Charlo, Derevyanchenko virtual press conference

Unbeaten WBC middleweight world champion Jermall Charlo and top 160-pound contender Sergiy Derevyanchenko spoke to the press during a kick-off virtual press conference Monday as they preview the main event of part one of the first-of-its-kind Showtime PPV doubleheader on Saturday, September 26 in an event presented by Premier Boxing Champions.


“It’s going to be fireworks and an explosive night of boxing. I can’t wait. Everyone is calling this a test and a big step up, so I’m training hard and preparing well.

“He lost both of those fights against Gennadiy Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs. Competitive or not, that’s what happened. He’s a warrior though and I want him to be sharp so he can give me the best he can give me. This is going to be a real fight, just know that.

“I’m going to be super sharp. That’s the message I want to deliver to all of the other middleweights out there.

“I thought I might need to out-perform Jacobs and Golovkin, but as long as I continue to be myself, I will get the victory and I’ll have my hand raised. I’m smart, stronger and better than I used to be. Every fight is a different fight. I let my trainer do the studying and I’m just focused on what I have to do.

“He’s coming straight to me and fighting. That’s what I expect. You want me to go toe-to-toe? That’s what I expect to do.

“Everybody is doubting me. I’ve been doubted for years. It’s not anger. I don’t care what my opponent or his trainer says about me. I’m a fighter and I’m ready for this. I really want to just get in there and fight.

“After this fight, people are going to say that I’m a great fighter. I’m the best in the world. I know Sergiy feels that way too. So we get to clash in the ring. I’m expecting a fight. I haven’t left the gym since February. I’ve been locked in. I wanted this opportunity to get in there and be me.

“If it goes the distance, I’m prepared for the distance. If he can’t take the power, then I’m going to finish him off.

“I’m no Daniel Jacobs, and I know Andre is probably trying to compare that fight to me, because he worked Jacobs’ corner. I know Andre has been studying me for a long time and now he gets to see what his other fighter can do against me.

“I’ve been at home training like crazy. I’m at the top of my game. I’m not worried about what anyone is saying. I know this is a so-called step up fight, but I’m ready for whatever the challenge comes. You’ll get a chance to see me be the best Jermall Charlo that he can be.”


“My training is progressing. I’ve been in the gym working out, keeping fit, eating healthy and doing everything that I’m supposed to do. I’m anxiously waiting for September 26. You can expect the same type of fight from me that you saw against Golovkin.

“I’ve had the experience of fighting at this level against the likes of Jacobs and Golovkin, which gave me the confidence and experience of fighting at the highest level. I have supreme, utmost confidence in myself.

“Charlo thinks he’s the best in the world and I believe I’m the best in the world. I think I’m the better fighter. The great thing is that we’re actually going to get a chance to settle it and we’ll see who the best in the world really is.

“I’m just focused on my opponent and what I have to do on September 26. The goal is to go in there and take the belt from him and bring it home.

“What I’ve said before is that I have a lot of experience and that might be an issue for Charlo. I never said it would be too much for him, but we will find out on fight night.

“I need to just stick with my game plan. We have a plan in place. I’m going to do what I have to do. If there’s a chance to knock him out, I will knock him out. If it goes 12 rounds, I’ll do the best that I can and show the judges that I am the winner.”

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  • Why haven’t GGG and Charlo fought yet? This is a legit question. GGG is chasing a man who defeat him (Canelo), while Canelo is moving up in weight and taking titles. If GGG isn’t going to move up what is the hold up of a Charlo showdown? This is another reason UFC is seeming on an upsurge while boxing is stuck in the mud. Boxers avoiding each other.

    • GGG and Abel preached loudly all over the networks how they had a goal of becoming unified Middleweight champ. Beat all the champs, most defenses, etc. But, when Charlo and Andrade became champions that goal was not on the table anymore. Then his obsession with Canelo burned like wildfire. GGG should be called “Canelo jr” the way he his career was dictated by him.

  • Derevyanchenko is a tough out on any given Sunday. Charlo will need to be sharp. Derevyanchenko has some great learning experiences going into next gear down the stretch.

  • Like it or not, when Charlo times that right hand, it is capable of putting some folks to sleep.

  • This is an excellent match-up of styles and physical war of attrition.

    Charlo better not underestimate Sergiy Derevyanchenko (SD) because SD will present high inside pressure and body punching. If Charlo is uncomfortable with inside physical fighting, then he is in for a loooong night of boxing because SD is a “tough a*s nail.”

    Charlo must present enough movement to find space for early, effective power punching or else SD will stay inside without any concerns/respect for Charlo’s punching power. Charlo better prepare for 12 rounds of active punching or else SD will outhustle him for a split decision victory.

    I can’t wait for this physical war of attrition.

  • Finally, a Charlo fight that gets me going. SD is one tough dude. Literally got the best of GGG and is now ready to prove his existance in the division. Charlo is gonna have to dig deep for this guy. This is a make or break for each fighter. SD wants to prove his worth and get other big fights like Canelo, Andrade, a GGG rematch, etc… Charlo wants to show the world hes nit all hype and talk. The Fans are definitely the winner here.

  • I’m looking forward to when the kick offs and talking are done and when they are alone together in the ring with the third man.
    If Charlos speed and reach can’t keep the short and strong dig-in-deep warrior Derevyanchenko at distance this fight might be a prospect to fight of the year.
    On the other hand if Charlo can manage to stay away from such stupid war and outmaneuver Derevyanchenko from distance with quick fotwork and sharp attacks and counterboxing the win will be impressive.
    The fight is a win-win to me as a viewer.

  • Charlo knocks him out. Charlo was troubled by korobov and Williams counter punching. I think Sd’s forward mauling style plays into Charlos hands. Tough opponnent but good for Charlos style.

  • Derev will win the fight but lose the decision, unless he can stop Charlo. Not out of the question either. I don’t think there’s any way Charlo could knock out the Ukrainian, though.

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