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Still no fight dates announced by the major promoters. A lot of it depends on the various commissions giving approval.
Top Rank and Zanfer are talking about being the first out of the gate in June. Golden Boy, PBC, Matchroom and Queensbury are eyeing July. In Germany, the Bundesliga will be the first of Europe’s major soccer leagues to return on May 16. Hopefully this means Team Sauerland and SES will get the green light soon. Nothing new on the rescheduled WBSS cruiser final. Boxing in Japan is closed until at least July.
Florida is open for business with three UFC shows in one week, but no takers from the sweet science so far. TR and GB seem more comfortable staying in Nevada, Texas and California. With its home base in Brooklyn not opening anytime soon, PBC seems a natural for the Sunshine State.
Saturday’s UFC PPV reportedly had 700,000+ buys.

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  • Pretty good ppv numbers. What never really occurred to me is that people won’t be able to bunch up as easily and pool the PPV cost. You may find you see half decent numbers for that reason

    • Don’t know if it is like it used to be when a bunch of guys got together and split pay per view costs. My friends today who like sports have little or no interest in boxing and would not consider paying for it.

      • Well somebody is paying for it. The pool thing is more of an American thing. 60$, sometimes more, is a lot. I left UK for USA about five years ago and it was still generally 10 to 15 pound. That was always reasonable I thought. I think it is about 20 pound now. Maybe 25 for mega fights

  • WOW 700,000 plus buys for a UFC match with NO crowds. You gotta admit that is pretty darn impressive!

    • Considering the price of food going up at grocery stores in light of COVID-19, many may be saving their money and watching stuff for free. Sad, but true.

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