Donaire-Casimero unification clash Aug 14

It was announced on Saturday night’s Charlo-Montiel telecast that yet another huge summer unification fight has been added to Showtime’s summer lineup. On Saturday, August 14, WBO bantamweight world champion John Riel Casimero will face the WBC bantamweight world champion Nonito Donaire in a 118-pound unification fight.

Casimero was previously scheduled to face two-division world champion Guillermo Rigondeaux.

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  • Dangerous fight for both guys. Both have enough pop at batam to put each other out with one punch.

    I’ll take Donaire’s world class experience as the deciding factor, but Casimero is a very live dog. Rare Filipino champ vs Filipino Champ matchup. Can’t wait for this one.

  • Rigondeaux’s lack of ambition – in giving up the Casimero opportunity – is astonishing.

    • From Twitter:
      Mike Coppinger
      19 Jun
      Source: Guillermo Rigondeaux isn’t injured. PBC saw the opportunity to make a unification fight after Donaire won and got it done. Rigo stepped aside to allow the unification and will fight the winner. PBC finding a new fight for the two-time Olympic gold medalist in meantime

  • Donaire is good from 118-122. He probably is best to stay away from slickster southpaws; 2 of his 5 losses in past 8 years against southpaws. And Donaire lost to a heavier guy at 130, Frampton was a big 126 lbs guy, and Inoue at 118 is pretty unbeatable. Inoue is still pretty young, Japanese fighters usually don’t hang around to the late 30s. Inoue may retire in 2 or 3 years, or by early 2024. Donaire doing unifications, if he wins, sets up a fight with Inoue in late 2021 or by April 2022.

  • Wicked! This is definitely the fight most will be watching live that night will check out the pay per view at about 4 am for free that’s the competition of networks but these two champions cannot disappoint Donaire vs Casimero wow didn’t think I was gonna see these two ever fight this will be nuts!

  • Donaire in 2! (joke)
    Great fight between two of the very best Filipino’s in the division. One thing for sure is this fight will be fireworks cant wait to watch this!.

  • Donarie is good boxer but its time to give way to its fellow from same country….if me just give to casemero his belt WBC n let casemero finish this japanese so called monster…let give way for casemero to become unify champion… good luck everybody…

    • Casemero doesn’t have a chance against the Monster. The new an improved Donaire will win against Casemiro and has proven that he can bang with Inoue and he is really a live dog to win in the rematch.

  • Why donaire vs casimiro what happened with regundeaux casimiro on august scheduled?

    • Rigo stepped aside at the request of his promoter and will fight the winner, probably because this fight will be a guaranteed good show (not always the case for a Rigo match) and it could set up a rematch between Donaire and Rigo. This was the fight to make while the iron was hot off of Donaire’s win.

  • Casimero too slow for donaire, donaire will KO Casimero within 8 rounds!!

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