Crawford, Fury are slight favorites

Terrence Crawford opens as a slight favorite over Errol Spence Jr. in a potential welterweight showdown that is said to be in the works, and Tommy Fury opens as a slight favorite over Jake Paul in a cruiserweight bout just announced.

Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence Jr.
Terrence Crawford -130 vs. Errol Spence Jr. +100

Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul
Tommy Fury -130 vs. Jake Paul +100

Odds courtesy of BetOnline (

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Jake Paul opponent named

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  • I like Furry I really do. His family is lovely I reckon.
    But Jake Paul is the FUTURE. Give him only a few times in years for THE CHAMP to hold title glorie.

  • I agree Terrace Crawford going to make Spence look bad I know I’am going to get a lot of Thumb down but I’ll revisit in October when it’s Carwford UD over Spence Guarantee

    • Crawford’s ability to switch orthodox/southpaw whenever he wants will make a difference when the bell rings. Spence is a good counter puncher especially with his right hand from a southpaw stance. However, Crawford counters comes from many different angles which makes him very dangerous with either hand. I see Spence being the tactical aggressor early in the fight. Once the fight hits the middle rounds, I see Crawford settling in racking points up for a UD. Both fighters start slow in their fights, but in this case, the rush gain momentum will make a huge difference on a win.

      • I just about totally agree with your assessment. I think the absolute key here is the way Crawford can counter from different angles. He does that better as the fight goes on and he is truly one of the best thinking fighters I have ever seen. Another key will be the weight difference on fight night which could benefit Spence.

  • Despite the circus element, that Fury Paul outcome really is a mystery. It feels like they have been in the public and even fighting for a while now, but there is so little information of worth to gauge any real levels. I genuinely find it quite intriguing

  • I fully understand why folks see Crawford winning this fight; but dang, Spence has a physically battering, high pressure and body punching style that wears down/disfigures opponents in the 2nd half of fights. I also expect a sharper fighting Spence, offensively and defensively. Glad I have time to think on it, but I expect an outstanding fight.

    Meanwhile, Spence better work on minimizing his tendency to get “front foot heavy” or else Crawford will perform damaging counterpunching and damaging combination punching on him.

  • in the Spence vs Crawford fight a big skilled fighter will always beat a smaller skilled fighter everytime lets not forget Spence was an Olympian and Crawford was not and at welterweight Spence dethroned all 3 current champions to take their belts Crawford fought a belt gifted Horn then fought Jose Benavidez jr who was chosen and has only fought once then and that was a draw then fought the fragile chin Amir Khan had had already been KOd 4x then fought Kavaliauskas who got ranked out of nowhere but was also KOd faster by Vergil Ortiz then he gets a fight with well past his prime and well beaten Brook then gets pre retirement Porter whos dad was caught taking selfies with Crawford after he threw in the towel on his son Crawford will be tested thats for sure and he doesnt have uncle bob to protect any longer so we will see

  • I hate dealing in ‘What if’s’! Let’s get this fight signed first then we could talk odds!!

  • I don’t care about “potential” or odds. Call me Spence vs Crawford press conference takes place.

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