Charges filed in assault against trainer Bashir

Artis Mack, brother of undisputed female middleweight champion Claressa Shields, has been charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder for his alleged attack against trainer James Ali Bashir at the Claressa Shields-Ivana Habazin weigh-in in Flint, Michigan. The prosecutor has issued the following statement:

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton has charged a Flint man with assault for punching another man just prior to the scheduled weigh-ins of Claressa Shields and Ivana Habazin ahead of their scheduled boxing match that was ultimately cancelled.

Artis Jaquel Mack, 28 (d.o.b. 06/19/1991), is charged with one count of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder after he is alleged to have punched 68-year-old Bashir Ali James of Newark, New Jersey in the face from behind on October 4, 2019 at the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center on Lapeer Road in Flint. James was transported to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit where he underwent surgery for his injuries.

According to an investigative report from the City of Flint Police. Mack was observed running from the event center building by an on-duty police officer who noted that Mack fit the description of a person being described in police radio traffic in relation to an assault that had just occurred at the event center. The officer followed Mack into a nearby neighborhood and an arrest was made.

Assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder carries a possible maximum sentence of ten years in prison of $5,000 in fines. Mack will be arraigned on the charge in 67th District Court and a preliminary examination will be scheduled.

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  • This criminal needs to get sent to prison for a long time! That was so uncalled for and he was such a big coward to do that. Lock him up!

  • Bashir should ask for all medical costs + financial losses caused by the fight cancellation = at least 150k. If Mack can’t pay, his sister should. If neither of them can or want to pay, he should get at least 5 years without parole option.

    • Agreed. Shields should also be sanctioned. The venue sued for poor security. Let the games begin. And to think Shields was flapping her mouth to just go get another trainer. Uncontrolled emotion can become dangerous.
      Proverbs 15:18 – A wrathful man stirreth up strife: but [he that is] slow to anger appeaseth strife.

      • Yes, Shields should be sanctioned: For one, because he was part of her entourage and then, because she lied about it by saying that “no one from her entourage” had anything to do with the assault.

        This is such a black eye for boxing that I really hope that Mack will get a maximum sentence and/or fine – depending on how Bashir wants to pursue the case.

      • A default that is ‘joe blow’ uses a Holy verse and lower cases the default that is highly sexually inappropriate. People?

  • I’m sure Shields fans will say he dindunuffin. We all knew it was Mack who was guilty so this shouldn’t have taken this long.

      • LMAO Seriously man WTF. Even if Shields has nothing to do with it, her family does and puts such a stain on her. If her public image recovers she needs to leave the ghetto elements of her family in the gutter.

  • He was threatening a woman, lesbian or not, butch or whatever… That’s still a lady .. and while I wouldn’t condone what was done to him.. it has to be taken into consideration that he was threatening this lady in front of people in her group.. again, it’s not cool what happened but he was literally threatening to beat up a woman right before..

    • Sounds like a made-up fake news story to justify what Mack did. You are exactly one of those people I was talking about in my post and I knew your like would surface.

    • That sounds so stupid what you just said….what the hell difference does it make that he threatened her? The old man was sitting down when he was talking smack to her. And by the way,”IF” he was going to really do something,he would have. It doesn’t deserve to get sucker punched,and from behind at that. 68 years old….

    • The way Serrano goes up and down in weight, 20 -25 lbs, is incredible. For a 5-5” woman to gain and lose that much weigh is not easy. But I feel that right now Cecilia Brækhus is the #1 woman’s boxer in the world. And I also believe that she would beat Shields if they fought now at 154. But at 38 she would have to do this fight soon.

  • Although i thought that Bashir was a bit stupid getting in an argument with Shields sister (or is she her brother?), and going on about knocking her out, that was a act of cowardice, and i hope this geezer gets the maximum 10 years he deserves.

  • Hopefully weigh in’s will be behind close doors again. Promoters encouraged fighters & their teams to do stupid things to sell more tickets and this is the result.

  • This is a situation where many should answer. The WBC because they know fully well they should not have 20-40 people on stage for a simple weigh in, since they O’Kd this fight and wanted their vig,they should pay fee’s to Bashir and his fighter. Showtime is also at fault, once again ALLOWING a bunch of IMBECILES to be at a weigh in, to do exactly what,? BESIDES look to make problems. And Shields, she and all boxers know who is coming to be at the weigh in and their pro fights. This has got to stop because someone will get killed with all these soldiers, tough guys, gangstas, whatever attending. The events have security people and these others are not needed. This is a PRO event, fighters should be intelligent enough to conduct themselves like a pro. These hanger ons, are a lot like T#TS on a BULL absolutely not necessary. As for Shields brother I hope they put him where he belongs, and they give him maximum time, he nearly killed a 71 year old man, him hitting him from behind, was a true act of a coward. And Shields should be banned from the sport for at least 3 years because she claimed NO ONE in her entourage was responsible for this horror show.

    • @ Steve: the problem with your arguments is that they are all logical and reasonable. Unfortunately, we live in an unreasonable and twisted world. Shields just won an award for being a female role model sports star. Go figure.

      • Stone,we live in a world that common sense, is not common at all. I was on some other net sites where you had many people say it was O.K to hit a 71 year old man in the back of his head. And that about tells you the intelligence level of some. This game gets lower and lower. As much as I hate to say this, we need a national commission.

        • Seriously? Fortunately, the assault has legal ramifications, and as long as the judge is not owned by DLH, or her name happens to be Adalaide Byrd, Mack will get at least 2 years of jail time, possibly a lot more because he is already on parole.

          Yes, the level of consciousness and conscience is steadily and hopelessly deteriorating on a global level. That’s what mass manipulation (media, educational system, etc.) and hard core materialism does to people.

          I know that there are solutions but I also know that people are not ready for them. What to do :))

          I am glad that there are at least some out there who can still think straight and independently. So, thanks again for your comments above.

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