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Canelo stops Saunders in eight

Boxing: Saul Alvarez Vs Billy Joe Saunders Fight Night
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

By Jeff Zimmerman at ringside

WBA/WBC super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez (56-1-2, 38 KOs) scored an eighth round TKO over WBO super middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders (30-1, 14 KOs) on Saturday night at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The reigning pound-for-pound king Canelo out of Guadalajara, Mexico, clocked into work once again in his third fight since December 2020, proved too strong for the Brit Saunders and stopped him on his stool between the eighth and ninth rounds and leaves the Lone Star State as the super middleweight unified world champion.

With the win, Canelo snatched the WBO belt from Saunders to go along with his WBC and WBA straps and now set his sights on IBF champ Caleb Plant this September for the undisputed title, which has been his stated goal.

Canelo told DAZN Chris Mannix immediately after the fight in the ring as such, “That’s the plan to go for the belt. I’m coming, I’m coming my friend. I hope that fight can be made.”

For that fight to become a reality, Canelo had to first go through the undefeated Saunders, who proved he was more than game for the best fighter in boxing today.

In the first two rounds, Canelo slowly walked Saunders down and unleashed his power left hands to the body and once he had Saunders against the ropes, he blasted him with a big right hand. The southpaw Saunders flicked out his right jab from time to time, but not enough to slow Canelo down early on. Canelo began to find his range in round three as he landed a beautiful combination that got Saunders’ attention and followed up with another solid right hand.

Saunders did his best work in round five, as Canelo continued to look for openings, however, Saunders snapped Canelo’s head back with a solid jab as he was coming in. Canelo continued to plow forward, but Saunders caught him again to the face as Saunders was starting to find his footing. The fight then began to heat up in round six as both guys traded blows in the center of the ring as Saunders used his legs more effectively to avoid Canelo’s big shots.

Saunders opened round seven with several jabs at Canelo’s head and appeared to gain confidence as the fight moved to the middle rounds. The pro-Canelo crowd chanted his name to provide a boost, but Saunders continued to box his way into a competitive fight. In round eight, Canelo now requested the crowd to provide some energy and the noise rapidly increased in Jerry World as Canelo threw every punch with bad intentions.

Saunders showed swelling and cut under his right eye between rounds. And seconds later, the fight was waved off by referee Mark Calo-oy as Canelo jumped onto the ropes to celebrate with the record-setting pro-Mexican crowd that also primarily supports Jerry Jones beloved Dallas Cowboys. Jones brought two Manny Pacquiao fights to his stadium previously and Canelo in 2016 against another Brit in Liam Smith.

The official score was a TKO at the end round eight as Saunders suffered a damaged right eye from a massive uppercut according to the replay shown on the giant screen at the stadium. All three judges had Canelo in the lead at the time of the stoppage 78-74 twice and 77-75.

Eddie Hearn told Chris Mannix in the ring afterward, “It’s the only fight to make. Canelo Alvarez will fight absolutely anybody, and Caleb Plant is the fight for the undisputed championship. Canelo is the pound-for-pound star in the sport along with AJ.”

Hearn added, “Saunders couldn’t see, and he wouldn’t let him come out.” (referring to trainer Mark Tibbs)

This was Matchroom Boxing Eddie Hearn’s third fight with Canelo since he split with Golden Boy and set an indoor U.S. boxing attendance record of 73,126, easily surpassing the previous mark at the Superdome in New Orleans for Ali-Spinks 2 of 63,352.

Saunders did everything he could to take Canelo off his game leading up to the fight and get under the skin of the stoic, seasoned redhead from Guadalajara, Mexico and used fight week to do so with Ring-Gate. Saunders threatened to pull out of the fight over two feet around the ring.

Saunders requested a ring size of 24 feet-by-24 feet inside the ropes but ended up at 22 feet instead of the 20 Canelo has used before.

Whether it was truly a ploy to rattle Canelo or a true demand from Saunders who is known as more of a mover in the ring, it did not rattle Canelo at all. He quickly squashed the nonsense and told Hearn “no problem” and would fight him in the spacious and massive Cowboy Stadium. No one truly believed Saunders would walk away from his lottery ticket especially over two feet around the squared circle, certainly not Canelo.

And tonight Canelo showed once again that he is truly the biggest star in boxing and after collecting another belt to add to his collection, he can clock out until he is back to work in September likely against the IBF belt holder Caleb Plant as he hopes to fulfill his dream and become undisputed super middleweight champion.

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    • Canelo is so juiced up its not even fair. He’s on everything – steroids, growth hormone, clen etc. Suddenly he’s built like mike tyson, hits harder than earnie shavers & his skull is bigger than tito Ortiz. Go Back to when he fought mayweather & ggg he did not look this way. Just goes to show you when you have money + power you can get away with anything.

      • Lol cmon man. Poor Canelo can do no right. There’s always something. Everyone said GGG would destroy him and they went 24 rounds and obviously GGG couldn’t do it. Now he’s on steroids. Can we just give the guy some credit??? Or what does he have to do?He goes to 175 and beats Kovalev and then they give him crap for not fighting Bivol or
        Beterbiev. Lol

      • Your proof is….what? You seem pretty knowledgeable about that stuff.

      • Saunders was caught juicing as well, or have you forgotten that? And that was after Canelo was caught. Canelo was always the muscular type.

      • No doubt about it. The physical changes you get from “proper nutrition” are permanent. Bone and muscle density, reflexes, skin and stamina are all enhanced. You could catch him red handed and no action will take place because of the influence.

  • Wow. Which one of you called the Canelo TKO8 victory? Great call….

    • I was off. I said Canelo UD. Saunders looked anemic from round 1 with limited power and was backing straight up when Canelo was stalking him. Wow!

      • Don’t remember who, but somebody predicted TKO8. Thought for sure it was somebody on this site…

        • Yes, I recall reading that myself. I can’t remember who it was!

      • i always thought canelo could be out boxed, but like khabib nurmagomedov in the ufc that constant pressure,and those single shot power punches its hard to imagine any mw to Lhw beating him, at least caleb plant knows he’s about to have a big payday, thats it

      • Me too-figured that Saunders would stay away after figuring out he wasn’t going to win and avoid the KO.

      • Bjs kept leaning to his right and. Canelo timed him. That was it

  • Very close fight, thought BJS edging most rounds, but that was literally a 1 punch stoppage.
    Very surprised BJS quit like that. The eye looked bad though.
    I got that one wrong.

    • Not a close fight at all in my view. Commentary was crap just as always. Canelo missed some punches in the last 3 rounds but was still connecting hard shots. Saunders landed pitty pat punches and the analysts gave him way too much credit. Saunders was afraid plain and simple. He let his hands go against Lemieux and couldn’t against Canelo because Canelo has serious skills and powerful counters and people don’t give him enough credit. The dude is an all time great give him his due. Saunders simply couldn’t handle the constant pressure from Canelo. Saunders is one hell of a fighter and that shows how good Canelo is.

      • Saunders could handle the pressure, but he definitely couldn’t handle that punch, which reportedly fractured his orbital bone.
        Canelo beat him fair and square.

      • Never Never Never Under Estimate The Mexican Irishman. Not only is Canelo the best pound for pound fighter in the world, He is possibly the best fighter who ever lived.

        • Canelo is not Irish! He is Mexican and Floyd is greater

        • “He is possibly the best fighter who ever lived”
          – Ever heard of Sugar Ray Robinson?
          Look him up, watch some of his fights, and educate yourself.
          Take care.
          Gary G.

        • common the man is great but be realistic best ever that’s laughable smh

    • Your nuts close close to what , Saunders lucky if he won one round, Canelo dominated from beginning to end, made Saunders quit what an embarrassment from a big mouth showboat chump who quit like a bitch, no respect to Saunders for quit god save this queen..!!

      • What utter nonsense , of course some of the rounds were close with CA ahead in the fight. He hit BJS with clean shot that did the damage a fair win that’s it. Unlike your silly comment more like someone just trolling.

      • Mr. O…. “lucky if he won one round”. Are you joking? BJS was realistically winning the fight. Canelo was having trouble even landing punches. The punches he threw were either slipped or blocked by BJS. Typical fanboy who ooosss and aaahhhsss every time Canelo throws a punch.

        • Exactly. BJS seemed to be able to land at will as the fight progressed. rds 6 and 7 he was actually dominating. like I keep saying, the 8th round was really weird. BJS didn’t even go down or look really badly hurt. if it was a broken eye socket, I understand. but up to that point, he was exposing canelo the same way lara and floyd did.

          • Idk what fight you were watching yeah BJS came on in the 6-7 Rd but dominating is laughable

          • Floyd “exposed “ Canelo? Canelo was by a mere pup then.

          • Canelo had beaten everyone he’d faced up to that point. Was 24 years old to Floyd’s 36 and beat everyone since. Floyd was way too fast and skilled even at his advanced age it is what it is

          • You keep dreaming. Canelo was landing and hurting bjs from the start and figured him out. Bjs kept leaning down to his right and canelo timed him and met him with power shots. It was bjs who was “ exposed “

        • Get real. Billy Joe Sissy, was afraid to exchange and was running. He tried to be slick, but Canelo kept coming. Of course your gonna miss punches, no one is perfect. But look how many punches Saunders threw, and missed. Especially that last, big right he threw. Canelo dodged, then BAM! Fight over!! Better check the compubox foolio.

        • You must of been watching a different fight. That pitty pat shit aint gonna cut it. He quit like a pussy to keep from getting his ass beat even worse

        • BJ’s did make canelo miss here and there but canelo made BJ’s miss by far way more while connecting on big shots

    • What fight were you watching. BJS quit plain and simple. This fight was not close.

      • i have read alot of nonsense on here.
        Canelo beat Saunders up, then punched the shit out of him in the 8th round.
        thats it. plain and simple. bottom line

    • Billy joe was winning the fight until canelo hit him with a lucky shot. It looked l like like the mayweather fight all over again, canelo looked confused and one dimensional. Saunders was landing the cleaner, crisper punches at higher accuracy.

      • Exactly. By the 4th round, it looked like BJS had made the adjustments and was giving canelo a boxing lesson. I had BJS up 5-3 in rounds after 8. I don’t know what the hell happened. BJS got hit with a good shot in the 8th. You figure he has a minute to recover between rounds, but instead he QUITS. it’s fkin unbelievable. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but the ending of that fight made NO sense to me. Unless money changed hands and arrangements were made prior.

        • Yes i agree. I think canelo’s people or eddie hearn made a backroom deal with saunders for more money to throw the fight. Because saunders was clearly handleing canelos power and didn’t seem to feel it until that shot.

          • canelo had landed some power shots. BJS seemed to be OK. BJS was landing jabs and combinations, backing canelo up. canelo was showing he was no different from when floyd and lara beat his ass. then just when it looked like BJS was gonna cruise to an easy win, he quits!…yeah, he got hit with a good shot. that happens in boxing. but he had that minute to recover in between rounds. then you have the judges scorecards that made no sense. two things are clear to me after tonight. canelo is not the pfp best boxer in the world. BJS exposed him. also, the judging and officiating in texas is absolutely corrrupt. the fix was definitely in. is boxing even worth watching anymore?

          • How can someone do ignorant about boxing call himself “fight fan”? Canelo was softening bjs up all fight with body shots and studying his habits. He noticed that bjs leans low to the right during feints and timed him perfectly. Also you don’t recover from a broken eye socket between rounds

          • i see the brits still have an excellent sense of humor…..lol

          • It’s always so easy to pick them out of a comment section…homer’s to the end, and excuses to the end for their countrymen, always.

          • Fightfan & law , nonsense. you are both on a witch hunt…
            Canelo beat the shit out of Saunders. he had to stop

          • You must be blind even when canelo was fainting BJs was crumbling without being hit

        • What you video kings dont understand is next good punch with a broken socket could cause rupture of the eyeball or blindness, BJS was game, but Canelo was on the verge of making it really bad for BJ

        • How the hell do you give the 8th round to Billie Joe lol he was about to get knocked out in that round lol

        • You obviously know nothing about boxing. Do you even watch?

      • What were you watching? Did you see the stats of punches landed at the end of the fight?

      • The theatr of the unexpected that’s what makes the fight game so exciting lots of guys are winning or loosing them out of no where comes the punch you didn’t see!

      • Idiotic! Lucky punch?! Bjs kept dipping his head down to the right all fight and Canelo picked up on it, timed him and that was all she wrote! You need to be more observant

    • There is really something wrong with you if you thought this was a close fight. Billy Joe shaking in his boots and throwing nothing but a meaningless, scared jab is not enough to win. Maybe in England but now here.

      • Agree no close at all Saunders had nothing and quit before he got a beating crap fight as any on with brains knew it would be

  • Theory number 1. Saunders knew he had no chance but wanted a big payday.

    Theory Number 2. Canelo is just too darn good and dangerous at 168?

    Theory number 3. Canelo is undisputed Champion by the fall?

    • I’d go with theory’s 2 & 3, Billy was edging the fight in my opinion, very very surprised he quit like that, the eye looked bad and must’ve been for him to quit.

    • None of the above. BJS was winning going away, but for some reason chose to quit. I don’t know why, i don’t want to start rumors or conspiracy theories, but i think he was paid to quit.

      • Looked more like he was about to be knocked out in the next round if he went back out.

      • You say you don’t want to start rumors and conspiracy theories then proceed to spread rumors and conspiracy theories?! Wow! Get it together!

  • Once again, I’d like to say I predicted an easy win for Canelo! Beat and made Saunders quit. Now onto fight plant for the IBF title. Which he will win easily. Let’s see the excuses from the Canelo haters. So much for the Gypsy magic that Tyson fury bragged about. Lol

  • Why continue with a eye swollen shut. He knew he would get robbed of a decision anyway.

  • No heart Saunders! Canelo is good, i get that, but a real champ Fights till the Dr. stops it! He talks a good story, but talk doesn’t win championships! Time to retire if you don’t have heart!

    • He clearly has serious damage to his eye… Probably a fractured eye socket. That’s not the same as a lack of heart.

  • Terrible damage to the eye. The uppercut must have broken something in his eye-socket. Suanders gave him an excellent fight, momentary outsmarting him. But Canelo’s got an extra gear and in the 8th round his punches started to take effect.

    • probably did his orbital which is a terrible injury and that alone forces a fighter to stop
      he wouldn’t just quit something must have been really wrong for all those losers above who stated that you just losers

    • Yeah I agree, I thought BJS was edging enough rounds to be winning, but all that means nothing, that uppercut landed perfectly and effectively ended the fight

      • Jim, what fight were you watching?
        You’d be one of “those” judges that turn in a God awful score card!
        Stick to tennis or left handed puppetry… Not calling boxing matches!
        Saunders lost every single round. And then he lost the nerve to continue fighting.

        • Everyone’s got an opinion Beto, mine is Canelo landed less, albeit more powerful shots, BJS confused him with movement and landed more, lighter punches as well as a few solid shots.
          The rounds were close for sure, until that uppercut in the 8th, then it was basically over.
          Hard to tell if he quit, as he had no heart, or if its was an injured socket, I was very surprised it ended so quickly, my guess is the eye was badly damaged.

    • I don’t know about extra gear but canelo is definitely on gear. His corner looks like they were cheating and giving him drugs like epo and other substances for energy. It wouldn’t surprise me if canelo has plaster of paris in his gloves. Same as margarito

  • Please don’t make excuses for Saunders…. At best 2 rounds were “disputed”… But he did exactly what was expected: Jab, run, grab and hold, and lose.
    He wasn’t gonna “edge” sh!t.
    He lost to a better fighter and figured it out in round 1…with the first body shot landed.
    Now Caleb can hype his turn and the haters can talk their trash.
    Canelo had another day at the office…. because trains to win.

  • BJS was never confident against Canelo. He got his 15 min and his big paycheck and can move on now. I notice English fighters have been having eye issues lately :>

  • Plant is next, and Plant better not hide from Canelo. As for BJS, I am not judging because I believe he received a fractured orbital bone, which is a whole different level of pain. I do believe BJS should retire. It’s good to see Froch because he was a mean SOB in the ring.

    Benavidez will probably have to meet Canelo at 175. Meanwhile, the stage is set for Plant to step up or get out the way.

    • I personally don’t think Plant can do anything in his arsenal to beat Canelo.

    • U sound stupid u just a fucking punk ass white boy mad that shit was 5-3 Canelo and thats being generous! Foh u dont know shit about boxing pussy!

  • BJS lost on points and by stoppage-You do not a Championship by running -mouthing off and throwing pitter patter punches-Canelo is a great Champion

  • Funny BJS slated Dubois for the very same thing, karma is indeed a b…h.

  • I had it 4 rounds to 4. Good close fight. Canelo won it with a tremendous uppercut.

    • Again what fight were u watching? Shit was 5-3 Max Canelo! The hate in your heart and the sheep in your brain due to commentating had u with that travesty huh? 4-4 u dont know shit about boxing!

      • (A.P) I had Billy Joe up 8-0 and a few of those were 10-8 rounds maybe even one round close to being a 10-7. Total dominance by BJS until the lucky punch by Canelo!

  • Such a shame, Billy joe Saunders was winning the fight; making him miss & outboxing Alvarez, had Saunders up by 2,3 rounds. But unfortunately canelo threw the perfect shot and broke billy’s orbital socket. Bad luck

    • You stupid idiots really think he was winning? Guao he BJS got hit with the harder cleaner shots n he was winning? U dont know shit about boxing! U sound fucking stupid!

      • How sad, the only way you can get your point across is by going on a profanity laced rant & being a keyboard warrior.

    • I’ll give you this Law, you are a true hater through and through. Sorry your guy quit

    • Ya can always tell the Brits on these pages, if a guy knock one of theirs cold there is always an excuse. Maybe that is why there are so many horrible decisions on every card in England these days against visiting fighters.

  • So much for Gypsy heart. The pikey quit on his stool. If Canelo really wants to be challenged and see the peak of his performances he’s going to have to fight either David benavidez or Dimitri Bivol. I don’t see Caleb plant doing that much better than Billy Joe and will either lose a unanimous decision or get stopped late. Charlo won’t even last as long as the pikey did. Canelo is doing a lot better now that he is away from de la hoya. I just want to see him give peak opponents a full training camp without stipulations. If he can beat either David benavidez or Dimitri Bivol at the 168 limit, without any stipulations, I will officially anoint him onto my number one pound for pound list. As of right now, it’s still the Japanese fighter monster Inoue.

    • None of those 2 will beat Canelo ever, Bivol is the best chance but he has the same problem as BJS no power and Benavidez is too stiff and slow. Beterbiev would beat Canelo any day of the week but Canelo won’t fight him. You have to fight fire with fire like GGG did when he beat Clenelo the first fight or be a defensive genius like Mayweather when he beat him. Those are the two who beat Canelo..

    • Is there really a need for this rascist ”pikey” word? For anyone who does not know the rascist ”pikey” word is a huge insult to the Traveller community. Perhaps you should call him that to his face. Or to Tyson Fury’s face. Or indeed to any Traveler’s face but like most rascists you wouldn’t have the guts. Keyboard rascist. I am a Traveller and see no need to bring your rascism into the fight comments. I have looked for a link to report your rascist post on Fightnews but cannot find one. Perhaps some of you decent anti-racist boxing fans know how to report it. Keep this about boxing and not cowardly keyboard rascism.

  • Well, the odds are almost always against a boxer v the puncher in terms of a decision, so BJS likely made the right one. It’s pretty clear the Can was getting slapped around again like the punk he is, and hopefully Plant will will plant him for good.

    • U sound like a fucking hater and a disgrace to being a Patriot and using the OG name as ur user name pussy!

      • (A.P) Why are you so angry with what everyone says? Everyone is entitled to their opinion just like you are. If one doesn’t agree with your thoughts you go off on them. You might want to check yourself into an anger management class.

  • Really disappointed BJS didn’t come out for round nine so Canelo could put his lights out. What a dickhead he is. What happened to the “I’m willing to die in the ring” to win this fight? What a clown.

  • I don’t think Caleb can beat Canelo
    Honestly no one at 168 can.
    Like to see him beat a Charlo up at 160 but he won’t go down

  • Body shots hurt Saunders early and I can see how some had it close but Canela was gaining momentum fast at the end Saunders had nowhere to go

  • I thought 77-75 Canelo was fair. I think he saw something on film that showed Saunders vulnerability to the uppercut. You can’t afford to miss a punch like Saunders did with the wide left and leave yourself leaning forward for a second with a precision puncher like Canelo. I think the injured eye and follow up power punches took all the starch out of Saunders. He wasn’t punching back at all. He did give a good effort up until that point. The lack of power handicapped him also.

    • BJS was bending down due to the body assault he was dealing with. How do u even see fight close at all when Canelo had out landed em by double? He got fucking stopped and he QUIT!

  • I had Saunders tennously ahead, but you got the feeling Canelo was just going to unload on him at any minute. That was probably the most surprising quitting between rounds I’ve ever seen, but utlimately a wise decsion. Canelo took complete control of the fight and no way was Saunders going to win. He saved himself from receiving unnecesarry punishment. He proved himself correct in that he’s an intelligent fighter, just not a warrior.

    • What fight were u watching? Ahead? Canelo landed double the punches he landed! U dumb sheep were listening to the commentators and dont know shit about boxing!

      • Damn AP! How you feeling today? A little too much tequila last night? I’m just imagining you typing away on your computadora like a mad man with your face all red and head ready to explode! haha. All good, I understand you have very little knowledge of how boxing is scored. Maybe when your sober and in a less frenzied state, you can actually take the time to learn

  • I’m willing to bet that not a single one of you clowns who are talking negative about BJS have ever or will ever step foot in a boxing ring. I guarantee the majority of you have never even been punched in the face by a grown man. The real losers are you. Keyboard warriors who are without a doubt badly out of shape. You really think Saunders wanted to get his first loss retiring on his stool? The damage to his eye was significant and there was no point in continuing. The most unfortunate part was that I believe he was winning the fight, or down by a round at most. He made Canelo miss a lot and most of Canelos punches were blocked or slipped. The judges scorecards were a joke. Typical, you can only beat him by knockout.

    • In your world you can’t bad mouth the scorecards because you’ve never been a judge.

      • Or criticize a president of the US if you had never held that job.

    • “Retiring” he fucking QUIT! Foh many others have gone out on their shield now the nice word is retiring? And some if us are in shape and laced em up before!! This new generation a bunch of clowns a mofo QUIT in his stool and he “retired” foh with that liberal kumbaya bullshit!!

      • Take a breath. Relax. You don’t have to argue with everybody on this thread. What are you? 12?

    • totally agree there is a lot of losers commentating.
      Probably did his orbital bone
      look at what happened to Kell brook and GGG its serious and it forces a fighter to stop he is a great professional BJS one of the best Super middles , its just that canelo proved he is a total beast really this guy is super

      • Brook, who was a welter, did a better job against GGG than BJS did against Canelo. Brook engaged GGG and hit him with clean solid shots, BJS was running most of the fight, tried to counter with pitty pat shots, and Canelo was slipping most of them while walking him down. BJS was jabbing with not actually reaching his target as he seemed afraid of really committing in case he got caught. One thing that really stuck out for me is, although Canelo is very muscular, BJS looked in another weight class, he was huge in comparision to Canelo.

  • Good finish and great uppercut that broke orbital bone as reported.. fight over . BJS was doing ok and appeared to be saving himself for later rounds as was Canelo. The fight was closer than many on here are suggesting and simply don’t want to admit.
    Saul was not beating up Billy and until that single shot and then fight was over. Rematch springs to mind down the line after Caleb .

    • The quitter with the paper thin resume gets a rematch? Never!

      • come on why are you even commentating idiot he did his oribital do you know what that means

    • How close? Are u kidding me? 6-2 Canelo. When fight was stopped he had out landed BJS by double! Why do u mofos hate canelo so much? Yall really be mad at your life not panning out the way it did i guess! ‍♂️

      • Dude, your man won,
        BJS lost, got stopped, no controversy.
        I thought BJS would win, I was wrong, you were right, be haaaappppy 🙂

      • Just because canelo was outlanding BJs by double doesn’t mean it wasn’t a close fight…the fight is scored round by round… canelo didn’t dominate any round except the 8th. 5-3 was a fair score card

  • The announcers were off in my book. I watched Alvarez slip and block so many of those going-in-reverse punches from this Saunders character. I wasn’t surprised Saunders quit. I was surprised it came after such limited damage. Perhaps there was massive orbital damage. He’ll be back in 2 years. If not I’m sure he’ll spend his money wisely. He seems that type.

  • No WWE antics no phony put on
    Real boxers no Instagram wanna be or YouTube pretenders just real world class boxing as always the theatre of the in expected!!

  • That full stadium (fock covid-19) atmosphere there gived me goosebumbs. Ufc have nothing like that.Boxing is the greatest sport in the planet.Congrats to all the winners of the night. “Who`s next ! I got milk baby !!

  • The kid has all grown up since the lost to Mayweather. All you guys that think FM can still beat Canelo and still hugging your retired demigod are walking towards a cliff. FM could even look bad against the youtuber wannabee boxer at this point of his life. I always liked GGG but even he has no chance against Canelo anymore.

  • So, I gave Saunders rounds 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7. that’s 5 rounds. I gave canelo rounds 2, 3 and 8. I don’t know for the life of me how the judges came up with 78-74 twice and 77-75. They had Canelo up by FOUR ROUNDS????? wtaf! i could even see 4-4 if you also give canelo rd 4 or even canelo up 4-3 if you give canelo rounds 1 and 4 plus the other rounds i gave him. But FOUR ROUNDS tells me the fix was already in. this fight was fixed…no wonder the ending made no sense.

    • Agree BJS was winning more rounds, due to good movement and a lot of light punches, and some with a bit of power.

      But Canelo was generally presuring him and landed the harder (eye catching shots) and a lot of people like to see that (even if not so effective)

      Judges rarely go against Canelo, which to mean explains the cards.

      That uppercut was a cracker and landed as BJS was dipping down into the punch, you csn hear the punch land. And his eye instantly looked damaged.

      His body language showed it too, he grabbed and remained defensive for the rest of the round.

      I was very surprised/disappointed when it ended, but looking back the stoppage was probably the best thing to do, Canelo would likely batter him pretty badly/KO him if they’d carried on.

  • Canelo is unbeatable right now because he is the hungriest fighter out there and he stays very active

  • Broken eye socket. not much BJS could do but quit. Respect for stepping up and winning a few rounds

  • Canelo just proved why he is THE number 1 on the the PFP list On gear or not, who cares. So was Holyfield and a lot of others. Canelo is an amazing fighter who will go down in history as an all time great But every time that he beats an opponent, haters cry about this or that He is also the only fighter out there that’s continously fighting. I mean 4 or 5 times a year! None of the other champions do that. They fight at the most 2-3 times a year. Canelo is old school It’s def not about money for that man, It’s about history and he is making it! Congrats Champ. Great win, yet again

    • excellent commentary there is a serious lot of losers commenting above dont get it

  • This fight went as expected, as I said it would. “It’s all about the mind”, Saunders would say about this fight. This philosophical Van Damme movie mumbo jumbo was a dead giveaway that he knew he was in trouble. He obviously was out of his league. He didn’t have the physical ability to withstand the onslaught that was coming his way. He couldn’t outbox Canelo and didn’t have the power to knock Canelo out, or even hurt him. The result was inevitable. So much for the hype.

  • BJ Looked ordinary , go. Ack and loot as his foot work, he looked stupid . Was afraid the whole time, if you can’t tell Canelo took a couple of rounds off at the before stepping on the gas again then you are just a plain Canelo hater. Give the guy his due, he has earned it. Also, Caleb ain’t going to do crap against Canelo another easy win.

  • So many fools talking rubbish on here….

    BJS was giving a good account of himself but he wasn’t winning.

    BJS isn’t a quitter, he had a fractured orbital.

    Canelo isn’t on the juice… He’s just world class.

    Canelo won fair and square.

    That’s how it is. Simple.

    • Allways against washed up champs or second class fighters.. Julio César Chavez can sleep on his two ears, he allways will be the greatest Mexican champ ever..

      • Julio Cesar Chavez has a record of mostly cab drivers and milkmen. Are you joking?

    • Excellent Chris. I cannot Believe all the idiots comments here.

    • Excellent Chris. Thanks for your insightful non-profanity comment.

  • Are you really surprised ? If you are surprised it’s probably time to question your boxing knowledge. Caleb plant lol ! Canelo is a fraud if only Beterbiev could loose some weight..

  • Too beat him you have to be boring as fuck like Erislandy Lara and Mayweather to slow him down or fight fire with fire like GGG did when he beat him..
    Beterbiev is the only one who will beat him but he is at LH and Canelo won’t fight him..

  • Just watched the fight. BJS was doing very well in fact possibly edging the fight by a point for some people before the stoppage. Canelo had some trouble trying to figure out BJS awkward style.. a lot of Canelos shots were missing. I don’t think either fighter really seriously hurt the other.. I can tell BJS felt Canelos power though. Im not a fan of fights ending because of injuries.. it is boxing but it took away from a possible competitive 12 round fight or late stoppage from Canelo.. I can see how he was getting a little closer. BJS ducked right into an uppercut that landed on his eye. I knew once he stumbled back like that.. that it was something serious. That wasn’t a stumble like he got rocked it was more like someone stabbed him in the eye.. it was a good fight. Pretty competitive I expected it to be because of their styles .. 168 is Canelos division. I don’t really see anyone beating him. BJS did a lot better than people gave him credit for though imo. I wouldn’t call him a coward.. it’s an eye injury probably something serious. Why go for one more round to lose an eye just to retire from boxing early. He got caught by a good punch.. it didn’t look like a normal black eye to me. Let’s wait to see if something broke. By the looks of it and how he move toward that uppercut I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • As I suspected, BJS just didn’t have the firepower to discourage Canelo. Although he boxed well in the first half of the fight, Canelo was landing the much harder punches. The judges’ scorecards had Canelo winning by a wide margin, but that was not the fight I watched.

    The punch that did the damage to the eye was a left uppercut that caught Saunders on the side of the eye. I certainly didn’t expect Saunders to quit on his stool, but only he knows how badly the eye was damaged.

    The fight went as I expected with Canelo doing a lot of missing but was definitely doing a lot more damage with the shots he landed. Saunders looked good from the 5th to the 8th but once the punch to the eye landed, the fight was over.

    It would take a much bigger puncher with fast hands to give Canelo competition. That sounds like Benavidez to me. Plant is a good boxer, but is not a thunderous puncher. It does look like Plant will get the next crack at Canelo since he does have a belt.

  • It was a thumb in the eye. Can’t believe this isn’t being mentioned he was hit with the full force of the thumb. That’s why the eye was bloodshot. Canelo looked clueless and the rules are changed throws two punches both blocked wins round on judges scorecards been this way a while. Then you’ve got his deluded fans who try to tell the majority of people that they saw some made up fight.

    You can’t hope to win on the cards cus they just make up the rules to justify what he does in a round.

    Saunders was 5 3 up.

    Shame really.

    Canelo has no grace just like this cheerleaders. Said he never won a round.

    • If that was a thumb there would be an immense amount of swelling.

    • BJS up 5-3? What fight were you watching bruh?

      As for Canelo having no grace? This is boxing son. The Hurt Game…. Not a cotillion.

      In any event, I’m guessing you missed all the “graceless” crap that’s spewed from that cesspool within Saunders’ brain over the years including the lead up to last night’s fight.

      Canelo humbled BJS. Deal with it.

    • Kev….you really need help man. The hate has taken over your life and any rational thinking you used to possess. Go away. For the love of God.

  • BJS had the plan but did not have the tools. He’s no Mayweather. It was a question of time before Canelo would catch up with him. As for those who say he shouldn’t have quit, Saunders was running out of steam + you try fighting Canelo with one eye. This said, Canelo didn’t look super impressive but, again, he knew he would take his man out in the middle or later rounds.

  • I swear Canelo looks juiced. Bro basically he looks like a mini NFL player (I’ll admit he is a very small man though) but its no way he isn’t on juice. I hate to sound mean but genetically we all know Mexicans just aren’t built like Canelo. He is muscular and lean to the point he doesn’t look like he is natural for where he comes from. Sorry but there are no NFL stars or NBA or track stars from Mexico and he is starting to look like one except for his height of course

  • Wow you fans are very cynical. Was a good fight with BJS boxing and Canelo countering. After 7 rounds i would say 4-3 in rounds either way but the fight changed in the 8th with Canelo landing numerous shots. I will be surprised if they do not announce that BJS has an orbital bone fracture.

  • What is amazing to me is that there were 73 thousand for this fight. This has to be the largest crowd for a boxing match in the United States since the days of Joe Louis.

  • BJS made a fool of himself. Not because of the fight, I though he did well for himself. Its his mouth and being full of it. He said he was willing to die in the ring for this victory. He made that clear over and over. Well until Canelo started timing the upper cut with BJS ducking. If a fighter wants to stay in a fight they dont tell their cornerman “I cant see”. Thats their way out. Any fan of boxing has seen a battered champion tell his corner he is fine when he is really about out.

    As for Canelo he spends all his time in the GYM and its paying off. He’s not just a guy who hits the gym when its time to train. For those who claim he’s “juiced” clearly you don’t know how steroids work at all. Maybe if they printed medical facts on a bag of chips you could educate yourself, but they dont so eat your chips and watch reruns of married with children while champions are at the gym.

    • I like Married With Children. Al Bundy is one of me heroes.
      Take care.
      – Gary

  • Wasn’t a bad fight, BJS definitely had CA out of sorts a few times which was unexpected. Disagree with the judges scoring – it was closer than that. Regardless, CA was throwing power throughout, whereas BJS was relying on an awkward jab which proved to be effective but not enough. BJS came on strong for a couple of rounds and even looked to be enjoying himself for a time, but by round 7 CA had found his game and sussed out his approach, and by 8 he was dominating – think it was pretty much inevitable that IF Saunders had come back out Alvarez would have flattened him, so good on the ref to stop the fight, a broken orbital is no joke. All in all, not a bad loss for BJS – he tried, the med staff made the decision for him due to injury, but one more round would have given a completely different narrative, the TKO would have been a KO. Canelo is a beast, but southpaws definitely challenge him a little more – not that they’ll be one, but I’d watch a rematch. With all the talk of Mayweather coming out of retirement, I’d like to see CA fight him again now he has several more years of experience – my money would be on Alvarez avenging his only loss in a convincing win.

  • That fight was boring as hell and confusing when BJS quit after i kinda decent punch. Fixed? Canelo has stupid tats and is probably doing roids too

  • Fixed!! BJS was doing well in the 2 rounds prior and making Canelo look ordinary like Floyd did. BJS stopped fighting in round 8 even before the uppercut. This is the same round Canelo said he would stop him in. Truthfully, BJS lost the fight the moment he agreed to fight Canelo in TX.

  • BJS took chances and tried to win but the wild miss with the horrific counter by Canelo that broke his eye socket was out of character. BJS worked very hard but the few exchanges where he caught Canelo had no affect. Caleb Plant is similar to BJS so he has a snowball’s chance in hell against Canelo. If Zurdo or Bivol cut to 168 that would be much tougher challenge for Canelo.

  • He needs to fight someone like David Benavides which he will be the next champion

  • BJS goes back to fighting on Jake Paul’s undercards where he was discovered. He should fight some soap opera star next cause he’s the least intimidating boxer I’ve ever seen. He ran the entire fight – how was he expected to win? I predicted a rd 8 KO. Hope i never see that Saunders guy in the ring again- he was horrible to watch.

  • Pound for Pound, Canelo is a bad ass. BJS got his eye socket broke and did not want anymore of Canelo. Canelo was just warming up. BJS was ready to be destroyed.

  • There were no perfect shots and no lucky shots! Canelo timed Billy’s bad habit of leaning low to his right during feints. Simple as that! Go back and rewatch it! It’s plain as day. Canelo fights with his brain switched to the on position and studies his opponent the entire fight. He was the better champion that night plain and simple.

  • Special people is not to many around the world,canelo is it one of them

  • Saunders never looked like winning this fight-He spent his time making faces being silly and threw pitter patter punches while on the run -Only one winner here -well done Saul

  • Poster Child of Boxing. But I sence a fishy smell. Saunder got the shaft. I wanna personally see the xrays

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