Briggs honored at NHL game

Former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs was the guest of honor Thursday night for the NHL’s Florida Panthers home game.  Briggs interacted with the fans, players, and team staff, inspiring the Panthers to a 4-3 win over the Los Angeles Kings 4-3.

Briggs Hockey

Briggs sparred with the team mascot as well playfully putting him down for the 10 count with his famous right hand. The team also presented him with his own jersey which had “Let’s Go Champ!” written across the back. Ironically, word is that Briggs is in the midst of starting his own boxing promotional company called Let’s Go Champ Promotions!

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  • Back in the heyday, Briggs was a rising star in boxing. Briggs had all the ingredients in his arsenal to become a force in the heavyweight division. Like most fighters, Briggs had his ups and downs in life. Briggs was defeated by Klitschko, Ibragimov, Lewis, and McCline if my memory serves me correctly. Now Briggs is nearing closer to 50 years old, the only thing he has left in his tank (as a fighter) is the obnoxious “Let’s Go Champ!” chant that is a broken record with no purpose in society, but to get on anyone’s nerves! LOL…….

    • He paid his dues and earned the attention that he still garners. Certainly more than an annoying keyboard warrior trying to get attention.

      Let’s Go Champ!!!

    • Man, I love that “Let’s go champ” chant. He even says it with a smile. Hard to hate on that bro. Briggs brings needed energy to Boxing (inside & outside the ring). Could you imagine if all the boxers acted like Klitschko? Oh, you would have hated Ali in his day.

      • I would like something that makes W. Klitschko very unique in the sport of boxing with a few accolades outside the ring. Wlad does have a PhD, can speak multiple languages, and has been a ranking officer in the military from his country. Not sure if you are familiar in writing a thesis to obtain a PhD, but it’s nothing to sneeze at. Pretty impressive for a once star athlete. Props to Wlad in his own right.

  • I met briggs at south beach. Cool dude. He can crack too!! Almost took out lewis!! Hell, he can still hit i bet too! Give the man some respect. He is funny too, the wlad klit boat video is HILARIOUS!! Look it up! Funny!!!

  • I like Briggs, he’s very entertaining. BUT we all know George Foreman was ROBBED because he easily beat Briggs but the judges gave Briggs the decision for Foreman to retire.

    • Yeah, I thought George won that one as well, but George could have easily lost the decisions in the Savarese and Schulz fights. These things happen in boxing, but they’re hardly isolated.

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