Dirrell-Davis Final Press Conference

Former two-time WBC super middleweight champion Anthony “The Dog” Dirrell and Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis went back and forth at a final press conference Thursday to preview their main event showdown taking place this Saturday on FOX from Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall in Los Angeles.

Anthony Dirrell: He’s fat. He’s not big, he’s fat. He ate up to the weight. He’s not big. He’s fat. He’s a 160-154 opponent. He knows what he got himself into.

Kyrone Davis: He’s gotta fight me. It is what it is. He can talk about it, but he’s got to get in the ring on Saturday.

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  • “He’s fat. He’s not big, he’s fat. He ate up to the weight. He’s not big. He’s fat. He’s a 160-154 opponent.”

    So in other words, Dirrell is fighting a guy who is an out of shape, light punching (6 KOs) Middleweight/Junior Middleweight at 168. Not exactly must-see TV.

  • Pretty sure if Dirrell can win a fight or two they’ll probably give him a shot at Plant or Morrell or maybe even Jean Pascal. Be a nice payday and maybe a winnable fight depending on the opponent.

  • He’s fat, he’s not big, he’s fat… bla bla bla. Dirrell sounds pretty lame. One things for sure is that royal ass kicking that Benavidez laid on Dirrell not only has him talking total nonsense with his claiming that he was beating Benavidez up until he got cut. Benavidez was literally toying with him and now appears to have him permanently punch drunk!

  • Yup….. the sanctioning bodies will definitely give him a title shot soon…. if he wins (or even if he doesn’t)…

    This is the Direll who got blasted by Uscategui? The dude that proved to be a one trick pony? Whom Plant later schooled, right?

      • Andre Dirrell. Always thought thought that guy was super talented, and was a bit of an underachiever considering all the tools he had. He was putting together a great performance against Arthur Abraham, then faked being knocked out (I thought anyway) after being hit while down after he slipped. Was largely inactive after that for awhile. Lost some of his prime years there.

  • Talk is cheap. Nothing more, but a short-fuse trick to hype a fight. Once the bell rings, the talk stops…..Let’s get it on!

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