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Crawford-Porter reportedly did 135,000 to 190,000 PPV buys. For perspective, two weeks earlier, Canelo-Plant reportedly did 800,000. Jake Paul does 500,000.

Remember, boxing on FITE at 2PM ET,11 AM PT, including the pro debut of 345lb heavyweight Hosea Stewart, who was handpicked by Anthony Joshua as a sparring partner for his fight with Kubrat Pulev.

Have to admit the Jake Paul-Tommy Fury press conference was pretty entertaining. Tyson Fury and John Fury were there also.


Ioka, Ancajas to vie for 115lb unification
Late results from Erie, PA

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  • Honestly I think that has something to do with ESPN. When you have to get the app first, then use a credit card instead of a quick code it’s just a pain. As soon as fringe fans realize they have to download ESPN plus first it’s like f-that. Plus purse strings get tighter this time of year. I think we should look at how ESPN has faired in overall ppv numbers. My guess it’s not good. Crawford should act as a FA or join PBC outright.

    • I agree. This works for UFC because everyone interested in that knows that it is the only place you can see the vast majority of their shows. You have to have ESPN+. Most boxing fans aren’t enough fans of simply TOP RANK to be sitting around paying for ESPN+, so to get a PPV you only have to click one button. So in order to get the fight, they have to make some type of commitment to the service then pay for the fight on top of it.

      • Crawford doesn’t promote himself like Floyd or even Jake Paul. And for real, I’m a former pro boxer & huge boxing fan, but know absolutely nothing about Terence Crawford’s personal life. Whereas with Floyd, everyone has seen his lavish crib, car collection, private jet, roller rink, strip club, gym, bodyguard team & knows that his daughter is a huge Justin Bieber fan!

        • Some fighters are just private. Other fighters crave attention and even show us their sick collection. So far, with what he has around him, he’s done well. Not the best, but he changed his bloodline.

    • Yup. I’m not subscribing for a tv channel then pay ppv on top of that. With DAZN you pay the monthly subscription and you get to see all the fights.

      • So far but I think DAZN might go to some of the bigger fights with ppv They were not able to put on the Alvarez vs Plant fight and im sure they don’t want to lose other fights to Showtime ppv etc. As of now non DAZN subscribers can buy the ppv without a subscription i see them wanting to cash in on the additional ppv $$ they will get from their subscribers who are hard-core boxing fans

      • But DAZN doesn’t have many good fights. That one Canelo fight was all I got of value from the service

    • Looks like PBC is going all in on ppv. Their Fox platform is now just a stepping stone to future ppv and to keep lower level contenders busy.
      PBC should have better quality on Showtime but when a Tank Davis has every fight on ppv I wouldn’t be surprised if Showtime pulls an HBO and gets out of the business

  • Love how Bob Arum condescends to people about the economics of boxing and how it’d be in the best interests of Crawford to continue working with Top Rank when this event generated less than 200,000 buys. He’s so full of crap.

    • Walter, absolutely! Crawford needs to break with Arum and use the Mayweather model. He’s just not the type to self promote like Mayweather did outside the ring but ther is no reason to have a middle man that is collecting money from him and doing nothing like it seems with Arum.

  • I am in Canada and could not even order it. Not to sound like a teenager but when you offer something to less people less people will buy it…duh!!!

    • Kinda sad to say, with some patience after any fights, it all leaks out online for free. Much like the movie industry.

      • I find getting a replay of the complete ppv fights (not just highlights) after the fact very difficult even the undercardit might be up for a few hours if your lucky then gets taken down. Last I checked You Tube and Daily Motion i couldn’t find anything from the Canello or Crawford cards. You seem to find someone recorded with a 6th row camcorder no announcer or if you do find the actual replay the quality horrible

  • “Crawford-Porter reportedly did 135,000 to 190,000 PPV buys.”
    – Those PPV numbers are very week.
    – A range of 55,000 (190,000 – 135,000) is huge, approx 30% of the average. I don’t think they have a handle on these numbers yet.
    – I remember Bob Arum saying that this PPV model was the way to go. These numbers do not support this statement.

      • Johnny:
        – Stating my age here at 57, I do not remember Jeff Chandler Dancing Machine Carter and Butterfly Crawley.
        – Using BoxRec, I was able to find the first fights that I saw where I officially became a boxing fan (I was a late bloomer). It was HBO’s “Night of the Heavyweights” on 5/10/96.
        – They televised 3 fights:
        1). Bobby Czyz vs Evander Holyfield.
        2). Lennox Lewis vs Ray Mercer.
        3). Can’t remember the 3rd fight on this card.
        – Take care.

        • Gary those 3 were great Philly fighters probably early 80s. The fights you mentioned seems like i was already an old man well at leas in my late 30s. I’m about 5 years older than you but remember when I was a little kid hearing Liston Paterson on the radio before closed circut

        • If you wanna talk about an exciting Philly fighter from the 80’s, check out Frank “The Animal” Fletcher. Every one of his fights was a war! And to make it more entertaining, his mother would attend all his fights, always moving around ringside, loudly & proudly yelling encouragement for her son. It was awesome!

  • it was definately not ppv material. crawford is not a star outside of hard core boxing, and shawn porter isnt really a draw himself.

    • Crawford is not p4p #2 consensus and #1 for 40/45% of experts because he’s not a star. He’s just a modest guy. He’s not overly hyped for some reason. He’s been so much better than Spence and proved it once again but the public can’t see it. Spence looks the part. Crawford doest have great looking muscles or freaky attributes. He’s so well rounded it seems to make him vanilla. I’m still not sure why because he kos so many. Crazy!

  • If Arum had not pulled that scam, and try to force people to subscribe to ESPN+ in order to buy the fight, It might have done far better in PPV hits!

  • First and foremost, it should’ve been on regular PPV! Bet they could’ve gotten some more buys. Next, why would any hardcore boxing fans want ANY part of Jake or Logan Paul when it comes to boxing….Really?! This was an excellent matchup of 2 of the top fighters in the world. As for people saying that Crawford should promote himself better, well WTF is he supposed to do? Act like a fool and degrade himself?? Really?! This MF is one of the baddest men on the planet! Nuff said

    • Slim:
      – Outstanding.
      – I use either a Kodi app or Live Sports to watch PPV fights on my Stick.
      – Take care.

  • Boxing is simply not as entertaining as the PPV prices would suggest and I think over time we will see far more agreeable numbers. That ultimately means everyone gets paid less or walks but that’s what it is. The days of egregiously charging subscriptions and PPV prices are done.

  • I like Shawn Porter, but he lacks the big punch & all his fights look the same. Even that young novice from Germany took him the distance. And while he can give every welterweight in the world trouble, his lack of one-punch KO power will not sell PPV’s. Network TV used to give us great fights like Mike McCallum vs. Donald Curry & Simon Brown vs. Tyrone Trice, but now we get Vito Mielnicki fighting some guy whose name sounds like a song, La Bomba or something.

  • I’f you want to know why Spence vs Crawford hasn’t happened this is why. Crawford and Spence want big bucks, but Crawford can’t sell on PPV. If the monetary demands were more reasonable then yeah it would be easy to make. So all this crap about ducking is Bs. Neither guy is a big seller on PPV so do you think their handlers want to lose money? I don’t understand why this is so hard to fathom.

    • – Simply stated: The YouTube followers of the Paul brothers will pay to see their “heroes” fight.
      – Boxing aficionados are smarter with our money, as we are being asked to spend our hard-earned $$ more frequently on PPS fights that are not PPV worthy.
      – Take care.

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