Canelo-Charlo NYC Press Conference

Canelo Vs Charlo New York Press Conference 08.15.23 09 30 2023 Presser
Photo: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

Undisputed super middleweight world champion Canelo Álvarez and undisputed junior middleweight world champion Jermell Charlo faced off for the first time on Tuesday at a kickoff press conference in New York to preview their showdown that headlines a Showtime PPV on September 30 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Canelo Alvarez: “Thank you to Jermell for taking this fight. I’m very happy to be in this position and to be in big fights. Jermell is a great fighter who takes on big challenges just like I do. I always take risks…it’s good that people are saying I’ve lost a step. It’s fine. I know why I didn’t look as good in my last two fights. I know why and I’m different now…we’re going to find out if he’s got enough on September 30.

Jermell Charlo: “Me and my brother Jermall have been putting on for boxing and it’s our time now. A lot of people are worried about the wrong things. When you want to win something this big, you have to risk it all…I don’t have any excuses. Whatever happens happens. I came here to win this fight. I’m not laying down. I don’t care what anyone says…I’m gonna be training my ass off. ”

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  • BS of a fight – Charlo jumping 2 divisions against a one of the p4p fighters. It depends how hard Canelo wants to work for a KO – I think it is not a competitive fight either way. Charlo will get busted up.

    • Agree with you a bum boxer taken a check cartel fall canelo will win and the brotha will find out who runs Mexican boxing just like the Italian mob in the USA in the 50s and 60s and if chRlo don’t take the fall well we know how it later turns out for him

    • So then don’t watch it my G. I guarantee you’re gonna watch it because you’re BS.

    • If you people believe its a BS fight then don’t watch, don’t even come in here and comment. you’re pathetic.

      • Hey Chucky, are you a little troll because you rarely comment on boxing. You simply attack others for voicing or writing their opinion. That strikes me as pathetic.

      • I agree, I think Charlo should’ve put this fight off for at least 18 months to catch Canelo at the right time, just as Canelo did with GGG. This will be Khan vs Canelo II. Canelo out points him, because Charlo’s age and conditioning will save him from being KO’d.

    • There is one reason for this fight: to make Al Haymon money on the next two fights he has with Canelo.

  • Truth be told, Benavidez is better than both Charlos and deserved the fight but this is easy $ for Canelo and the people will watch. Even David Morrell is a more dangerous fight for Canelo

    • PBC needs to pay Canelo for three fights. It makes more sense to put Benavidez third.

  • It’s funny how both Charlos were open their mouth challenging canelo and now when the fight is gona materialized the charlo fans are crying

    Don’t blame on canelo blame on big mouth charlo

  • Wait a minute: someone on here is comparing Amir Khan to Jemell Charlo? Absolutely Ludicrous. While he is jumping two weight classes, he is way more durable than Khan, has a better chin, naturally larger, hits harder, and has the divine gift of melanin. I’m expecting a competitive fight. Charlo(s) was calling Canelo out at 154 lbs years ago and now he’s got the fight, albeit at 168 lbs, we’ll see what happens. I respect both pugilist. Question: if Tank went up to 147 lbs to fight Crawford; would you watch it?

  • Hey I think this will be a fun exciting fight to watch. Charlo like all top tier athletes in combat sports cuts several pounds at least to maximize on fighting in as low a division as he can. Going up to super middleweight isn’t some massive jump that gives Canelo a huge advantage. Canelo isn’t a huge guy by any stretch and yes I want to see him and David B. get in the ring but that aside this is a decent matchup. If they put together a decent undercard I’m in for a PPV buy here.

    • but all fighters should come in at their best fighting weigh. Putting on lbs doesn’t mean its his best fighting weight. anyone who thinks 5-8 pounds does not matter should walk around with a 8 pound weight and see that it does matter. Some of best fighters in WW and MW history who moved up a division did not pack on the pounds. When Emile Griffith moved to MW he truly weighed in at about 153. When he fought Monzon he was far below the MW limit because his best fighting weight was about 150. When Robinson fought for the LHW title against Maxim he weighed in at about MW. I don’t think it will be a good fight because while Canelo is way way over rated, by todays standers he’s pretty good, Charlo will get crushed but get a big payday.

    • This is what’s wrong with boxing…its fans (or so called fans). “will pass on this one” rwb says. So full of shit. Probably counting down the days. If you’re a fan of the sport, then watch the fights and shut up! Period. Complaining about one of the P4P best in Canelo (although I don’t like him I still watch his fights and recognize the talent) vs. Charlo, who holds multiple world championships and who’s only lost one fight. ***c outta here.

      • Denis, Let me ask you a question? Do you watch every football game that comes on TV? Or whatever other sport you like. So, a trash game comes on , it’s the only game on, do you make yourself watch it because you are a fan or a casual fan? If, you don’t watch it then are you a casual fan or maybe you got something else better to do? Just because a fight comes on doesn’t mean if they watch it or not it should not diminish if they are a fan or not. If I have something better to do when canelo fights this one, I would not care less if I missed it. A casual? No, not even close D A. This fight ain’t worth it. Predictable outcome in my book, so why bother. I’d rather watch ESPN fights then this fight. You go ahead and pay your lunch money and see the fight, enjoy. As for me and others if I see it, I see it, if not, ain’t missing much probably a trash undercard too. Good luck.

      • Denis,
        i am a busy guy that does Not make time for anything that i do Not find interesting or competitive. Fights included. if you want, please watch my share of all mismatches and crap that promoters and boxers force on fight fans

  • You would think it was Canelo who was moving up in weight. Charlo looked a bit bigger than the Mexican.

  • Charlo will have his moments in the fight using his jab and counters. Charlo is athletic and focused when he is on his A-game. However, Canelo is tough as granite and has demonstrated his grittiness in past fights. Charlo will be working overtime in the later rounds to keep Canelo from stalking him down. Charlo needs to box and keep off the ropes. Canelo UD.

  • Canelo looks a bit ” puffy ” around the face. Going to have to shed some pounds by the the look of him while Jermell puts it on. Could be a interesting fight.

  • My first question is why not Jermall?

    Ultimately, I don’t think the jump in weight classes will be a big issue. Canelo is a smaller 168 and Jermell is a larger 154. My concern is the lengthy layoff. Going against Canelo with ring rust seems like a bad idea.

  • Why is Charlo wearing that thick, dark hooded sweater in a sweltering NYC summer?

  • Still don’t understand why Canelo is not being forced to face his mandatory in Benavidez who has been his mandatory for quite awhile. Must once again be about the $$$$$$$$$$$.

    • David, of course it’s about the DOLLARS! I asked why not Jermall earlier, but assuming Canelo beats Jermell, then Jermall has another layer of intrigue. Sadly, Benavidez is more risk less reward at least at this point.

      There was a time I felt Canelo was strictly a cherry picker and begged (online) for him to pick a Division and unify it to prove he’s actually the best at any weight class. Shortly after crying for it, he did just that! After completing that task, I feel he deserved a cherry to pick or two…Bivol and GGG 3! While I didn’t need GGG3 at this point he definitely deserved the payday after dating to be great against Bivol.

      So, now it looks like we’ll get a Charlo or two. If these are what we’re considering cherries, then our bar is pretty high!

      Note to the promoters: the Jermell vs Canelo fight is definitely not a stand alone PPV IMO, if you want my money, then stack the card!!! How about Benavidez on the under to build the casual interest for him and Canelo?

  • Charlo will lose this fight then he will go back down in weight at 154 and for another large amount of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ will fight Crawford who will also beat him badly. After all it’s called prize fighting. Cash out while you still can.

  • I think charlo lasts as long as canelo keeps him the fight. Like I said, I ain’t paying for it, but then again, I never do. Charlo will not be able to match canelos pressure. At all. KO for canelo.

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