Broner pulls out of Showtime fight

“I’ve watched a lot of people die playing with their boxing career and that is something I won’t do. Just pray for me” – Adrien Broner

Four-division world champion Adrien Broner has pulled out of Saturday’s clash against Omar Figueroa citing mental health issues.

Figueroa will now face Sergey Lipinets in a 12-round WBC super lightweight title eliminator headlining live on Showtime this Saturday from Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Adrien Broner: “Man, I’m going [through] a lot at this moment in my life, but I ain’t gonna give up. I set some more goals and I finish what I started but sorry to say this, but I’m not fighting August 20.

“Sorry to all my fans but mental health is real and I’m not about to play inside the ring. I’ve watched a lot of people die playing with their boxing career and that is something I won’t do. Just pray for me. I love the sport of boxing too much to not give my all and I feel like I came up short before because my mind wasn’t 100% there and I’ll be damned if I make that mistake again.

“I need to make some changes for the better instead of worrying about other peoples’ feelings and pleasing them when in all reality I have nothing to prove to nobody. I’m a four-time world champion in four different weight classes and if I never lace up a pair of gloves again, I feel like it’s safe to say I will be inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. So, I have to step back and overcome this obstacle before I go put my life on the line inside the square circle again. I know I’m far from being finished with the sport. See y’all soon.’’

The Showtime Championship Boxing telecast will also feature top 140-pounders Alberto Puello and Batyr Akhmedov squaring off for the vacant WBA super lightweight world championship in the co-main event and WBA super featherweight world champion Roger Gutierrez defending his title against unbeaten Hector Garcia. In the telecast opener, Brandun Lee will take on Will Madera in a 10-round super lightweight opener.

Additionally, Showtime Sports will offer live streaming coverage of unbeaten Cuban heavyweight standout Lenier Peró battling Joel Caudle in an eight-round bout and undefeated middleweight Fiodor Czerkaszyn taking on Gilbert Venegas Jr. in an eight-round duel via the Showtime Sports YouTube channel and Showtime Boxing Facebook page prior to the start of the televised quadrupleheader.

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  • With as quickly as they announced this, I’m going to assume that they had Lipinets on standby in case one of these guys pulled out. If he’s in shape I think Lipinets has a pretty good chance at winning, but it should be a war…. depending on which Figueroa shows up.

    • In this Covid era, it is probably a good idea for all promoters to have substitute fighters ready for big cards.

  • I am not one to call bullshit on anyone addressing their mental health issues, but I am on this one. Hey, we are all human and we all have them, some more severely than others. It seems there is a new acceptance amongst people acknowledging these issues, which is great, but it appears a lot of athletes and people in all walks of life are using it as carte blanche to back out of obligations. Maybe Broner is dealing with some real challenging issues in his life that prevent him from preparing for this fight, but let’s face it, when is he not? Johnny Tapia said the reason he fought as long as he did was not out of financial need, but said it was therapeutic for him to continue boxing. He was lost and a mess without it, and boxing gave him a purpose and helped center him.

  • If Figueroa is in shape, he could make this a fierce bar burner!! Looking forward to seeing this! As for Broner, IDK what to say??!

    • Exactly, I was looking forward to this fight and now this… I was pushing for Figueroa to win by a decision. Broner would have been way too conservative with his punch output and lost on points. Well, until next time…

  • why the pbc/ AL , keep giving this guy a main event plat form is a joke there are so many better fighters that deserve it, he never looks good anyways . HES DONE

  • I’ll tell you who’s upset. The woman who won an $895,000 judgement against Broner (by default) for grabbing, holding & forcibly kissing her. She was set to collect a good chunk of Broner’s purse, so now she’s screwed!

      • He fought Pac, Porter , Garcia, and Vargas but he’s afraid of Figueroa? Arturo, you are an amazing analyst. I’m always stunned by the depth of your comprehension.

  • Yea, I’ll pray for you. I will pray you go away and not come back to the sport ever again.

      • Go away 4 good. There are many fighters available that are just as good who want his opportunities. Celebrities only become celebrities when others make them so.

  • Broner truly seems a bit punchy I think he should hang them up. He became satisfied with just giving a great fight instead of winning and has taken to much punishment the last few years

    • Broner seemed punchy when he first stepped onto the scene. I think he just has one of those weird personalities. I’m not gonna judge the guy, because I don’t know. And yeah, while mental health is a huge issue that deserves consideration, it does feel a little dubious.

  • Man I KNEW he’d pull out when it was announced. His career is done and over! COWARD using that mental issue stuff. Adrien “The COWARD” Broner…

  • Does this really surprise anyone that Broner pulled out of this fight ?.. He should stop making a complete ass out of himself and retire but he can’t simply because he owes too much money to his creditors… Very sad that any boxer has to fight because it’s the only thing he can do… Broner is broke now and whenever this clown retires, he’ll end up broke. Maybe this fool can become a janitor or a house keeper for Floyd Mayweather Jr. That’s his future, which he needs to accept. but his ego won’t let him. His fighting days are over for good…He really discredits the fight game.

  • I have never been a fan of Adrien Broner. I hope we have seen the last of him.

  • why would he be a headliner anyway? There are better fighters out there.

  • Is there a proper blessing for AB? Yes , may God bless and keep AB far away from us.

  • Broner must be having delusional mental issues, if he thinks he’s bound for IBHOF.

  • not a broner fan but he is doing the right thing just get out of the boxing game and dont come back


  • No one is truly surprised or shocked. We figured something like this would happen. All we can say is maybe this is the end of line maybe he should find something else to do with his life maybe he can be productive somewhere else I don’t know, but boxing i think it’s over.

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