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Floyd Mayweather is reportedly close to finalizing a fight with YouTuber “Money Kicks” a.k.a. Rashed Belhasa in an eight-rounder on the helipad at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai on a date to be determined in February. Terms such as “real fight” are being thrown around.

Still no opponent for WBA heavyweight champion Trevor Bryan on January 29 in Warren, Ohio. WBA #1 rated Daniel Dubois is calling out Bryan, but with less than three weeks to go unbeaten Jonathan Guidry (17-0-2, 10 KOs), recently installed at WBA #13, could be getting the title shot.

Heavyweight Mahmoud Charr, who had been mandated to face Bryan, is no longer listed as “champion in recess” in the WBA rankings.

The Chris Eubank Jr vs. Liam Williams card in Cardiff, Wales was pushed back a week to February 5 due to covid restrictions. The bout will be a $29.99 afternoon PPV in the United States. By the way, Claressa Shields vs. Ema Kozin gets top billing in the U.S. advertising for that card.

Still no PPV price for the February 5 Keith Thurman vs. Mario Barrios pay-per-view telecast. Tank-Cruz was $74.99, so if Thurman-Barrios follows suit, fight fans can enjoy more than $100 of pay-per-view action plus a DAZN card on the same day.

Lightweight prospect Charlie Sheehy (1-0, 1 KO), a 23-year-old former Team USA amateur standout from the Bay Area town of Brisbane, California, has signed a multi-year professional contract with Top Rank. Sheehy, who is managed by Peter Kahn, will make his Top Rank debut March 4 on the Jose Ramirez-Jose Pedraza undercard.

6’3 lightweight Marcell Davidson has joined his younger brother, welterweight Marcus Davidson (2-0, 2 KOs), in Ryan Roach’s Fighter Locker stable having recently signed an exclusive managerial contract. He debuts February 12 on Vertex Promotions’ “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” card at Moseley’s On The Charles in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Boston Boxing Promotions has announced a four-round super middleweight bout between two fan favorites as David Tubbs (5-1, 5 KOs) takes on Malik Jackson (5-10-4, 3 KOs) on January 29th at the Castleton Banquet & Conference Center in Windham, New Hampshire.

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  • Oh geez will this irrelevant attention whore get a life already..
    Dear little Floyd it’s time to find a hobby!

    Take up a class doing something with your life already maybe finger painting or arts and crafts or knitting… GO AWAY PLEASE.

    • Floyd likely has the better life out of all of us combined. lmao! People vote with their dollars, and right now people are keeping Floyd in office.
      Aint mad at him for grabbing easy money on a helipad.
      Has to be a dream to go to Dubai as a rich man.
      “get a life already” Really???

      • I like Floyd he’s had a nice career but I agree it’s time to find a hobby for Mayweather. There are too many male groupies like NJ Boxing that will keep forking out money to watch these circus attractions, kinda reminds me of the bearded lady when i would hear step right up step right up pay to see the bearded lady and the gullible people would actually pay to see a lady with a beard.

        Hey kinda does remind me of Floyd when he wears a beard…

  • I really wish Floyd would just go ahead and get his 44 year old azz knocked out so his enemies can be happy! He’s stupid as hell to keep risking his life, health and legacy for money he obviously doesn’t need. I supported his career but I will laugh at the pics

    • Mayweather and Jake Paul parallel their business motives in boxing. It’s all about something to do and suckering everyone into buying tickets for predictable entertainment in making one thing; money. Yup, it’s a soap opera…

    • @ Noracistsallowed: Mayweather is not longer a boxer, rather he is a businessman that is selling his name, especially to his dancing partner. To be with him, an opponent has to comply with all Mayweather’s demands and conditions, being the most important, IMO. no to hurt him. Many are eager to do this, because there is a good and easy payday after all.

  • “but with less than three weeks to go unbeaten Jonathan Guidry (17-0-2, 10 KOs), recently installed at WBA #13, could be getting the title shot.”

    Guidry has beaten nobody, yet randomly pops up in the WBA’s ratings, and may get a shot at their paper champion Trevor Bryan. They are so openly corrupt, and such an embarrassment, that they make it hard to remain a fan of this sport.

    • Seriously – Go look at his record and tell me what Guidry’s best win was. I’ve heard of Rodney Moore, he’s a tough journeyman and hardly ever gets stopped and he was 45 years old when Guidry fought him last summer. By virtue of being the most accomplished journeyman with the least amount of stoppages on his record, Rodney Moore, who was 20-19-2 and 45 years years old when they fought was most likely Jonathan Guidry’s best win. Am I missing someone?? I hope I’m overlooking someone.

      • Moore has lost 18 of his last 21, but he only has 3 stoppage losses. Cory Phelps is 16-11-1, but had 5 consecutive stoppage losses heading into the Guidry fight. Hard to tell who Guidry’s best opponent was, but it very well may be Moore. They all appear to be bad.

        I honestly can’t believe the WBA is still in existence. Even by boxing’s standards, they are an absolute damn joke. It’s astounding how corrupt and poorly run that organization is. I get the feeling that Mendoza Jr. couldn’t run the deli department at Publix, or the paint department at Home Depot. The sport would be so much better off without them.

        • “They all appear to be bad”. Couldn’t have said it any better. Phelps is strange. He has 11 stoppage losses and they all come in the first 2 rounds and the only fight he lost that went the distance was against a kickboxer, Dewey Cooper, who is now best known for being the trainer for the current UFC heavyweight champion.

          I started to say that the WBA is acting now as if getting rid of the interim champions bought them some kind of grace period so they can do whatever they want for a little while but…. yeah, they’ve been doing this for years.

          Guy looks like he’s getting a title shot and his opponents “all appear to be bad”. DAMN!

          • Phelps has lost to some good fighters, but take a look at his wins. He fought Tyrone Mack 3 times. Mack was 4-40 going into their first fight, and 4-43 going into their third. Usually not a good sign when a fighter has multiple wins over a Tyrone Mack. Phelps also fought Tommy Karpency at Light Heavy and was KO’d. Phelps also won a majority decision over a 15-37 fighter.

    • And to that, didn’t the WBA start a campaign to get rid of all their secondary titles? What happened to that?

      • It was to get rid of interim titles. Dubois used to have one, that’s why he’s mandatory now. Bryan is the “regular” world champion under Usyk.

  • My goodness! You’d think that having a jet, vacationing in some of the best spots on the planet AND having your very own Gentleman’s club would be enough??!! I guess it’s really true when they say money doesn’t buy happiness! In Floyd’s case it’s attention!!!!

  • its a scam nobody wants to watch mayweather and u tubers in exibition matches

    • You’ll always find suckers willing to shell out money to watch these ridiculous farces. These same people who pay money to watch this crap will often throw temper tantrums at the true knowledgeable fans who call this crap exactly what it is!

      You’ll always find those kinds of fans who are in crazy love with celebrities and will defend anything they do. I have a friend who has a tattoo of a football player on his arm which I always make fun of, I mean put your chicks name on your arm not some celebrity athlete. SMH..

  • $100 of ppv action plus a DAZN card they say this like it is some great thing

  • “Floyd Mayweather is reportedly close to finalizing a fight with YouTuber “Money Kicks”.
    – So “Money May” is taking on “Money” Kicks for my money?
    – I don’t think so….

  • “…fight fans can enjoy more than $100 of pay-per-view action plus a DAZN card on the same day.”
    – Enjoying the PPV is one thing, paying for it is another.

  • It’s a sad state of affairs in our Country to know there are idiots out there that would actually pay for this and enjoy paying for it.

  • This move is helping his bank account but if you don’t think this is hurting his legacy, you are wrong. And MONEY isn’t everything, NJ Boxing. You can be rich and MISERABLE. I’ve seen it plenty of times. And there is a lot of people with money in boxing that don’t make these silly moves. He a narcissist, plain and simple. But, yes, he’s rich! Bfd

  • I will not be watching this irrelevant stupid Mayweather fight. This ain’t real boxing.

  • I can’t believe people will actually pay money to watch this crap. Mayweather has quickly gone from one of the greatest to retirement straight to the gutter. Sad 🙁

  • Wow, c’mon Floyd these non real Boxer (You Tuber really??) Fights are pathetic, you are ONE of the best of all time, you made more money than any other fighter in history, fight a real fighter or let it go man….and I was a Keith Thurman fan but then Spence scared the crap out of him and he started getting injured on the daily just to avoid that ass whoopin, I wouldn’t pay $10 to see him fight today especially against that dude that Tank just mopped up! (no disrespect to Tank, HE is a BAD MAN!!)

  • >