Boxing Buzz: Canelo, Broner, Holyfield-Tyson

Eddy Reynoso, trainer and manager of WBA/WBC super middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, says Canelo is planning to face WBC mandatory challenger Avni Yildirim next. The bout could take place as soon as February 27, possibly in Mexico. If victorious, Canelo would return in May against Billy Joe Saunders, Gennady Golovkin or Caleb Plant.
Looks like Showtime is bringing back Adrien Broner on February 13. Opponent is TBA. Broner hasn’t fought since facing Manny Pacquiao two years ago.
Evander Holyfield really wants that exhibition fight with Mike Tyson. “I believe if I fought Mike the fight will generate $200 million,” Holyfield told The Mirror. “It will be the biggest fight there is. That’s the honest truth. I think Mike has my message already. If he is going to do it he is, if not then he’s not. It’s a decision he has to make now and we both have to be in an agreement.”
The British Boxing Board of Control has announced that boxing will be resuming in the UK starting in the middle of February, dates and venues to be confirmed. The BBBofC shut down all boxing in January, although some other sports remained active.

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  • It’s hard to argue with Holyfield. Say what you want about both of them being well over the hill, but even as an exhibition, Holyfield-Tyson 3 does a massive buy rate.

    • His kids are old now. Who doesn’t need money for something? What a useless comment.

      • Hands, gosh darn it. I was about to agree with Ian on his comment on needing $$ for child support, then I read yours. I decided to “like” yours, put my head down and move on to the next comment.

      • Not nearly as useless as your comment. You obviously don’t know what happens when you don’t make child support payments…. Here’s a hint, you pay until you’ve paid every dollar you owe regardless of kids age.

        • It usually doesn’t work out that way. The law as written and the law as enforced are different animals. I know this for a fact from personal experience. Thanks for your “hint” but some use live these things while others just hear about them. Which are you? Many women have huge support judgements that mean little after the kids age out. You know little about this apparently, so is your boxing analysis and speculation as uninformed?

          • I’m living it as we speak. Child support, aka whore welfare, is nothing more than extortion.

          • Berserker and Hands, here’s what I know about child support since I used to work in that field. If Holyfield didn’t pay and was ordered to pay those arrears don’t go away when the children emancipate. He still owes that money, which accumulates interest, and will owe it until paid. They can empty his bank account(s), take his income tax refund if any, lien his property you name it. And here’s what I also saw. If he filed for social security benefits when he’s eligible, they will garnish 25% until it’s paid in full. That shit does not go away and they don’t give a crap how old he is and where he is financially. So yes, they are grown up no need to pay current but arrears…are right there waiting…

  • Boy, Broner gets all kind of chances on comebacks. The question is…Can he stay out of trouble long enough to make his boxing productive?

  • Holyfield- Tyson? Boooooring zzzzz… Holyfield kicked overrated Tyson’s a** twice already and now they want us to pay money to watch these dinosaurs in a fake sparring match !? I don’t think so. Just make Fury- Joshua already. That’s what everyone is waiting for..

    • Yes Tyson very much overrated, Tyson true last fight was when he fought Larry Holmes
      He messed up his own career

      Holyfield was a lot mentally tougher fighter no doubt, however his steroid abuse cannot be denied

  • Canelo v Saunders or Plant please.

    Yildirim is a keep busy fight, that should be aired free of charge (How he’s #1 contender is anyone’s guess, last fought almost 2 yrs ago and lost).

    • Jim: i think hes the nbr 1 contender because with the WBC belting everyone that breathes, we have 15 champs and the rest are the nbr 1 contenders lol

  • I say, let the Tyson-Holyfield fight happen already so Holyfield can shut up. Then he can find someone else’s fame to jump in on. BUT, make holyfield wear headgear. That will protect is ears and his headbutts. Win/Win!!

  • Canelo seems to want a busier schedule just like he said. He could get 4 fights this year. Cant blame him with these biga$$ checks he collecting.

  • As long he fights in 2021 one or two of these: David Benavidez, Caleb Plant, BJ Saunders or GGG, is fine with me. Also, no short notice please!

  • Canelo/GGG III Not happening in May for sure. Canelo’s gonna wait until GGG is 40 years old.
    Broner wasted his talent by making bad choices. he’s done for good.
    A Tyson/Holyfield exibition? “sigh”

  • According to ESPN, Broner’s opponent will be Pedro Campa (31-1-1 21 KOs). Campa is listed as a Jr. Welterweight. I would prefer seeing Broner at 140 than 147, assuming he can still make the weight.

    Not sure if he naturally outgrew 135, or just lacked the discipline to continue making that weight, but I thought Broner could have had a long reign in that division, and perhaps unified. I doubt he still has it in him to get back to the top, but he looked to be one of the better fighters in the sport in his 130/135 days.

  • Canelo can u please fight Jermall Charlo can I get an Amen Boxing Fans ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️

    • No one wants to see the Charlo fight. It won’t make any money and the promoters know it. The Charlo bros are HIGHLY overrated and boring to watch.

  • Broner has 9 lives and Holyfield has 10! Hey, why the hell not have Tyson-Holyfield 3? If they’re willing to fight and people are willing to buy, they’d be crazy not to. I for one, would not be one of them. I bought and hosted Tyson-Jones. It was fun, it was interesting, but if want to continue to see old dudes fight, I’ll video my myself.

  • I don’t know, but the end of the story could be Tyson biting off one of Holyfield’s ears, leaving him like bacinica with only one ear.

  • if broner is in shape, drug/alcohol free, at 135 he beats em all….history says that will never happen and im not sure he is dedicated enough to even make 135 anymore.

    • rjk-135- Was this supposed to be a serious post? He hasn’t fought at 135 in years! And if he did, you think he beats em all? 135 is the most stacked division in boxing: Teofimo, Loma, Haney, Tank, Ryan Garcia to name a few. Broner’s train has come and gone, I’d be surprised if he could still make 147.

      • If he would make 135 it would be interesting to see loma pick apart his wannabe Floyd shoulder roll fighting style.

  • Still waiting on the day we get the delightful news that Broner was either shot deed by a worthless gang banger or sentenced to life in prison.

    • Berserker, come on man. That’s not nice. Guy is an idiot but to say something like that. Come on.

  • Canelo has already signed to this fight to get the belt so it’s merited. Should setup BJS, the Plant. Perfect 2021. Then if Bene can get his crap together and some of these guys actually make mega fights to earn it we’ll see in 2022.
    Boner not worth commenting on other than to say he’s not worth commenting. No misspells.
    Tyson should not fight Holyfeild. Too much riding on it for Tyson. He doesn’t need it.

  • I hope Canelo fights Billy Joe Saunders and Caleb Plant this year. It will shut up the dumbass Canelo haters once and for all when he beats them. I don’t really want to see Canelo and GGG III as I believe he has nothing to prove as he should have won both fights. GGG has gotten older and hasn’t beaten anyone worth mentioning since. Canelo on the other hand has systematically fought the best and beaten the best same as Floyd Mayweather has done throughout his career. Yeah they pick their opponents, they strike when it’s the right time that is smart boxing. Canelo is the best right now until someone steps up and challenges him they are all losers. Don’t worry about who he challenges hes fighting the best in his way to greatness. Why won’t one of these so called up and comers challenge him? Maybe because they are the scared ones. Canelo on the other hand has beaten some great names, more so than anyone else out there.

    • 100% agree. Its the plan to do BJS and Plant later this year. Both will be good fights for him and if he wins the critics of saying he takes easy fights will be calling him out for being undisputed at 168 in less than a year. Can’t wait to hear those trolls.

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