Commey brutally KOs Marinez

Richard Commey V Jackson Marinez Fight Night
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

Former IBF lightweight champion Richard Commey (30-3, 27 KOs) scored an explosive sixth round KO over Jackson “El Fenix” Marinez (19-2, 7 KOs) on Saturday night inside the Bubble at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Commey steadily broke down Marinez. He came out aggressively in round six, finally dropping him with a right hand. Marinez continued but was brutally knocked out by a massive right hand. Time was 2:35.

Commey said, “When I first started, I started very slow because I’ve been away for more than a year, so I had to take my time a little bit just to get my rhythm. My corner was telling me to do something. They saw that punch that took him down.”

It was Commey’s first fight since losing his belt to Teofimo Lopez 14 months ago. Lopez was on hand supporting Commey during the fight tonight.

“After our fight, I saw him in the lobby and we chatted and hugged. He always liked me, and it’s pure love. For him to come down to my corner, it was motivating. It showed tremendous love, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. We gotta love each other, regardless of where you’re from or who you are. I appreciated {his support}.”

Marinez was coming off a controversial loss to Rolly Romero for the WBA interim lightweight title.

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  • The thing I love most about this sport is the sportsmanship. Two guys go to battle and hug at the end in a showing of respect. Without that this is just a barbaric sport. That shows character. Thats what fighters and humans in general should show against an adversary. If you have the guts to get in the ring, its the most endearing quality as a human being. I wish the rest of humanity could operate in this way. A true gentleman’s sport in its purest form.

  • Would love to see Commey vs Romero. Would be an explosive fight while it lasts but I see Commey eventually beating the living crap out of Romero who’s extremely overrated and delusional and I’m looking forward to someone shutting him up. Loud mouth prick has no business running around calling himself a champion. Lopez is the only champion in the division just crazy and ridiculous how Romero, Davis,Garcia and Haney all have the exact same belts that Lopez has! Now how pathetic and ridiculous is that?! All in the name of $anctioning fees! Fake ass alphabet titles can go suck a big one.

    • Haney has the WBC which Lopez doesnt bu should have as Haney is the weakest link in the division.

      • Haney is the true boogeyman in the division, the fans keep forgetting the other guys don’t wanna fight him. If they would give him the fights, Haney would clean-up the division until Shakur moves up. Loma vacated his title to avoid the fight with Haney. Im sure Loma kmows better than you on the weakest link.

      • If Haney is the weakest link Lopez should take the fight and shut Haney up!!! They’ve sparred and both sides have stories of what happened during those sessions. Lopez is making less fighting Kambosos than he would’ve made fighting Haney so maybe he’s hesitant for a reason. Haney may not have knockout power but he’s fast with great defense. Respect to Lopez for beating Lomo but I personally didn’t think Loma was the P4P best. The reason Haney is the WBC champ is Loma didn’t want to fight him so he asked to be the franchise champ to avoid fighting Haney.

  • Commey, being very low in the rankings at this moment is out of the picture for big fights. Lomachenko is slated to fight Nakatani, Kamboso and Lopez are negotiating and the other paper champions I doubt they wanna part of Commey, especially Gervonta Davis and Rolly Romero. Oscar also would never risk Kingry against Commey (Ryan stays flat on the canvas if Commey lands flush). Best and more brutal fight could be Commey vs. Isaac Cruz, I wish could happen. Nonetheless, I am glad that a fighter like Richard Commey is back with no apparent sequels from his loss against Teofimo Lopez, nice addition to this hot division.

  • Agreed. At this stage Commey is a high risk/low reward fight for any champ.

    Sure, he got blasted by Teo, but even 130 lbs ruler Alacran Berchelt was blasted (ko’d) before he became champ.

    No reason Commey can’t have a second or even third spark in his career.

    I would also love to see him against Isaac Cruz!!!!

  • Great fight by Commey and even better comments. This man has great character, integrity, humility, and I like that. He shows respects to other fighters and to the sport. So good to see. I wish him well going forward.

  • Nice win for Commey, but I am not sure about his next move. Unfortunately, if possible, he will need to stay busy with impressive wins in non-title fights until another title fight opportunity occurs for him.

    Let’s hope Commey does not subsequently lose to inactivity by KO.

  • He is the 1 Ghana fighter that is good nowadays. But, the top 10 fighters from Ghanna including Commey, and 5 others are over 30.
    2 Emmanuel Tagoe 135
    3 Wasiru Mohammed 122
    4 George Ashie 140
    5 Fredrick Lawson 147
    6 Manyo Plange 115
    7 Duke Micah 118
    10 Felix Williams 126

  • while boxing fans are all anxious to see the “Young Guns” within the division fight each other ( including Lopez, Davis, Haney and Garcia ), maybe it makes sense to match Commey and Lomachenko against each other for the right to stay title worthy.

  • Commey will be champion again for sure. Nothing wrong with losing to Teo, the man is a warrior and it was nice seeing Teo supporting him at ring side…

  • I thought Marinez should have been given the decision over Romero. He was active and punching the entire fight. Romero stalked and stalked but didn’t let his hands go enough. Marinez moved around the ring and didn’t allow Romero to close often. Commey stalked but punched and didn’t let his misses discourage him from punching. He just bullied Marinez around the ring from the onset. Marinez just couldn’t get away from him for long.

    A fight between Commey and Romero would be a different story. Romero has power and can unleash that power against an opponent who is coming to meet him. It would be a good fight but Commey is vulnerable to a right hand. His offense would need to be his defense.

    I haven’t seen Romero respond under attack so I really don’t know how well he would do against an onslaught of punches from a high volume hard puncher. He may cover up and keep his hands at home. If I had to pick a winner, it would be Commey by late round KO. I just don’t know enough about Romero to feel confident about his ability to withstand an aggressive assault from a punching machine.

  • Awesome performance and Ko by Comey tonight. You can write Comey off as a limited, one dimensional fighter, but fuck that! Comey is a former world champion, who is a threat to anyone in the division!

  • This is why this era 135 is so great. Fortunate we have so many solid fighters. Will they continue to fight each other in 2021/22? I think so. Teo is respecting the whole mandatory game. As long as he fights a top 4 guy next then that’s fine. He’s not taking time off. Same with Devin, Ryan, etc all still hungry to fight the best. They better still be willing to fight “former” champs like Commey and Linares again though. I like that about Haney- if he doesn’t get the biggest fight right now (Teo, Tank, Garcia) he’s willing to fight Linares or Fortuna, no slouches in the top 10. Bring on the big fights this spring! Hopefully no promoter or COVID restrictions get in the way.

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