramsay, the fact that he cannot allow adequate preparation for his boxer against a dangerous opponent like Smith Jr. in a fight of such great importance, a postponement of the fight was necessary.

This is the third main event to be postponed since Top Rank brought back boxing earlier this month.

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  • Make no mistake about it, Smith had KO of the year at the time he defeated Hopkins!

      • Old or young, Hopkins took the fight on a contract knowing the risks and Hopkins thought he could beat Smith. True statement.

  • Good crossroads fight. It’s a shame about the injury. These guys can’t take this type of time off, when they are top professionals, and just get it back as soon as they get back into the gym. They’re trying to make up for lost time too quickly. This covid-19 could be responsible for destroying any progress that would have been made on this planet by the nationalist populist movement that was improving planet Earth. Global communism is a scary, scary thing.

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