Briedis-Glowacki: You Be The Judge

By Przemek Garczarczyk

KnockOut Promotion, who represents former WBO cruiserweight champion Krzysztof Głowacki, prepared a short video analyzing referee Robert Byrd’s performance in Saturday’s World Boxing Super Series cruiserweight semifinal bout between Glowacki and Mairis Briedis in Riga, Latvia. You be the judge…

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  • Robert Byrd did not do his job as a referee. He also missed the blatant foul that Glowacki performed. But the result is that the better fighter won.

    • How you can compare one, light rabbit punch which you have a few in almost every boxing match with a reverse elbow punch straight from Muay Thai. One the one hand you have got a fist in a glove, on the second – naked, sharp and hard bone.
      Also don’t know why you thing Briedis is a better fighter. I love Glowacki’s left hand crumbles opponent block and he’s got big balls, what he proved against Huck fight.

      • Light rabbit punch?you must be joking.this was thrown with bad intention.he had been cautioned earlier for the same offense.

    • Byrd did see the blatant rabbit shot. Hence the reason he told Glowacki to get up and only took one point away.

  • Complete travesty!!!, shameful display on the part of Breidis….sad, sad day for boxing

    • Glowacki threw an intentional shot to the back of the head. Maires just retaliated to a blatant illegal blow.

  • The referee seemed oblivious to the fouls . He should not be allowed to work a professional bout again for the sake of the safety of the boxers.

    • I agree completely. A total disgrace by an incompetent referee. Incompetency seems to run in their family

  • This is why boxing is the biggest joke of all time. They make up the rules as they go along to benefit whichever fighter they want to win. Just look and Mayweathers fraudulent career for a perfect example. He was above the sport and made the rules for every fight, not how it works. Remember when the NSAC approved Maidanas gloves and Floyd said no?? It’s a shame because they were approved BY THE COMMISSION but Pussy Boy Floyd said no so they made him change gloves. Mayweather also got his ass beat that fight but since he has the judges in his pocket he didn’t come close to losing. Used to love this sport, now I can’t help but laugh at how pathetic it is.

    • Regarding to this case, rules were broken not only by overruling the commission’s decision, but also by the never disclosed amount of money Floyd paid to Maidana to wear gloves chosen by him

  • Byrd drop the ball royally, at 76 I think he shouldn’t be allowed to be in major, important fights. Sure this fight will be ruled a no contest and both guys will meet again with a more competent referee.

  • Only bigger robbery in boxing is people who score ggg beating Canelo in either fight

    • GGG won both fights but they were as close as it could get. I had Canelo winning the second fight first viewing based on effective ring generalship. However after the second viewing I had GGG by 2 points based on punches landed.

  • Briedis should get a shot at Wilder, or Andy Ruiz. Briedis is the guy who KO’d Charr face first over the bottom rope a few years ago. Briedis got hit with a rabbit punch before he threw that elbow. Byrd does get rough with fighters sometimes when they are hurt or he thinks the fight is getting close to the end, but he isn’t as bad of a ref (in my opinion) as Joe Cortez got to be when Cortez got older. I get more tired of refs who give long counts after a fighter gets up from a knockdown, and starts asking them too many things at gets them walking different directions. From the point a fighter hits the canvas to the time a ref lets a fight continue again should not be more than 15 seconds. A lot of these fighters get up and the ref gets too involved before letting the action resume again.

    • Should have been automatically disqualified the moment the trainer got up onto the ring. He admits he fouled as well. Should be stripped of the victory and Byrd retired for the safety of boxers

      • Byrd husband and wife combination have both proven to be incompetent officials over the years, and yet still get assignments. Leads to suspicion that they are paid to insure the promoters fighter gets every chance to win.

        • Totally agree, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on the big fat brown envelope by one of Bredis corner men. shame on boxing……

          • Idiot. Breidis is no more a star in boxing than Glowacki is, and Latvia is about 1/15th the population of Poland. There’s no incentive for Breidis team to bribe an American official. Low IQ people like you just need conspiracy theories all the time to function, and it’s gotten out of hand type pathetic.

      • The trainer went into the ring because the round went on well over the time 3 minute time frame. It was chaos and an almost unforgivable mistake by a solid ref that may have seen best of his days gone by. Byrd may need to call it quits after this fiasco.

      • OMG. It was Glowacki’s corner that came into the ring. Or are you drunk again?

    • I would LOVE to see Briedis fight Wilder or Ruiz. He would get the ass beating he so richly deserves. I would rather see him fight Tyson Fury myself. Fury would embarrass him.

  • After that fight.. no.. aftet that decision I desided to quit watching boxing to a loooong time, and for sure no one ever will take PPV from me… I was traveling a lot in my life to watch it real and I will pass… Good job.. guys… You’ve just shit where You eat… Im just really sorry for Krzysztof Glowacki..

  • Totally agree with the fact that this ref royally messed up. But I also blame the commission who in this day and age of technology should be able to have a TECH ref ringside with a computer/videogear as well as the IN RING ref to easily revue video of any controversial punches , like that blatant illegal elbow. TECH ref should be able to communicate the issue with IN RING ref (who could have an iPod receiving video replay and ruling that he can then relay directly to fighters and viewers by handmotioning the “take away 1 point” and state reason why and this can be done during 1 minute break just before that start that next round!

    • Byrd couldn’t even hear the Bell that everybody else did, but he’s going to hear some small microphone in his ear above a roaring crowd. You pitched the s*** on shark tank didn’t you, and they all went out.

  • Such a mess. It should be a NC. If you allow Briedis to win like that there is no point in rules.

  • Who are the persons (woman and guy) who yell at the referee at the end of the fight ?(when he says he didn’t hear the bell) ?Are they scorecards referees ?

    • Once you 60 you should not be allowed jugging until you pass speed test. Shame goes to promoters!

  • The fair thing for Byrd to have done was give Glowacki 5 minutes after the foul. Get the doctor to check him out then restart the fight. Also put your hearing aid in Mr Byrd.

  • It doesn’t matter if Briedis heard the bell or not, reffery did NOT stop the fight.. in that meaning, fighters have to go on,- period

  • This MUST be changed to a no contest. Briedis should have been disqualified, and Robert Byrd needs to be suspended for 3 years minimum.

    • Oh man! Byrd is 76, and previously he was California Highway Patrol. As a boxing referee he started old, when he was around 60. Now, if he is suspended for three year, at 79 I don’t think he would come back as a boxing referee, but rather maybe looking a job as a Pope, because more or less that is the age that a man get that position.

    • So you’re just going to forget the blatant foul to the back of the head that caused a reaction?

  • First of all Glowacki was not aiming for the back of Bredis head(still points off for Glowacki). Bredis was holding Glowackis hand and pulled him down muay thai move. Glowacki hit Bredis back first and the hand slided towards the neck while Bredis was getting ready to hit with the elbow. Bredis admitted he did that intentionally (DQ). Ref was a total disaster. He should give Glowacki 5 minutes instead of telling him to get up. One of the KOs was after Bredis rabbit punch as well. Then you have ref that doesn’t hear the bell. Trying stop the fight by getting between the fighters(he was too slow) while Bredis team is present in the ring (DQ). Ref finally stops the fighters than looks towards the judges screaming its the end of the round and he decides to stop the fight. There is no such a thing like pay backs with elbows after ref commends fighters to stop. this should be DQ. Ref should retire

    • You are so full of s***. Briedis was not pulling Glowacki’s arm down, and the pole did not even aim for Breidis back. You could clearly see Glowacki directly punch Breidis in the back of his head at the base of his skull, and the Latvian was not in the process of elbowing Glowacki before the pole fouled him with that punch. Breidis, spun around with the elbow after the pole through that illegal rabbit punch. To say you saw anything else means one of two things. You are incompetent or clearly biased.

  • Now we have MMA technique used in boxing ridiculous, plus a blind & deaf ref. Please hahahaha No not a laughing matter

  • Where is the rabbit punch from Glowacki preceding the elbow?
    Both fighters hit after the bell!
    I saw photos where the seconds of Glowacki were in the ring while ref is counting?
    This is a bit of a fake video. There was no booing in the Arena.

  • Should have removed 1 point from Glowacki for rabbit punch and 2 from Briedis for elbow (quite light and as a reaction to rabbit punch so no disqualifation. Also Glowacki continued fight). Ref should have let Glowacki recover instead of counting down. Should have removed 1 point from Glowacki in 2nd round because he initiated fight with at least 2 shots after the bell, then Briedis answered and protected himself. Overall, Glowacki tried to box dirty and didn’t expect Briedis would answer even dirtier.

  • It’s actually simple. The biggest factor that started the KO is the elbow which was illegal. The ref acknowledged the elbow because he took a point BUT failed to give the downed fighter the proper time to recover and Briedis KNEW he was still hurt and jumped on him. The ref was wrong here and a NC should happen as well as a immediate rematch.

  • Byrd is obviously either an incompetent or corrupt official, and likely both. But what the hysteria promoting media never reports on are the facts. So, please allow me. Yes, Breidis did elbow Glowacki, but as a knee-jerk reaction to just being deliberately punched in the back of the head at the base of the skull. Glowacki was the first offender with the Latvian just reacting. Unsportsmanlike, but it was reactionary. I think the Latvian is being uncharacteristically villainized. The only true solution is to order an immediate rematch, and make sure that Robert Byrd is as far away as possible.

  • This site fakes my upvotes. Adds the to Glowacki biased comments. Such a propaganda. Don’t take this site and info seriously.

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