Charlo tops Derevyanchenko, retains WBC belt

Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo (31-0, 22 KOs) scored a twelve round unanimous decision over #1-ranked contender Sergiy Derevyanchenko (13-3, 10 KOs) on Saturday night at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut. Charlo rocked Derevyanchenko at the end of round three. By midway, Derevyanchenko was getting seriously busted up. Derevyanchenko came on in the second half of the fight but it was too little, too late. Scores were 116-112, 117-111, 118-110.

“I made my team proud and I did what I was supposed to do. I executed the game plan. Ronnie Shields told me that I passed the test tonight. I’m happy to go back to the drawing board now and figure out what’s next.

“He was tough, but I knew he was going to be tough. I knew he’d come to fight, I just didn’t know how and when he’d try to turn it up. I felt like I never really let him turn it up and that was the game plan. I studied well and I didn’t let the pandemic affect my training. I just want to keep fighting and not let any negative interrupt the positive.

“I stayed poised, I stayed composed and I executed the game plan. I was staying behind the jab, I got away from it a little, but Ronnie got me back. I wanted to knock him out, but dominating like I did was a big statement.

“The big fights are out there. I’m steady learning and growing and stepping up in competition. My brother’s next, so that’s what’s really on my mind right now.”

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  • Very good performance by Jermall Charlo. Derevyanchenko was tough as nails and aggressive, but Jermall fought the right fight.

    • Well said. Ronnie Shields is a good trainer and I feel that was a key ingredient to Charlo’s success. Shields knew from the get-go that Derevyanchenko was tough and always moving forward. Shield navigated Charlo to the victory. Yes, many thought Charlo was going to get defeated in this fight, but that prediction was debunked by his performance. It’s fun predicting fights even if some are wrong or right.

      • i was one of them Scoobs, i have to admit but he definitely proved me wrong. Now, i can give him the respect that u truly deserves. EXCELLENT strategy, game plan, and execution!

        • Tony, trust me, I get a lot of fights wrong myself. I am ok with it. It’s all about fun! Have a great weekend.

  • I scored the fight 116-112 for Jermall.

    That was a nice fight, and Jermall (Mall) put in a skillful performance by establishing his jab, decent defense, distance and solid punching power. Unfortunately, I am not sure if it’s enough to force Canelo ($$$) to get in the mix against Mall because Mall’s victory was not by an IMPACTFUL TKO or KO. We will see later after Canelo resolves his contractual issues.

    My hats off to Sergiy as well because he fought very well. However, Sergiy should have doubled his jabs with more head movement (“off the line”) to gain an easier transition for inside “grunt work” and more hustling on Mall’s body.

    Let’s see how Jermall’s brother will perform against tough Rosario.

  • Impressive performance by Jermall! I scored the fight 117-111 for Charlo. I pray that he tries to unify next against Andrade.

  • Anyone else fall asleep during this fight? Thank god for the firestick, I switched over to UFC then the Stanley Cup finals

  • Charlo didn’t impress! I had 8-4, or 7-5 for Charlo. Derevyanchenko simply needs a few more pro-bouts before he challenges again.

  • Derevyanchenko is a servciable top 5, but he steps up to the elites and loses. Charlo still didnt prove that he is must see to force a fight with Canelo or GGG, nor does he have any public interest. Canelo and GGG want huge superfights, or easier opponents that would make the same or more money than they would get against Charlo. unless this card somehow gets 1 million buys, maybe it will show the publics want, but likely didn’t even do 150k in PPV.

  • So Glad I didn’t watch this shit for UFC. That UFC event was FIRE!!!! I’m a boxing fan but where are the exciting superfights?

    • im a boxing fan first, but usually when both are on, the UFC is usually more entertaining. I do hope the Conor v. Pacman is serious, because Pacman will not carry him, he will take him out in the first round, as would any top 20 welter. Floyd just carried him to keep interest for a second fight. Manny will ruin those plans.

      • Floyd carried him because it was fixed and they all bet on a 9th round KO (even the ref bet on it as mctapout didn’t even touch the canvas and it was waived off) wonder why mctapout and floyd were laughing and smiling in the ring – they couldn’t wait to get to the bookies.
        Mctapout gets to ‘go 9 with the greatest ever’ and not hurt his UFC stocks and floyd gets to ‘school and KO’ the ufc fighter. Manny v mctapout will follow a similar script.
        Can’t knock mctapout, I’d get flogged by manny for $50+ million too

  • the smaller Charlo for sure deserves a money fight after getting the KO and now having 3 belts. But will a name from 147 step up, and would he move to 160 to challenge GGG or Canelo (Canelo would likely make him fight at 165). So its possible neither gets a money fight still.

  • When Charlo used his jab and kept Sergiy at a distance, it was easy for him. He forgot about the jab in a couple of the rounds but resumed using it shortly afterwards. I had him winning 8-4 in rounds or 116-112 in points. Sergiy gave a good account of himself when he managed to get inside, but Charlo rode out those storms and came back with his own shots.

    Charlo looked like more powerful man and seemed like he was the harder puncher. He had Sergiy staggered a couple of times but couldn’t put him down.

    It was a clear win for Charlo. He won with a strong jab, poise, power in both hands, and good defense. He is a match for anyone in the division including Triple G and Canelo (if he can go back down in weight).

  • Sorry but great performance or not i really don’t give a shit about the Charlo’s.. Like Canelo they both fight at least 1 division under their real ones.. and this shit gets me tired with age..

  • The fight was more o less the way I thought, but I saw Derevyanchenko a bit less intense in the last quarter of the way I was expecting. Great win for Jermall though, who defeated Derevyanchenko decisively, better than Jacob and GGG. Jermall passed with flying colors his most stern test. Go after GGG please, would be a great fight

    • That is a worrying factor when comparing GGG who got hit really a lot by Derevyanchenko – A GGG fan, but at 38 no longer the fighter he was.

  • I think the lighter weight division is dominant in this era so to the Charlo brothers keep up the good work you guys are the future in my book.

    • To the Charlo’s for give me i missed judge you to i hope you continue to rack.up all the sraps and be happy in life good health i didn’t car for all the bad talk you to would bring so my advice from a very good friend change that you’re life will be then you could ever dream wen you do god will put his hand on your head and you will have more fans could ever imagine ask my good friend Jorge best of luck you to

  • Derevyanchenko is a tough opponent. You know for sure when you face him that you have to work hard for the bread. Too much headhunting from Derevyanchenko. Not the best strategy when you face a taller and quicker fighter that know how to counter-attack. Good win and congratulations.

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