Durán beats Corona by KO in 7

DuranreleasedBy Héctor Villarreal

After spending 7 days hospitalized for Covid-19, Roberto “Hands of Stone” Durán was released from San Fernando Hospital in Panamá City on Thursday afternoon.

“I have no words to thank the medical personnel for all of their care, kindness, respect, and love that they demonstrated to me. They really saved my life,” said Durán, while leaving the hospital in half the usual time.

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  • One take away with the COVID-19 we all can learn from is how politics, arrogant individualistic behavior, and medical science do not line up in harmony. Some folks will refuse to comply with rules, politicians look more out for their own parties in decisions they make, and science is a work in progress at all times. Yep, gets confusing! Roberto Duran is proof this is not a hoax and it’s a deadly disease to some folks. Protecting yourself can save others. Go ahead and thumbs me down and disagree, but I am a frontline medical worker and have seen first hand the lives lost in my hometown from this virus. Once someone close to you becomes very ill, maybe your tone and attitude will change. Stay safe!

    • It’s all bullsh*t. It’s all exaggerated. They use high profile people like Duran to make you believe the lie, it’s an acute respiratory disease (i.e. the flu) with minimal mortality. this pandemic is one big scamdemic, to control all our lives we owe it to our kids to stop these Psychopaths.

      • Dan, have a wonderful weekend and stay safe. Appreciate your feedback. Everyone entitled to their opinion.

        • Dan, it’s bullshit and exaggerated to a point. Not enough is known about it yet and it is killing people. Why chance it? Better to be safe than sorry.

      • Are you a scientist? A doctor, a health care provider? Or just a loudmouth ignorant Trumper? I hope you don’t have children, they have my sympathy.

    • Scooby: Glad to see an intelligent post here.I’ve had 3 friends die from this virus, and i’m CERTAIN 2 of them were in very good health before this disease downed them.Those that think they’re immune to this are playing Russian Roulette, and putting your life on the line or putting other lives on the line is not an intelligent approach to anything.BTW we’ve all seen now the spike in the virus all over the States, and many factors are spiking this, until a vaccine is found, nobody is safe no matter how ANYONE wants to spin this.Stay safe everyone.

  • This is awesome. I’ve yet to meet one if the best to ever do it. The best news ever.

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