COVID-19: All British boxing postponed

In a statement, the British Boxing Board of Control said: “Following the increase in COVID-19 cases in the United Kingdom and the effects such increases has on the NHS and the work of the Board Medical Officers, it has been decided that no tournaments under the jurisdiction of the British Boxing Board of Control will take place in January 2021.

“A further review by the Board’s Medical Panel and Stewards will take place later in January in relation to tournaments from February onwards.”

The ruling forces the postponement of the scheduled January 22 Guerfi vs. McGregor telecast on ESPN+ and the January 30 Avanesyan vs. Kelly telecast on DAZN.

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  • What a surprise! The common flu–repackaged and renamed–rules in 2021. This silliness will never end.

    • Health illiteracy is a common struggle in many cultures and even contributes to higher death rates in many studies due to denial, lack of compliance, and just plain ignorance. You have a right to your opinion as we do. However, my heart goes out to all the families that have lost loved ones over the last year in dealing with this virus.

        • LOL….Yes, you know me…You set a trap and I jumped in it…..Have a good day today! LOL

      • Funny how in the US florida is open with no masks or restrictions and while NY and Cali have had the strictest lockdowns and mandates and they are way worse off.

        Almost like you can’t stop a virus with rules and mandates and you should just let people live their lives and take their own risks.

        Sounds like you are the ignorant one.

      • And can you point me to a yof your past posts where you send your condolences to families of flu victims? Or car accident victims? Oh….you are just doing the virtue signaling common twitter thing of pretending you care about the people that died from the big news story

        • Jay, I work in healthcare and see COVID patients on a daily basis along with numerous other diseases and conditions. Yes, I have seen some negative consequences from the COVID-19 and it’s sad to see some critical patients pass away from the disease. I have been in healthcare 28 years and I have not seen anything like this pandemic. I am sure you have all answers and theories, but I can only attest to what I have seen.

          Jay, in regards to your comment over the variation in states having different precautions in place over the COVID-19 let me clarify for it for you. The federal government can mandate what they want, but each state has their own governmental entity that handles their OWN safety protocols based on their individual healthcare needs. What NY does and what CA does is strictly up to them. Why don’t you call each state’s Dept. of Public Health Services and simply tell them how to solve the COVID-19 crisis we are stuck in now like you have mentioned. I am sure they will really listen to you (snicker).

  • don’t really understand the decision. Everyone is tested and there doesn’t need to be a crowd. Football matches are still being played so it’s not a blanket ban across all contact sports.

    • Was just thinking, ok probably the better thing to do to stop all boxing matches, but yes, if there is no crowd and everyone is tested why not keep the sport of boxing going?

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