Crawford, Khan post-fight comments

Photos: Sumio Yamada


Terence Crawford: I feel like I was touching him more and I was picking up the intensity…he was looking for a way out. I hit him on the leg and he got his way out and his coach stopped the fight.


Amir Khan: I would never quit. I’d rather be knocked out and fight. I have been knocked out because I tried to win fights.

Terence Crawford: You didn’t quit? Tell the truth.

Amir Khan: No I didn’t.

Terence Crawford: Then what happened?

Amir Khan: I was hit with a low shot.

Terence Crawford: Your leg?

Amir Khan: In the leg!? It was in the balls! I’ve not seen the video of it but it was a low blow.

Terence Crawford: It was low.

Amir Khan: If you guys think I quit, no problem. I never quit from a fight. It was a great fight and he beat me.

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