Caleb Plant: I’m not playing with this guy

Undefeated IBF super middleweight world champion Caleb “Sweethands” Plant (19-0, 11 KOs) previewed his homecoming world title defense at a press conference in Nashville Wednesday, as he prepares to take on mandatory challenger Vincent Feigenbutz (31-2, 28 KOs) on FOX February 15 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

Photo: Gavin Nutt/Sweethands Promotions

“I’ve heard Feigenbutz is strong and physical and he thinks he’s going to come in and knock me out. Mike Lee thought he was going to knock me out and Jose Uzcategui said he was going to knock me out, but how’d that go for them?

“At the end of the day, boxing is hit and do not get hit. I have plenty of skills to spare. On February 15, I’m not playing with this guy. All of these guys think they’re going to walk me down and throw more punches than me. But I throw more and land more punches than them. If he thinks he’s going to come in here and spoil my plans, I promise you that he’s got another thing coming.”

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  • Plant is a work in progress. Plant is on a pseudo- euphoria since he has beaten mediocre fighters, but has yet to slew a giant that will put him on the map as a real threat. Yes, I am aware he is a champion, but in this day and age of boxing having a belt does not mean you are complete bad a$%. When Plant KO’d Mike Lee everyone was in awe when he wiped the floor with him since Lee was undefeated. LOL, yeah, ok, back to reality. Lee, the Notre Dame graduate, tipped-toed slowly for years thru the division (beating club fighters) to pile up a chance at a world title, but was in way over his head when the moment of truth arrived. Mirage? Yup…… Sorry Plant, but step up and fight some real dangerous fighters and win to earn that remarkable distinction.

    • After reading this article Im not sure why your coming at Plant. Seems he fight the guys put in front of him. I dont hear Plant talking a bunch of shit outside his opponent. Not sure of what “remarkable distinction” he has to earn. Fans know about Plant and want to see him in big fights, same as a bunch of other fighters. Like you said, Plant is a work in progress.

      • In summary, no bashing just simply stating observations. Maybe my selection of grammar could be better in this case.

    • You would call the guy from Venezuela mediocre? The one who he took the title from. Yes, the guy lost his last fight, but that happens.

  • I agree with Scooby. Feigenbutz Is nothing special he has lots of knockouts but against very limited opponents and he’s been exposed twice by knockout so his chin is suspect as well and against mediocre opposition. Plant is not a bad fighter he has some decent boxing skills but nothing really stands out I’d pick Benavidez to walk him down in fact I see Plant running for dear life once he felt David’s thudding power then would only be a matter of time.

  • Ive enjoyed watching Feigenbutz especially the Kanguel fight (that guys a character in the ring) but think Plant has got this.

  • Plant has improved greatly since I first saw him fight several years ago. He’s an excellent boxer and combines his boxing skills with good footwork to win almost all the rounds against his past opponents. He has an educated left jab and uses it frequently to keep his opponents off-balance and at a distance. He also moves side to side, uses angles to land on his opponents, and is difficult to track down.

    He slowed down in the last four rounds against Uzcategui, but that’s after putting on a boxing clinic in the first 8 rounds. He’ll be a handful for most of the 168 pounders except Benavidez. He’s quick, hits hard enough to earn respect from his opponents, but his mobility and accurate punches are his keys to future success.

    I don’t know much about his opponent, but sluggers don’t do well against Plant. Plant by clear decision or late round KO..

    • Plant was cut in that fight with Izcategui, and I don’t think it was a minor one. Probably why he slowed down. But I think that Plant by KO. 5 years ago this fight would have been in Germany, where Feigunbutz might have had a chance with a gift decision. Shows how far boxing has slipped in that country from its late 90’s earlier 21st century heyday. I knew something was wrong when Marco Huck defended his title against the Polish guy who stopped him.

  • Plant is wearing a pretty snazzy jacket and has a pretty solid skill set to go along with it! He’s better than I originally gave him credit for. I think the fact he’s from Tennessee makes people view him with a jaundiced eye as they’re notorious for producing shitty fighters with glossy records. For him to really be recognized as a legitimate champion, he’s going to have to bang with the monsters of the division, like Chavez JR! haha!

  • Don’t know how you call a champion a “work in progress”. Benavidez is who he needs to fight. Plant’s a slick guy but sometimes ‘profiles’ too much. Whenever I hear someone say something dumb, like “boxing is about hitting and not getting hit”, I ask ‘who do you know that doesn’t get hit’? They then contradict themselves right away, saying, ‘sure you’re gonna’ hit but…….. So which IS it?

  • Unless Plant can learn to not back straight out with his chin in the air, any step up will be his last…

  • I think a few body shots will sent plant (legend in his own mind ) running as long as he’s able. Benevides in 9.

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