Berinchyk edges Navarrete for WBO 135lb title

Emanuel Navarrete Vs Denys Berinchyk Action1
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By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

Unbeaten Denys Berinchyk (19-0, 9 KOs) claimed the vacant WBO lightweight title with a twelve round split decision over three-division world champion Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete (38-2-1, 31 KOs) on Saturday night at the Pechanga Arena San Diego, California. It was a sloppy and awkward affair with Berinchyk winning 116-112, 115-113 on two cards. Navarrete was up 116-112 on the third card.

Things were slightly busy in the opening round as Navarrete pressed and Berinchyk started off stalking. Navarrete connected with a hard right hand early in the second round as he chased Berinchyk around and in the closing seconds of the round the two fighters exchanged in closing. Berichyk didn’t hold back in the third as Navarrete kept coming swinging with the looping punches as the Ukrainian retreated behind the jab. The southpaw Berinchyk boxed and worked the jab to begin the fourth and suddenly Navarrete exploded with his attack swinging wildly.

Attacking the body to begin the fifth, Navarrete went at Berinchyk and appeared to land low, the Ukrainian kept boxing utilizing the jab as Navarrete kept coming. Navarrete landed the much cleaner punhces but Berinchyk stayed busy and made it difficult for Navarrete as he was up on him. It was Navarrete that pressed the fight and stayed busy but that did not keep Berinchyk from mixing it up as he held his ground with the three division world champion as the fight was near the halfway mark.

In the ninth, Navarrete kept stalking as Berinchyk mixed it up and kept fighting on. In the the tenth, things got a bit rough as the fighitng continued, referee Jack Reiss issued Berinchyk a warning for holding, the crowd chanted Mexico as it was a pro-Navarrete crowd, the Mexican kept bringing it but Berinchyk did not back down and kept mixing it up. The championship rounds saw Berinchyk slip and fall to begin the eleventh as Navarrete kept pressing action, Berinchyk once again held Navarrete by the head as it appeared the Jack Reiss issued his final warning. The twelfth and final round, Navarrete and Berinchyk stayed busy and fought to the final bell.

After twelve rounds the judges scored the bout 116-112 for Navarrete, 116-112 for Berinchyk, and 115-113 for Berinchyk. With the win Deny’s Berinchyk becomes the new WBO lightweight champion on the same night his countrymate Oleksandr Usyk captures the undisputed heavyweight title.

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Navarrete, who was seeking to become the sixth Mexican-born fighter to win world titles in four weight classes, said he’s not sure whether he’ll stay at lightweight or go back to junior lightweight where he is still champion.

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  • Agree. Very sloppy fight. Navarrete looked slow. Right guy won the fight

  • You knew Navarrete fighting like that HAD to catch up to him eventually. That guy who fought tonight would have struggled to land anything at all on Stevenson or Loma. He looked terrible imo. I guess he goes back to rematch Valdez at 130 and you could have an all Ukraine unification at 135.

  • Man!!!!!what a bad night for mexico !!!
    From new 4 world champions in different country each of them in 2006
    to lose everything tonight

    I’m fkn sad
    I’m fkn drunk

    • It always seems worse when drunk. Sober up and these things don’t matter so much. I stay off the alcohol when depressed because I feel more pain. Some people say it makes the numb, but it pushes me into dark places.

      After that psychoanalysis… the right guy won. I kinda expected a gift decision to Navarrete, but the judges got it right.

    • EVERY night is a BAD night for Mierdaxico!

      It’s MIERDAXICO after all.

      • Dude, The US is as bad now days.
        Corrupt Gov’t, Record Homelessness, Drug Use, SHOOTINGS (SCHOOLS, MOVIE THEATRES, CHURCHES). We love to look the other way when our own house is on FIRE. (which makes me think you’re just racist.) you should seek professional help.

        • On point Pan. I imagine that this is what 1775 felt like(did I say that out loud?).

    • Forgetaboutit. It’s like the ocean Carlos. The tide goes in and out.

    • Styles make fights and these two was not pleasant to watch
      I had Navarrete winning his landed comparison was lowered but his punches were more powerful
      Either way it is what it is
      That’s the feeling I have after watching this fight not sure if that’s good or bad

      • Navarrete got sloppy. In the later rounds he did not take the shots when it was his time. Just keeping his hands up would have made a difference. What’s up with all of the Russian fighters?

  • I thought it was close, but that Navarrete had the edge. A draw would have been acceptable to me. However, he was incredibly awkward and although I liked the way it allowed for him to throw punches at different speeds, it often made him look tired and off balance.

    • You thought it was close?

      Then you know NOTHING about how boxing is scored!

      You’re just as corrupt and prejudice as your typical Mexican.

        • Carlos, Jimmy John obviously goes against the Mexican fighter. Or at least he makes it seem like to get people to react. He probably had barbacoa and piñata for birthday parties but makes it seem like he’s “American”.

      • I don’t think you know shit about boxing Jimmy John and you sound like a racist piece of shit too! Did a Mexican whoop your ass, fuck your wife or boyfriend hmmm so much hate

        • AmeriMex, he is Mexican. He’s just hiding behind his keyboard and computer. Probably has pan con leche every night

      • A Mexican must of had his ways with your wife, explains the bitterness.

      • A Mexican must of had his ways with your wife, explains the bitterness.

  • Berinchyk won but it was vey sloppy, if you watch the fight again you will notice that navarrette that didn’t throw his left hand with any conviction and he was hesitant to throw at all. Navarrette was a true professional by not bringing that up and took the loss like a man

  • Juan or Jimmy, dumass. Navarette won that fight. Pat Russell was a referee in one of my fights. He told me I lost, yet the crowd came to me and told me I won and was robbed. Navarette won that fight, close but he won. BS.

  • Close fight. Not a robbery by any means, though I thought Navarette won given that he visibly hurt Barinchyk a few times in different rounds.

  • A strange fight.

    Navarrete should have applied far more pressure with far more body shots because Berinchyk had no sting with his punches.

    Navarrete will probably wake up in the morning and say, “Sh*t, I should have applied a lot more pinche pressure behind a lot more pinche body shots because Berinchyk could not pinche break a pinche egg!!”

  • I had the Ukranian by 1 point but neither was impressive. Holding was ridiculous, should have cost B. a point.

  • Tim Bradley described the fight as two drunken uncles fighting in the backyard. Navarrete missed a lot of punches and was often turned around and out of position with those misses. Berinchyk has no punching power. He landed often with no effect. Navarrete was definitely the harder puncher but Berinchyk had an awkward style and Navarrete couldn’t land consistently. The right man won but that was one of the sloppiest fights I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Had the Ukranian winning 7-5. Navarette a true gentleman in defeat, not making the excuses that Fury made earlier in the day. When that final score was read, I figures yeah, Navarette will get it as the other judge had it 116-112 for Navarette.

  • Go back to 130 lbs, Navarrette. How in the hell are you going to contend with Tank, Shakur, and Loma. Gritty fighter, but horrible techniques, his trainer should be disbarred from boxing. Y’all talk about “boring” fighters. This style of fighting is boring to me.

    • Neither of the guys last night could compete- let alone beat- the other champs of the division.

    • Not just Tank, Shakur and Loma but also William Zepeda, a southpaw with heavy hands is also a threat at 135.

  • Navarrate looked both taller and thicker in body than this guy, yet he just moved up. He must have been a weight bully at both feather and super-feather.

  • So the real question now is will Loma fight another Ukrainian for the belt?

    I don’t think he will.

  • Styles make fights and these two put me to sleep. Navarrete should have sticked to the body, Berinchyk was feeling the body shots. Tons of head hunting and air punching by Navarrete. I think it should have been a draw at best but Navarrete did land very sporadic yet the more meaningful punches.

  • I was wrong about this one…. I believed Navarrette would be a little too much for Berinchyk. There’s a method to his madness though…. he’s very hard to hit with that awkward style but he can hit you from all kinds of weird angles.

  • I watched about 3-4 rounds and turned it off. Had stuff to do. Are you trying to tell me this Navarette guy has over 40 fights?!?! Dude was fighting like it was his third amateur fight!! I’ve never seen such wide hooks in my life!! And his uppercuts came from so far back it looked like he was practicing his bowling technique!! Absolutely horrendous!!! It’s a miracle he landed a single punch! You could see them coming from 10 miles away. Totally embarrassing. Glad I turned it off.

  • Well I know I will never waste my time watching that guy fight again…

  • >