Shakur, De Los Santos, Vaquero, Conceição make weight

Shakur Stevenson 133.8 vs. Edwin De Los Santos 134.3
(WBC lightweight world title)

Shakur Stevenson Vs Edwin De Los Santos Pose
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

Emanuel Navarrete 130 vs. Robson Conceição 129.3
(WBO junior lightweight world title)

Emanuel Navarrete Vs Robson Conceicao Pose
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

Brian Norman Jr. 146.4 vs. Quinton Randall 145.8
Floyd Diaz 117.7 vs. Max Ornelas 117.9
Troy Isley 159.7 vs. Vladimir Hernandez 156.8
Emiliano Fernando Vargas 135.6 vs. Brandon Mendoza 134.9
Jackson Murray 230.7 vs. Steven Torres 240.7
Abdullah Mason 134.4 vs. Jose Cardenas 134.6
Hugo Micallef 142.7 vs. Sergio Odabai 141.7
Giovanni Sarchioto 167 vs. Lucas de Abreu 166.3

Venue: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas
Promoter: Top Rank

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  • Shakur looked huge at the weigh in. Navarete on the other hand looked like he could probably make a lower weight, he had visible handles around the waist line, maybe thats just his genes soft body no visible muscles but boy can he crack 31 ko’s in 38 fights.

  • We will know what Navarrete is made of

    Navarrete With a awkward style and lot of resistance

    Concenciso with great physique and great boxing skills

    I’m intrigued about this fight

    • The Brazilan will have to kill the Mexican to get a draw in this fight. We all saw what happened to him in the Vasquez fight, and Vasquez had eaten the Mex meat, still was not banned.

  • I wonder what Shakur’s weight will be? He always looks bigger than his opponent.

  • Vladimir Hernandez is an excellent gatekeeper. It’ll be interesting to see how Isley does against him.

  • As far as shskur and de lis santos

    Shskur is ultra defensive fighter he does not have power but his speed , precision and timing help him to drop his opponents

    De los Santos is good fighter but he is not ready for this fight , he will try to ko shskur and shakur will capitalize that mistake

    With his lack of experience I pick shskur by unanimous decicion

    • Actually I already watched the weigh in on YouTube and I think shskur will ko de los Santos in 10

      Shakur is a big guy but he does not look like it

      Demetrius Andrade has the same gift he is big

      But not everybody can see that

      Just like Adrien brooner was in 135 lbs

      • And shakur will hydrate very well
        When he fought Oscar , shakur looked like welter weigh

        He is gifted not every boxer has this “”grace””

  • These are both live fights. De Los Santos doesn’t seem to have any respect and isn’t in awe of Shakur’s ability. I think he’s coming to make a fight out of this. Navarette could be out boxed here and lose a decision or he overwhelms the Brazilian and stops him late.

  • This is another nonsense fight for Shakur, nobody wants to fight me, poor me, their all afraid of me. We’re tired of this, tired of Tank, Ryan Garcia, Shakur, all these guys who want big money to fight second tier fighters. This should be a free fight on ESPN, maybe a Saturday afternoon. You will never convince us that De Los Santos is dangerous!

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