Dec 23 mega-card CONFIRMED


Deontay Wilder vs. Joseph Parker
Anthony Joshua vs. Otto Wallin
Dmitry Bivol vs. Lyndon Arthur
Daniel Dubois vs. Jarrell Miller
Frank Sanchez vs. Junior Fa
Jai Opetaia vs. Ellis Zorro
Filip Hrgovic vs. Mark De Mori
Arslanbek Makhmudov vs. Agit Kabayel

Date: December 23
Venue: Kingdom Arena, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Shakur, De Los Santos, Vaquero, Conceição make weight
Top Rank inks O’Shaquie Foster

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  • Pretty incredible card to end the year. 1 Day before Christmas Eve.
    Hopefully Jerrell Miller doesn’t get banned for drugs, should be a good fight between him and Dubois who is on the downside of his career. Props to Joseph Parker to agree to fight Wilder, Joshua Vs Wallin, Joshua needs to win by knockout, Wallin might actually win. Bivol by domination. Can’t wait!

    • Very good card, indeed. I would take exception with the notion Dubois is on the downside of his career. He’s still a bonafide tough guy, but he needs to show improvement as he can’t handle sophisticated, World Class fighters. He’s only 26, which is a baby by heavyweight standards. He could conceivably be a player in the division for another decade, but he has to get more in his arsenal than the brawler stuff he uses today. Given that he’s a terrific athlete and not afraid of taking big fights, he’s not on the downside unless the Usyk fight just wrecked his courage.

  • Pretty fun watching AJ and Miller go back and forth. I hadn’t heard about Makhmudov – Kabayel previously, that’s a very interesting fight. I still expect them to lose some fights in the next few weeks, but it looks EXCELLENT!

    • Honestly, I think Makhmudov is the real deal… but credit for taking on a good, undefeated fighter at this stage of his career. Most guys wouldn’t get anywhere near that fight. Kabayel probably have enough to keep Makhmudov off him, but he’s a very tricky opponent. Makhmudov is the guy taking the biggest risk on this card, IMO.

      • I’m not completely sold on Makhmudov just yet but I’m very happy to see him taking on someone like Kabayel.

        • Lucie, A Mak has something missing in his style. If he can’t bully his opponent, he really struggles, like he struggled against Takam.

          • I don’t disagree with that, Henry. It’ll be interesting to see what happens the next time he encounters some type of resistance, which SHOULD be in this fight.

  • AJ is angry and pissed all the time and ready to go and Wilder is polite gentleman in the press conferences..? I did not see that coming 5 years ago but i guess the repeated heavyweight punches in the face can chance the way you behave.

  • Nice card! Worth every dollar! Im surpriced both punchingbags, stepping stones derreck chisora or dillan whyte are not in it against wilder or joshua!

  • Saudi Arabia becoming the new mecca of boxing despite its checkered Human Rights violations history; like most countries for that matter. Kids, the world is all about Money, Sex, and Drugs.

  • Guess the fighters have already been in training camp. Miller needs to come shut up and come ready and CLEAN (cheater is lucky to be included). Joshua is in for a tough night if he can’t KO Wallin. Wilder wins with ease (KO early). And after, Joshua will go nowhere near Wilder.

    • Wilder easy ko???
      Joseph Parker is very solid fighter

      There is no piece of cake in this card

      Whoever close his eyes or make the minimum mistake and the opponent can capitalize it

      • I’m
        Talking about all the fights not about wilder vs Parker

        I think wilder by decicion

  • I think Eddie Hearn is a good promoter. This resembles an old Don King card.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Parker boxes the pants off wilder! Wilder may be able to punch, but he can’t box to save his life. Parker has good boxing skills, but needs to back himself more.

    • Wilder has an underrated jab when he uses it, the jab even won him some rounds early in the 3rd Fury fight and was instrumental in his 1st win over Stiverne, imo.

      • Zeitgeist, agree. Wilder has a really good jab. Even in the first Fury fight he used it more and he boxed better because of that, the same as the first Stiverne fight. Then, Wilder coming in light is the better Wilder, the heavy Wilder got exhausted very quickly.

  • The only problem with this card is that every fight has a very definitive A-side fighter that will be a pretty big favorite. But the volume of good fights with name-brand opponents is refreshing.

  • As for right now :

    Wilder Dec Parker
    Wallin Dec Joshua
    Bivol Dec Arthur
    Miller Tko 10 Dubois
    Sanchez Dec junior fa
    Opetaia vs zorro …draw

  • An exceptional card. The only problem is how dreadfully long the time in between fights is becoming. The Fury card a few ago was painful to sit through. 30 to 60 minutes in between fights. Too much time highlighting production elements and commentary in between. Should be one after the other to keep fans interested. Lesson learned though. I’ll happily buy it, record it, but watch it in the morning so I can fast forward through all the nonsense in between.

  • Wow, this just sprung out of nowhere on short notice. They seem to know how to get things done in Riyadh, just don’t saying anything bad about them in public! All seem to be pretty good matchups. Frank Sanchez’s opponent Junior Fa was highly touted out of the amateurs. I don’t think he’s really materialized as a pro. Here’s his chance! In fact, I don’t anticipate any upsets on this card. All the guys that are supposed to win are matched up enough to pique your interest, but should all come out relatively easy winners.

  • Was hoping Martin Bakole would be on this card as well. Over enough good heavyweights on this card, for sure!, just would liked to have seen Bakole. Maybe just me, but I rate him right up there.

  • What a massive card. Only one mismatch but the rest are pretty decent fights and some are 50/50. The most intriguing to me is the AJ versus Wallin contest. I’m only going to slightly lean Joshua in this one, but if the Swede is in the same form he was against Fury he could pull off the upset against the faded british incredible hulk.

  • This card is a super main event card. Sick card. I want to see every fight. Hopefully Dubios uses some PED’s to level the playing field!

  • Forget Vegas or the Dallas stadium if this is how Saudi Arabia does it. Let’s have all of the fights there for now. This is a MEGA-TON card!

  • Predictions – 2 Upsets Here.

    Deontay Wilder vs. Joseph Parker
    Wilder in 3.

    Anthony Joshua vs. Otto Wallin
    UPSET – Wallin by Decision.

    Dmitry Bivol vs. Lyndon Arthur
    Bivol by Decision.

    Daniel Dubois vs. Jarrell Miller
    UPSET – Miller by KO (Could be in the 1st)

    Frank Sanchez vs. Junior Fa
    Sanchez by KO or TKO

    Jai Opetaia vs. Ellis Zorro
    Opetaia by KO or TKO

    Filip Hrgovic vs. Mark De Mori
    Hargovic by KO or TKO

    Arslanbek Makhmudov vs. Agit Kabayel
    Makhmudov by TKO or KO.

  • Best card i have seen in years. The opponents for Wilder and Joshua are good. If they cant get pass them, they have no business beeing contenders for big titles.
    A card for boxing fans, very good! Looking forward to it. There are 4, 5 interesting fights (for me).

  • the most intriguing match up for me is Wilder vs Parker. Parker has been busy this year, and Wilder has not fought in over a year, and that was a 1st round knock out. From 2020 on only one fight a year. Wilder has to really I think hurt Parker early. If he does not, he could be in some difficulties. Of course, his punching power might catch Parker and put him out.

  • Look at all the names on this card and what you don’t see. Andy Ruiz has talked himself out of fight after fight and now its clear he’s not even part of the conversation. He had such potential then broke the contract with AJ on the rematch and when they gave him above and beyond he didn’t waste time training. In the last four years Ruiz has stepped things up and faced Chris Arreola who was out of the ring for almost two years. Then Ruiz finally faced Luis Ortiz after he lost back to back by KO’s with Wilder. He scraped by on that win. Now he is back to talking the talk and pricing himself out of any real fight. The man was champion for one match and thinks he’s at a 50/50 level with the top guys. I say all this because when you look at a stacked heavyweight card you want to see all boxers who matter to be on it. Unfortunately Ruiz or his management has made it clear they are only interested in a huge payday and the reason for the value has nothing to do with how good he is. His price tag is based on a single upset win. I was very happy for AJ right un until money went to his head. When he started making demands on the rematch I lost all respect. The contacts were already agreed to and based on the fact that Ruiz was being gifted with the first match. So when he won he basically held up AJ and his team for a lot more money than he agreed to.

    • You hit the nail on the head… take away Ruiz’s win against Joshua, and he’s got nothing going for him. if he thinking he’s getting 7-figures to fight another washed-up fighter, he’s living a pipe dream. Let him step into a fight with Jared Anderson in the US, where the fight will still sell. The winner would be in line for another big matchup.

  • Wilder looks like such a damn fool with that gimmicky rage look he has embraced. This is not WWE. He looks like a Scarecrow with the bird legs. Such a pretender. Here he is facing an opponent in Parker, who is not at all explosive, a bit slow and underwhelming, and who likely will get knocked out by Wilder. Wilder enjoys opponents who are shorter and smaller, not at all explosive, fighters who are prone to the wild swings he throws, all arm punches. Wilder was exposed by the Fury, a pathetic Humpty Dumpty on stilts who moves and punches like a puppet on a string. I expected more from Wilder in those fights, and he disappointed. He is not a great fighter, but an amateurish slugger, who lost in the only real challenges he’s faced in teh ring, those against Fury. I would like nothing more than to see Parker outbox the amateurish Wilder, and unleash a surprising explosive barrage of punches to knock him out in the later rounds. Not likely to happen, but nothing wrong with dreaming.

  • Early predictions for Riyadh day of reckoning
    (Joshua v wallin) Joshua decision
    (Wilder v Parker)ko round 3
    (Miller v Dubois) Miller by stoppage
    (Bivol v Arthur) 1-4 round ko Bivol
    (Hrgivic vs de mori) hrgivic decision
    (Jai otpetia vs Zorro ) ko otpetia 1-6 rounds( Frank Sanchez vs (junior fa) Sanchez ko or stoppage
    (Makhmudov vs agit kaybayel) 1-6 round ko or stoppage makhmudov

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