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  • that fight should have been stopped sooner. The “A Side ” Santillan was given every chance to stay in the fight and it was worse in the long run. Robert Garcia, the trainer for santillan , should have stopped it . shame on the dr. and commission too.

    • Maybe you don’t like his personality but Norman threw more punches in that fight than Broner has thrown in his last ten.

    • Lol. Now that you mention it he does reminds me of Broner. I listened to this boring clown for about 8 seconds of his non understandable yapping before I pushed stop lol. Geez that was 8 seconds of my life wasted!

      This guy butchers up the English language something awful. Yo Brian please go back to school buddy and learn the English language correctly!

      • He’s a boxer. Not a Phi Beta Kappa. No one really cares if he speaks well. Sick of you wannabee somebodies trying to down a young brother. Hopefully, he’ll become more refined as he gets older. He is a product of his environment. Sometimes these places forge toughness and a certain style. Plus, the English language here is a bastard language

        • Agree Kembo…be a leader and teach…. effective leaders teach without humiliation..humbleness..some are just unaware..we learn at different times and on different levels….but totally agree with you

        • Kebmo you sound extremely feminine like when someone doesn’t find him attractive you throw a temper tantrum! Look sunshine he’s just a man with two legs and two hands he’s not a God or a king that you have to be all in love with him!

      • Interesting…Bobby King Bernal….see you used “Yo” and ” yapping” in your you are instructing someone on speaking correctly….Norman is young..and is excited …coming off a major accomplishment.and Norman is communicating his excitement…give the young man a break and focus on his ring performance…now Norman can have more respect for his opponent…. admittedly…of note…we all speak a form of broken English…even as taught in school….if you know…you know….back to boxing…Bobby you have to give it to Norman that display of short punches on the inside was masterful…What do you think?

    • You need to go somewhere and sit down. Way too quick to label this young man.

  • I couldn’t listen to this for long then 15 seconds. Once he started in with the profanity and the “ya feel me” nonsense, I’m out. Congrats to him for this win, but I won’t be paying much attention to him going forward.

    • He’s only 23 and has already fought 26 fights. I was also disappointed in his post fight actions, but he’s still quite young and new to the notoriety.

      Fury has been an a hole for a long time and has never matured and we all pay attention to him. If Norman keeps winning and putting on a good show I’m sure you’ll pay attention to him. And he might grow into the position.

  • Low class ? That’s a stupid comment, you don’t know this guy, better yet, tell HIM he’s “low class”.

    • yea his sportmanship was lacking they should hit him with a fine

        • Sean, you have “drag queen” written all over you buddy

          I only speak truth buddy.

    • Boxing Don, you sound like your name should be Men’s figure skating Don lol, get his nut sack out of your mouth already!

  • good upset win for Norman but why didnt he call out Boots the boogeyman at 147 hell even Bud ducking him lol

  • the corner of santillan, , the ref., the commission, and the dr. did a poor job just to get the “a – side ” every chance to win. This is yet another reason why tragedies in the ring happen. it was greed over safety.

  • Like him or not Norman is a problem for the other fighters in the welterweight division

  • Keep on talking young man. You put on a show Saturday night. These haters on here comparing you to Adrien Broner need to look beyond your face. I never heard any of these computer warriors take on Canelo for the disgraceful behavior he showed towards Oscar Dela Hoya.

    • All you people defending that kind of behavior from a classless person must be in love with this pathetic human being!

      He ain’t gonna call out Boots because he is terrified of Boots simple as that.

    • Victor…you just called Norman classless for making a look at your post to Kembo….speaks for itself….

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