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Canelo a -260 favorite over GGG in trilogy fight

ESPN, DAZN’s unofficial publicity department, has announced that DAZN will stage the third fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin later this year after both fighters have interim bouts. Canelo is expected to face Billy Joe Saunders, but not on the original date of Cinco de Mayo weekend. An announcement is expected shortly. GGG will take on IBF mandatory challenger Kamil Szeremeta. The information is attributed to “sources.”

BetOnline.ag already has established odds on Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez III.

Gennady Golovkin +200 (2/1)
Canelo Alvarez -260 (5/13)

Two “Greats” clashed in the ring
Interview: Andrew Maloney

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  • GGG is owned by Canelo. His career centers around a fight with Canelo. They use each other to hide from the real challenges the fans wanna see. Nobody’s asking for this fight, only GGG so he could get some sleep.

  • Why? GGG is so done for. His timing is gone, even his power is nothing of note anymore. Am a GGG fan, but he fights like an old fighter who is past it. His last fight was terrible.

    • I would rather see Oscar get more serious and match Canelo up with younger more serious opponents capable of equalizing the game. I often times get in my head that Oscar always cherry-picks fights for Alvarez where the opponents are older, damaged, battered up, or are slightly on the decline. Oscar is a slick promoter as he seeks out so many obvious edges without taking huge jumps and risking a monetary investment loss. Yes, Canelo has been in some good fights, but Oscar is pushing too much business in between Canelo and his fights. Imagine if Canelo would have Kovalev when he was a real threat in the LH division?

      • Put Canelo in with Beterbiev. I know it won’t happen, but that’s the best guy he could be in with. It wouldn’t require a weight reduction, and I’d guarantee that fight would sell. But, as per usual, too much risk for the “A side.”

      • Lol when Canelo was at 154 and not ready for 160. Yeah that makes sense. Also Callum turned down the fight. I know people who hate Canelo want to see him fight the impossible. But c’mon. He fought Lara in his prime in a very close fight. Lara was one of the most avoided. He tried Mayweather. He fought GGG. GGG was an older champ to begin with.

        • Canelo does have his moments in good tough fights no doubt. However, the oddity is there are some special selection fights (aka cherry picked) Oscar puts together knowing us boxing fans will get suckered into buying and Canelo’s odds of winning are high since the other fighter is over-the-hill, battered, weaker, etc. Yep, all part of the game and business, but I don’t pay for any of Canelo’s fights to satisfy Oscar’s checkbook.

      • He’s fighting Billy Joe Saunders before he fights GGG. Billy is a 2 division undefeated champion. Then he’s fighting an older but still dangerous GGG. What do you mean when Kovalev was still a threat in the division he was a legit champion when Canelo fought him. Yes not in his prime but still a champion and still dangerous and much bigger. He also fought Daniel Jacobs recently. Which of the fighters that you want Canelo to fight are taking that type of challenges??? You can’t name one because none of them are. They are all waiting around trying to get a payday with Canelo.

        • Bluefever1, last I checked, Kovalev was a recycled champion after he once lost the belts and came back. When Canelo fought Kovalev, he was not the same Kovalev at one time ripping thru guys before his reflexes and age caught up with him. Just because someone has a title does not mean they have fought in the same deadly offense as they did in their younger years.

    • I agree he is past his prime, but he will get a good payday and win or lose the styles match up for a good fight. I think he did win the first fight with Canelo, but he is not the same fighter.

  • You might as well make Cinnamon a -10000 favorite! Crooked paid off judges will make him the winner every time over GGG all he has to do is make it to the final bell!

    • We all could hope GGG can get the lunch pail out with serious work this time and win with no controversy on the cards. However, I feel it’s a slight climb when so much controversy surrounds their first two match ups. Yes, I am optimistic, but very skeptical at the same time.

  • Well another Delaho/WWE production. GGG won both fights and it was shown by all the polls taken after the fight. Unless GGG puts him down for a 30 count he will not survive the Delaho judges. They really should fight without judges, 20-100 rounds until one man cannot continue, make it a winner takes all, and then watch who walks out the winner. Canela would never agree.

    • That’s not true. I agree GGG should’ve gotten the nod in the first fight. But GGG have up too much ground in the first half of fight 2. Polls don’t mean anything. You have to learn how to score a fight professionally first. GGG lost the 2nd fight.

  • Not necessary. 1-1 is fine…
    1st one competetive but not close. 2nd one was very close and very brutal.
    Canelo has already proven he is tougher than we all thought.
    Besides. GGG is on the decline, has been for a few years now.
    Canelo,,,Lets move on.
    Fight some top level younger guys in their prime.

  • Gifted a draw in the first fight, controverial win in the second and all after waiting for GGG to get old enough for him to be able to compete.
    Saunders will give him heaps.

    • Agree. Xcept Saunders won be as good as you think.
      Unless maybe he ends up with 6 months to prepare.

  • I was that guy who didn’t like Canelo.. thought of him as a weight bully. But they moved him at the right pace and he has gotten better.. still the meat, fighting smaller guys, weight draining and special judges are annoying. For some reason I feel like I will always want to watch Canelo and GGG fight. Something about their styles makes for an entertaining fight. GGG is older, I can see why Canelo is the favorite. But it’s definitely a fight I have to see.. drink some corona..(the beer) and get hyped.

  • Scorecards are already filled out in Canelo’s favor. GGG can only win with a stoppage.

  • I agree . Canelo is the money fighter unfortunately. Even if GGG wins, as I believe he did in the first fight ( I had the second a draw tbh ) he will not get the decision.

  • I think the only way GGG wins is if Canelo is taken out on a stretcher and even then the judges will most likely claim to have NEVER seen the stretcher so Canelo by KO while having his hand lifted in victor on his back. All paid for by the great folks at Golden Boy Promotions.

  • What’s the point?

    GBP/Canelo stalled the first fight by at least 2 years, waiting for GGG to age, and that was 3 years ago.

    This fight will be effectively 5 years out of date.

    Still, I guess you can con enough people enough of the time.

    Smoke and mirrors and cash. BS.

  • Canelo dropping from 175 to 160, wonder if this will hurt him? He is young and you think it wouldnt but who knows. If GGG has a chance of winning, this would be his bet chance. Canelo might have been smarter to fight at 168 first or at least one tune up fight again at 160.

  • GGG cannot win in Las Vegas either the judges are incompetent or money sways their decision.

  • It really doesn’t matter what GGG does in this fight. The judges have already had their credit run and promised a down payment on new Ferraris. If GGG knocks him out, they will claim the count was too fast (as in Buster Douglas vs Mike Tyson). The result will be changed to a no contest. If Canelo makes it to the final bell he wins even if GGG beats him into a bloody pulp. And if GGG knocks him down somehow instead of a 10-8 round it will be 10-9 in favor of Canelo (even though he was knocked down). Because he has red hair. To add to it the clenbuterol in his a and b samples is from tainted meat and he gets an exemption. Nothing will change. Olivia de la Hoya will continue to wear high heels, pumps and form fitting dresses. Canelo will continue to receive gifts no matter what, and GBP will continue to match Canelo against guys who barely have a pulse. His cherry picked fights are a disservice to boxing, fans and a black eye to the sport with the nonsense that surrounds his matches and multiple failed drug test.

  • I don’t f*cking want to see this fight. Do they really have nothing else to give us? Canelo clearly won the 2nd fight and in my opinion won the first fight despite it ending as a draw. I think they tried to force Canelo a loss in the first fight. The scorecard was a sham. Why keep fighting? I think that is f*cking ridiculous. Yeah they just trying to make money, they don’t care if the fight is good for the sport or not. I think GGG should get back on track by defeating a good top fighter then come back and say I still have it and want another fight. I don’t want to hear that people are ducking you at this stage of your career. If he looses to Canelo once again it’s going to hurt his career, may as retire. I mean it’s already tarnished now. Canelo Alvarez, Danial Jacobs and Kell Brook are the top fighters on GGG resume. For a feared power puncher, that really is not good. Canelo has so many more big names on his resume. I’m pretty sure if Canelo would fight fighters of the caliber that GGG has prior to his big fights Canelo would rack up a lot more KO’s to. GGG power was non existent in the 2nd fight. Canelo walked right through them. Yeah I’m f*cking complaining. I don’t want to f*cking see it. Canelo will win again unless the judges gets paid off as usual.

    • As mentioned in another post, I don’t buy any of Canelo’s fights to stroke Oscar’s ego on his promoting abilities. That’s what Youtube is for and it’s free!

  • GGG chased Canelo for the last 7 rounds and got screwed. There was no reason for a rematch. GGG changes trainers and becomes more of a boxer than boxer-puncher and the fight could have been a draw. Never fight Canelo in Las Vegas unless you knock him out. Mayweather was an exception.

    • ….and amazingly, even 1 judge score Mayweather – Canelo a draw!! corruption at its most blatant.

  • I for one am happy to hear this news. The first two fights were close enough to warrant a trilogy. GGG is a prideful man and should be granted a fight that means the world to him … Remember when Leonard and Hearns fought late in their careers it had as much to do with PRIDE as with titles.

  • GGG is past his prime.He will be in this fight simply to fatten his bank deposit prior to retirement.

  • It’s wonderful to see all you pathetic haters on here crying!!! HAHA!!! Suck it up already!! Stop being pussies!!
    Canelo #1 pound for pound!!!!!

    • One fact; Canelo not undefeated. Mayweather schooled him and made him a human punching bag for 12 rounds.

  • Canelo lost both close fights in my mind but they are headed separate directions now. Canelo by UD12

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