Colbert beats King Tug, retains WBA 130lb belt

Colbert Vs Nyambayar
Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

Unbeaten WBA interim super featherweight champion Chris Primetime” Colbert (16-0, 6 KOs) scored a dominant twelve round unanimous decision over Tugstsogt “King Tug” Nyambayar (12-2, 9 KOs) on Saturday night at the Dignity Heath Park in Carson, California. Colbert’s speed was too much for King Tug, who was moving up from featherweight on two weeks’ notice. As the bout progressed, it became more one-sided. Scores were 117-111, 118-110, 118-110.

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  • Colbert is the most boring fighter I’ve ever seen. I love boxing, but with snooze fest, I made frequent restroom trips and to the kitchen for snacks.

    • Hes nobody who fought another nobody..Colbert will be irrelevant in 2 years max ..dont worry…

  • The main event was disappointing and in my opinion tarnished the punch bowls reputation, its always been recognized as a venue for warriors trying knock each other’s head off and that’s far from what we were offered tonight.

  • Can’t say im surprised… Tug hasn’t looked good in awhile and Colbert is a flashy style over pedestrian substance.

  • One-sided fight but good to see Showtime show 2 live fights along with replay remember HBO being famous for one live fight usually a star fighter showcase when they opened the broadcast with a ppv replay

  • Terrible performance by Colbert. After a few rounds he slowed down and also progressively became wreckless. During exchanges his chin was exposed and high up, has issues fighting going backwards and let’s his emotions get the best of him. This was a class B plus fighter he fought. Be won of course but he should be disappointed in his performance. Left hand down, right hamd down for that matter. No faints, no sturdiness on his feet. Picks up his himd foot when throwing a padded right hand. I was a fan but this was a terrible performance. The problem is coaches let the fighter run the roost and therefore congratulate the semi decent things he did but won’t truly tell him what they feel In order to ensure their next check. He will lose to A class fighters for sure. I hope he goes back to the drawing board and sets his focus again on what counts. He’s still raw talent and will remain that way unless they wisen up.

    • He obviously felt comfortable with his smaller opponent and didn’t respect his power, I can guarantee as his level of competition rises he’ll be more fundamentally sound but the fact that he has no power it won’t save him.

  • I believe Colbert “goofed” around after he realized he can easily control Tug with a stiff jab; and he also goofed around after he figured out Tug’s punch sequences.

    Early in the fight, Colbert knew he could handle Tug’s punches, and he felt physically stronger than a smaller Tug moving to 130. After a few rounds, Colbert knew he had an easy night against Tug, so he was just having silly fun in the ring. I am sure Colbert would have adjusted his game plan if Tug was a settled 130 pounder who provided steady resistance after a full training period.

    Thus far, Colbert is showing solid skills, but we will see how he later responds to challenges possibly presented by Xavier Martinez and/or a title belt holder. I am looking forward to the tree shaking eliminations at 130.

  • Who is next for colbert I hope Davis that will be a good fight.

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