Canelo dominates Charlo, still undisputed

0036 Canelo Vs Charlo
Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

Undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez (60-2-2, 39 KOs) dominated undisputed junior middleweight champion Jermell Charlo (35-2-1, 19 KOs) over twelve rounds on Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. After a slow first round, Canelo began teeing off in round two. He continued to stalk and rough up Charlo. In round seven, a Canelo right hand sent Charlo to a knee. Canelo then outworked Charlo the rest of the way. Scores were 119-108, 118-109, 118-109.

In a historical match that pit two undisputed champions, Canelo began the bout slow feinting and stalking as Charlo used the ring and kept his distance. Canelo began swinging for the fences in round two as Charlo continued to box. Attacking to the body in the third, Canelo ripped away with a hard right as Charlo complained off a low blow but was not acknowledged as the punch was clearly above the belt line, the Mexican kept stalking and backing Charlo. The Mexican superstar began to let his hands go as he ripped away to the body and followed upstairs as Charlo clearly kept his distance.

Canelo kept stalking in the fifth as Charlo finally let his hands go with a combination but that wasn’t enough as Alvarez connected boldly through the round. Reaching the halfway mark, Canelo kept going at Charlo and continued to out-hustle him as Alvarez partially landed a solid uppercut to close the sixth. A huge right by Canelo in the seventh drilled Charlo. He went down but got up and continued to fight. It was all Canelo through eight as he had Charlo backing up.

Charlo had a busy round in the ninth as he appeared to outwork Canelo circling the ring and throwing combinations. In control of the fight, Canelo boxed with poise through ten rounds. Late in the fight in the championship rounds, Canelo was clearly in control and had the fight in the bag as Charlo’s only hope was the knockout. The twelfth and final round, it was Canelo that finished with the pressure in route to the decision win.

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Canelo-Charlo Scorecard
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  • Will all of the CANELO HATERS

    (they’re all like my ex… no matter what i did for her she was never happy)

    • It has got to be Juan Valdez one of the 2 who gave me thumbs down.
      Juan, you’re not commenting, are you ok? hahahaha.

    • Incredible performance by Canelo. He fought going forward and showed zero signs of tiring going down the stretch as seen for so many years. Amazingly, it’s like he turned back the clock with such a Performance Enchanted Domination. Some athletes just seem to get bigger, stronger and faster as time goes by. The beauty of science.

      • Pete, that’s a bit hyperbolic. “Incredible?” Not really. The other guy was coming up 2 divisions. How would this version of Canelo have looked against Bivol in a rematch? Probably the same as last time.

        • A man who refuse to fight the two Davids and ended up beating a timid safety first unranked at super middleweight is incredible? No way, this defense is a pathetic joke.

    • chucky,
      you are off on this one..
      i like Canelo. But this was a VERY predictable, Non competitive matchup for a top elite champion. And most people that know boxing, knew this would most likely happen. i want better than this…

    • Calm down a bigger fighter did what he was SUPPOSED to do. You sound like one of those low vibration dudes who brag they take care of their children. He was suppose to beat Charlo. We all knew he’d win. Brag when he beat Bivol

    • Mark my words pundits, If Canelo fights Terrance Crawford he will have the worst beating of his life and end up worse than Errol Spence. He is too flatfooted and fundamental. Crawford will eat him raw. Crawford will not be afraid and will see those punches from a mile away. And, Morrell and Beneviedes will destroy Canelo and he knows it.

      • I believe that Canelo training again at high altitude rejuvenated him. It helped him with his stamina the man didn’t even sit on his stool most rounds and never slowed down not once in the entire fight. He kept the same intensity from start to finish. It looked like a young Canelo all over again. Charlo did not expect this from him at all. He looked surprised that this Canelo showed up. I believe Canelo wasn’t 100% the last few fights. He even had surgery on his left wrist after the Bivol fight a fight in which he lost only by 2 rounds 115-113 on all 3 judges scorecards. He dominated Ryder too but people over looked at his performance for slowing down not getting a KO. Your not always going to get the KO, you have 12 rounds to prove your the best and Canelo did that and more Saturday night.

      • If your really think Crawford has a chance at beating this rejuvenated Canelo moving up from 147 to 160 your an idiot. The same people said the same dumb ass comments about Charlo KO Canelo he’s too skilled and too good for Canelo and what happened? There are weight classes for a reason. Crawford will not be able to beat the stronger and bigger Canelo after moving over 21lbs. 3 divisions is a lot to overcome.

        • Trevor… understand…BUT… Crawford a different kind of Beast..,Crawford on the level of Ray Robinson and Ray Leonard….both fought at welterweight and eventually 175.…. foreseeable that Crawford can do it

  • Anyone that thought Charlo had a chance in this fight is a fool. This was the same limited overrated Charlo that lost every round to Jackson before landing a miracle punch, needed 23 rounds to beat Harrison and 22 rounds to beat Castano. Again, another PBC hype job bum meets a world class fighter and is utterly exposed.
    As for Canelo, you’ve had your soft touches, now fight Rodriguez.

  • I knew it and I called it!
    Tim Tszyu would have destroyed this spineless coward Charlo easily. That’s why he ducked Tim. Canelo carried this spineless no guy Charlo. Anyone who thought achátelo had a chance at winning might as well quit boxing and join the cooking channel.

    • Anybody who hops in a boxing ring is not a coward but I like see Charlo fights Tszyu next if he beats Mendoza

      • Your right, but a man of his experience and talent did not come close to even trying to fight. It was like every round was a feel out round for him. Canelo, well he could of and should of knocked him out, but he chose not to.

    • No, Crawford would have DESTROYED Charlo AT Charlo’s own 154 Undisputed Weight…
      This was just another 2 weight class lower cherry pick by Canelo and an Al Haymon delay tactic so Crawford doesn’t destroy another one of the PBC aka Protected Boxers Conference fighters.
      This was weak and pathetic by Canelo “accepting” this farce when there were other more deserving equally weight 168 lb fighters for Canelo to “impress” us with… Benavides anyone?

    • Lol a bigger Canelo beating Charlo isn’t newsflash. Tim Tszyu doesn’t compare to Canelo. Lastly Charlo is a professional fighter who went 12 rounds with a bigger, dangerous Canelo. He went for history and lost no shame or “coward” in that.

  • starting to see a trend here that, like Spence Jr. and Stephen Fulton, taking more than a year off just prior to your biggest fight of your career, is NOT a great move. *still Canelo wins on Charlo’s best day.

    • NOT a great move? He just made ten million, and is set for life. Seems like a good move to me.

  • I might be biased, because I dislike Canelo, but Charlo needs to change their theme to ‘Bitchhes Only’. This guy never fought to win, and basically prayed to make the distance. I guess we know now why he didn’t want Tzsyu or Crawford.

    • He’s been fighting for over 15 years and he sees the end of the road. This was a money grab. His biggest payday where he could save face by challenging at a higher weight division.

    • I closed it down and went to bed. The night’s entertainment was supplied by NXT werestling. Both Charlo and Canelo should be charged with forgery or fakery.

  • It sounds like Charlo just moved up two weight classes for the money and did not even try. Easy Canelo win, but this was a cherry pick. At least the other Charlo is more for Canelo’s weight class.

  • Embarrassment, Charlo ran and ran and ran (run forest run)

    Canelo was aggressive and walked straight in and was open for jabs all night but Charlo never engaged horrific performance from Charlo.
    We can say what we want about Canelo but he gives 100% all the time and we gotta respect him big time.

  • Meh it was an alright fight.

    I do give Charlo props for making it all 12 rds. Could definitely hear the difference in power.

    Canelo tried to take him out, but Charlo was more survival mode except for a couple rounds.

    I honestly don’t see Charlo doing much better against tszyu. He would be wise to cash out another big money fight against crawford and call it a career.

    Canelo doesn’t seem to want Benavidez, so who knows who he will go after, prolly charlo brother.

  • Canelo needs to fight Benavidez if he wins his next fight that the fight the fans want to see and Charlo need go 154 and fight the winner between Tszyu and Mendoza

  • Fight over,done and dusted. Canelo wins. Blue print set for Jermall to not do what his brother just did .I imagine there be a lengthy discussion between the twins and lo and behold,an announcement made that it’ll be a Canelo v Jermall fight is next !
    But my crystal ball may be wrong lol

  • Canelo, a little too strong for Mel. Maybe taking a tuneup at SM would have benefited Charlo to test the new weight class. Credit to Charlo for daring to be great and he did not lay down. For some of you clowns who said he didn’t even try; you don’t know shit about boxing. Crawford vs. Charlo next. Canelo vs. winner of Benavidez/Andrade. Crawford too small for the Red Head.

    • What happened to your melanin brother DMV?!!!! Hahahaha dude didn’t even win a single round in reality. He fought scared, abandoned his jab and back peddled all night. There is a big difference in fighting while gong back and back peddling to avoid a fight. Charblow avoided Canelo like the plague. His brother will get beat down even worse. Neither one of them are any good. Lions only?? Pppffff more like Losers Only!

    • A little? I said it would be short work, canelo didn’t even sit down between rounds. That was a 12 round sparring session. Oh, he tried, alright, tried not to fight. This fight reminded me of when canelo fought Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and the bee gees – staying alive. Face it, the only thing you are good at is race baiting and fking lying.

  • Probably the most over-hyped fight in recent memory that delivered so little excitement, drama and competitiveness. Charlo talked a good game (total bullshit)…we realize now he hasn’t fought any first tier boxers. That said: I’m one of the suckers who paid for this travesty!

  • Never again can the loudmouth Jermell Charlo call himself a “lion”. He was one big pussy in this fight. Running, hiding, ducking, holding – his primary intent was “to not get knocked out”, not to achieve greatness. Like many young fighters today, he’s only chasing money. He got his big payday tonight after he stunk up the joint. I predicted that Canelo would knock him out in the late rounds, but Charlo was knocked out of the fight before the first bell rang. Petrified, especially after tasting Canelo’s power in the first round, he fought like a man who was scared to death. Scared of being hit, scared to throw punches for fear of what was coming back. He never was a great fighter and still isn’t. Credit to Canelo, a great fighter. He prevailed in easy fashion – substance over hype.

    • LEXUSNEXUS..agree…but why are you crediting Canelo…this statement may not be popular but Canelo was part of the scam also….fight Benavidez….Canelo always must have some type of edge… Benavidez fight would be a very dangerous fight for Canelo… Show the true boxing public something…fight Benavidez or get out the game..Canelo that was bullshit…

      • Look.. Good fight on paper and El bander a is worthy but when Canelo gets him out of there because he is too game for his own good you will need to give Canelo props finally.

      • He’s the cash cow and always demands an edge. It’s either weight gain clauses, or not being tested before or after fights. We all know what was used here. Respect will never be given to obvious juicers.

      • Why doesn’t Benavidez ever call out David Morrell? Would love to see the Ecuadorian fight the Cuban sensation, with the winner fighting Canelo.

        • Not a bad matchup at all. A much better plate than last night’s dinner and we might even get seconds if it’s good.

  • Disappointed….Charlo took the fight…was in the ring…but simply stated Charlo did not take chances to be great..use the Wilder fight in comparison (Wilder vs Fury III)….At least in that Fight Wilder took the chance to be great…paid the price but he took the chance and almost ..pulled it off…showed plenty of heart.. entertaining…fans got full value paid for….
    .Charlo is a good fighter also..seemed too afraid..timid to engage a war with Canelo.,.this is boxing Charlo knew that he had to take some shots..but unlike Bivol Charlo was afraid to exchange…mix it up,…this was a money grab…. disappointed….fans lost in this fight..fighters went to the bank….fans lost..need to do something to prevent fights like this..maybe adjust the contract so it is incentive based…still lucrative..but the value should be in the incentives and not just showing up to perform…this was bad.. .at least undercards were interesting…not worth $100 though….Just like the fighters need to be protected from BS …the fans should be protected as well…

    • There is a difference between light heavyweight (Bivol) and super welterweight (Charlo). Also, Canelo is a very powerful fighter. He probably hits harder than many in light heavyweight.

      I saw a big bulldozer vs a jeep in a tug of war in front of me when I thought about this fight. Both have their qualities for sure but no doubt who would win that fight.

  • Charlo only went the distance tonight for two reasons. Canelo is not a good finisher anymore, and the Houstonian didn’t even try to win. It’s a good thing he avoided Tszyu at 154 because Tim is coming into his own, is hungry and is a great finisher. Charlo only came for the huge payday.

  • Who really, deep down, believed in a different outcome?

    Charlo put on his survival-mode, got paid and went home safe and sound. I didn’t expect anything else.

    I have the utmost respect for Canelo even though he is not one of my personal favorites in the ring. It doesn’t mean I hate him. It’s a word that some throw around unnecessarily.

    When I wrote down GGG’s chances against Canelo in fight No. 3 I was labeled a GGG-hater by some here. Strange. I’m a big fan of GGG. But I’m also a realist.

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to find opponents for Canelo. There are some exciting names left. Benavidez is mentioned in several posts. Munguia? I don’t think Andrade can upset Canelo. Maybe there will be another attempt at light heavyweight in the future?

    But I actually think Crawford has the qualities that Canelo can have big problems with. The big question, of course, is the weight difference.

    The future may bring some answers ahead.

  • I swear those last few rounds I could hear Charlo singing Beyoncé’s “I’m a Survivor” song as inspiration to NOT risk getting knocked out.

    Charlo was “lying” about being “a lion”

  • Canelo is a great boxer. It’s just the fact of always, has to have an edge. Good for the business, the record, but that is one of the reasons its hard for many to see him in the same place as JC Chavez, Morales, Marquez. I am not taking credit to the great athlete he is, but as fans, its almost a joke seeing this one sold as a superfight, as a competitive one.
    I remember after GGG2 he said there was nothing else to prove thru a 3rd fight, even though not few saw GGG winning the first, and the second, well, some saw him winning, others losing, yet some saw a draw. Then, 5 yrs. later he goes on and fight a 40 yr old Golovkin. He put not fighting mexican as an excuse to duck a mexican lightweight that could represent a high risk, yet, fought an old, un prepared Kovalev, who was coming from a real battle just a couple of weeks earlier. And ducking Benavidez, etc. A great boxer, yes, a great business, given many fans will cheer him, fill arenas, and pay $ to see him even if he fights a lightweight. This is not new and not exclusive to him, but I have memories of childhood and early adulthood watching real even battles, with top fighters in their primes, and with apparent equality of conditions and level; yes, with less hype and $ than today, but usually much more enjoyable.

  • I was very close to purchasing this event and am so glad I didn’t. Anyone that gets in the ring deserves respect because there’s always a chance they’ll never come out the same or come out alive. That being said, you have to wonder when Jermell Charlo decided to survive and not win…was it during the fight or beforehand? Yeah, me made a lot of money tonight but he’ll have to live with a tarnished legacy somewhat because he’ll be perceived as someone who just showed up for a paycheck. Canelos a fine fighter but it appears the script is oftentimes written beforehand, whether it’s against Kovalev, Jacobs, and now Charlo. All those opponents were so passive against Canelo it makes one think something stinks.

  • He lost most of his credibility with this performance / calling out Crawford afterwards – reality is no one wants to see this guy fight again. He ran for 12 rounds threw very very little / took a knee as a defence tool. People will only watch him now if we are forced too. Tim is an up and comer – charlo will get another pay day off that one – Tim will beat him and Charlo should just retire. For a guy that was beaten by Tony Harrison he’s done really well to make the money he has…. He has no audience now / he can cash in one last time off Tim’s

  • Charlo took the payday and the excuse to lose without fighting. He showed formidable marketing and communication skills.

  • Charlo looked like a man in need of a payday. Thought he had a chance going in but, the difference in intensity was obvious from the first bell. Canelo looked like a lion stalking his prey. Charlo should be embarrassed.

  • Charlo always a hype job, another overatted American who had no business being in there with Canelo.
    Canelo last opponent looked better than Charlo.

  • Charlo was just another overrated bum , this new era of male who has been neutered by society? Talk , talk , talk no fire …

  • Last night was a waste of money, Charlo was surviving last night made no attempt in trying to win. Pure sparring session last night. I’m pretty sure Charlo is smiling on vacation counting those stacks he made last night. Damn I miss boxing back in the days …..

    • TONEY SNOW…I totally agree with you…I am upset that I paid for that…but after having a claiming moment to think about it…boxing in past ..that gave all that effort..those gladiator moments… historical moments…Joe Louis…Sugar Ray Robinson …were broke and died financially broke.. like many others that gave legendary fights…I applaud that Charlo his money.,.and will make more…but I disappointed in the effort …just horrible.., disappointed in both Canelo and Charlo…Canelo had a role by taking a safe fight…need a balance…look at Jevonta Davis…very entertaining while making money…it can be done….we were warned…there were many signs that this would happen

    • Toney-Charlo had his moments and Canelo looked very hittable at times, but Charlo wasn’t willing to take risks. He usually paid for it when he did. Charlo was simply outclassed and outboxed and he knew it. By the way-Would you happen to be drummer? There’s a drummer named Toney Snow. He toured with the band Dramarama. Not you is it?

  • Went as expected, but I did expect Charlo to put up a better effort. Well he made a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ which the primary reason for taking the fight in the first place. See if he’s willing to fight Crawford next at 153. Canelo needs to step up and fight his #1 at 168 in Benavidez next and stop avoiding him.

    • Meant 154 not 153. Yet Charlo fought not to lose and for the paycheck. Another PPV waste of money for an over hyped fight.

  • I wonder if this Canelo would be able to beat Bivol if they fought at 168 lbs? Canelo is probably going to take too much confidence from this fight and try to get that Bivol 175 fight and lose again. Hopefully not though.

  • Charlo had more than one thing in common with Spence and Fulton in there two losses two Crawford and Inoe. They had not fought in more than a year. While Charlo did not get stopped like those two, he still lost pretty badly.

  • Should be upset with canelo too. He allowed charlo to stay in there. He rarely pushed for the knockout except maybe in the seventh. That was a boring fight. Bee Gees all day staying alive.

  • I’m glad the 1st two fights had some excitement. Charlo should have went all out. Maybe he thought he was gonna get a gift decision like the Lubin fight. Too bad they did not use the same judges for him.

  • Would it have been a closer fight if Canelo had been facing both Charlo brothers at the same time? Maybe, maybe not………..

  • Only casuals brag about the outcome. The outcome is predictable which is why most were not excited when this fight was announced. Tszyu should have gotten his shot at Charlo and Canelo should have fought Benavidez. End of story.

    • No it wasn’t, because the Charlos always could count on their punching power when they are at least not afraid.

  • Anybody that is calling Jermell Charlo a coward based on this performance probably has never watched him fight before. He is a low output fighter who makes fights closer than they should be and several times has needed his power to turn the fight in his favor. Unfortunately, his power had zero effect on Canelo. Not too surprising considering Canelo has an incredible chin.

    One last note on cowardice: a coward stays down after being nailed with a shot to the temple. Jermell did a smart thing taking a knee after that shot and then not only survived the Round, but actually had a couple nice combos at the end.

  • Calling him a Lioness would be too good for this pussy ass dude. I’d bet that Claressa Sheilds would beat the dogshit outta this clown. All states should Revoke this bitches’ boxing license. After Bivol schooled Canelo,
    he hasn’t been the same. I imagine he has nightmares thinking about Morrell and Benavidez. He’s shell-shocked.

  • Charlo great performance and Usyk is the best heavy out there – (even after he was KOed by a tomato can that got stopped by a jab) – some folk here are on another planet. Charlo talked his way into the payday. Hopefully he fights back against Timmy.

  • I have never seen a Boxer so afraid of losing by knockout He was only concern with just finishing on his feet. That’s why he took a knee instead of fighting his way out of trouble. He ran , hopped, and clinch like an octopus, all throughout the fight, like that would still be a big win for him. So much for the heart of a Lion. Chicken shit coward. Only from the land of Steers and…….

  • Charlotte was scared out of his mind-during the bout-great spanking by canelo

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