Chisora: I put the fear of God in Joe

Derek Chisora believes he puts “the fear in god” in Joseph Parker and says he expects the former WBO Heavyweight world champion to run when they clash over 12 rounds at the AO Arena, Manchester this Saturday May 1, live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and on DAZN in all markets excluding the UK, Ireland, China, New Zealand and Samoa.

Former world title challenger Chisora (32-10, 23 KOs) was last seen pushing Ukraine’s pound-for-pound star Oleksandr Usyk all of the way in their 12-round battle for the WBO Intercontinental Heavyweight Title at The SSE Arena, Wembley last October, and the fan favorite is chomping at the bit for his next challenge.

A meeting between the pair scheduled for October 2019 fell through at three-and-a-half weeks’ notice when Parker’s team revealed he was suffering from the aftereffects of a spider bite. Chisora, who was unconvinced with Team Parker’s reasons for pulling out in 2019, has labelled Parker a ‘chicken’ during the fight build-up and says he has unfinished business with the Heavyweight contender.

“I think he pulled out because he had problems for himself in America, and in New Zealand and Australia, so that’s why he pulled out,” said Chisora. “I don’t blame him. Things happen, people pull out of fights. But you have to have a good excuse. Him saying he had a spider bite was shambles of an excuse to be honest with you. But it happens, what can I say? I’m going to punch him up. I’m expecting Joseph to run away. That is 100%. I know for a fact he’s going to run away.

“Great for him he’s looking to become a World Champion, but it doesn’t mean nothing to me. I’m just going to pound on him when I see him. What can I do better than Joseph Parker? That’s a good question. Everything. The fight is going to be a great fight, we’re going to push on it, train hard and go crazy about it. You know the routine man – WAR. Expect what I always deliver. Beat the guy and pound on the guy. Destroy that guy. Confidence. I put the fear of god him in. I am bringing pain and war.

“Time is the most important thing, you know, and I don’t have much time in boxing, so anytime I go I’ll just take any fights I want to have because time is running out. Most people don’t want to fight me because I’m a headache. I bring it. I love fighting. I want the people at home to pay their money to watch me do what I need to do. I’m taking this fight because I want to win it.

“The way I look at it in boxing is, if you can bring numbers to the gate, bums on seats, you’re in a great position. If you don’t, you’re not. So when people say you’re in great position for fighting for Titles and stuff like that, I don’t believe so. I just look at it like, I’ve got a fight here and this is how many people are going to be watching my fight and I’m excited about that. You know, being mandatory and in eliminators, it’s a headache bro. I’m happy, I’m happy to fight. I’m happy to bring entertainment to people’s houses through television and stuff like that so I’m just excited and ready to go.”

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  • In reality, Parker’s style is like watching a lackluster movie with a predictable plot. You always know how it will end and what to expect. However, Chisora is a “busy” fighter and seems to keep his opponents always moving, thinking, and performing. I would like to see Chisora keep the pressure on Parker the whole fight and force Parker to make his predictable boxing style come alive and do something different other than do anemic hits, hold, and repeat. Sorry to all you Parker fans, but Parker’s boxing style never really connected to me as an inspiring art. Maybe he was misguided or missed a lot of opportunities with limited-skilled trainers or the atmosphere he trained in did not give present him with a vast training regimen for improvements. I give him credit as a boxer and his accomplishments, but his performances never inspired me.

    Have a wonderful day!

    • Respect your comments Scobee but I cant see Del Boy worrying Parker, Just my opinion, cheers

    • Scooby Doo: Agree, Chisora always gives his best. Parker years ago looked like an exciting prospect, but it is probably because it was against opponents that allowed him to look good.

  • I have to be honest. I am nervous for Joseph Parker in this fight. This fight has upset written all over it.

  • “If you can bring numbers to the gate, bums on seats“….

    Yes dip shit those “bums” are paying you your purse money you stupid ingrate. The only bum is you and this will be your 11th loss. How can I forget when you spit in Klitschko’s face what a total Neanderthal savage you are, zero class zero conscious.

    I hope Joe puts you on your ass the way Whyte and Haye did! Lights out for you loser..

    • Don’t think he was referring to the people as bums-look at it a bit more carefully.

    • Oh wow, lmao!!! This explains all the misinformation and far-fetched unfounded opinions. Comprehension!!! Seems like your head has been stuck under a “bum” to not know he means ‘butts in seats’.
      Had to tag you back for Chisora because you’re so off and then calling this brave warrior a bum/loser.
      “Lights out for you loser”

  • Looking forward to this one. I think Parker wins but he needs that ‘spark’ that I jhave not seen for a number of years. I believe Joshua was there for the taking and Parker did not have the urgency to take advantage.

    • Colson: How Parker just coasted through the Joshua fight was frustrating to watch. A title fight and he showed no urgency at any stage. Sometimes think Parker is just too much of a nice guy for the fight game.

  • This fight is not easy to predict.

    I really like Chisora who always bring the best show and heart to the fights. Parker is somewhat predictable and I agree with that he was allowed to look good against weaker opponents.

    Chisora is slowly getting old, Parker still at his peak-age. It’s a now or never fight for Parker and more of another top-opponent for Chisora.

    Parker has only two defeats but that’s against the only top ten fighters he has faced, Joshua and Whyte. Chisora on the other hand has ten defeats, many of them against champions and other top ten boxes, four of his defeats has been SD or MD. Chisora has faced more highly competitive opponents.

    I think Whyte in this context is highly interesting. Chisora had two very entertaining and exciting fights against Whyte, two losses, the first one by SD and the second one by late KO, but up to that point it was more or less even.

    Parker has also faced Whyte and lost a hard faught fight by UD.

    Chisora and Whyte is not that different. If Chisora can keep it up we will have another extremely exciting fight.

    I’m slightly leaning to Parker due to his age, chin and hunger. I see Chisora getting somewhat older and slower, and most people think Chisora ought to lose this one. These expections might affect Chisora negatively. But then you have Chisoras lion-heart, experince, dirty-tricks and rough attitude.

    I consider this fight being very competitive.

  • Chisora brings it, he is a tough fighter who has mixed it and been in wars with the likes of Fury, Whyte, Usyk, Haye, Klitchkco and others.
    Win, lose or draw against Parker, I would love to see him against Wilder, think beats Wilder.

  • Joseph Parker will never allow himself to eat the big shots that Andy Ruiz had to absorb before overwhelming AJ in their first fight. Parker is a better fighter and certainly more durable the Dylian Whyte but seems to turn his fights into sparring sessions. I think Chisora will push the button the brings Parker into beast mode and this will be an entertaining fight. Chisora is very hard to KO and Parker will gain no respect if he sleepwalks his way to a decision.

  • Joe is as tough as old boots but needs to bring some ” tiger ” into his fights ……. the losses he suffered seemed like he felt he didn’t deserve to be in such company and he hasn’t fought anyone of note since………..Parker on points !!

  • Chisora , good tough fighter, hope he doesn’t get too worn out, and have enough to enjoy life after boxing, he deserves it, deserves to look back on his career with pride when it is all said or done.

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