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Looks like all the two-minute/eight-rounders on the Holyfield-Belfort card were changed to exhibitions after being billed as real fights. That means Anderson Silva doesn’t get his brilliant KO of Tito Ortiz on his record.

Coming in on one week’s notice is tough. Coming in on one week’s notice when you’re 58? If Holyfield had a full eight-week camp like Belfort, maybe he would have done better.

Tuesday’s previously announced TrillerVerz II co-feature of Franchon Crews-Dezurn vs. Elin Cederroos fight for the undisputed women’s super middleweight title has been replaced by a clash between lightweights Michael Dutchover and Nahir Albright.

WBC silver middleweight champion Sam Eggington threw a staggering 1317 punches in his war against Bilel Jkitou last Friday night in Coventry, England. Even more amazing is that not once throughout the whole fight did referee Mark Lyson have to separate the pair for clinching or holding, or to speak or warn either fighter. Worth catching a replay of this fight somewhere if you didn’t see it.

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TrillerVerz II Weights

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  • How can Holyfield think he can get the Tyson fight after this encounter? Belfort should get a Tyson exhibition fight. Janice Itson supposedly was spending $25,000 a month after being divorced from Holyfield after the year 2000. “At the time of their divorce, Holyfield’s net worth was estimated to be $90 million.” So why should fans say, yeah, we want to help Holyfield pocket a big payday at 59 years old after being stopped in less than 2 minutes? He had 9 to 11 kids around the time of the Lewis and Ruiz fights, and married twice, so why do fans think it is such a great idea for 59 year old Evander to keep cashing in off of fights he isn’t looking good in, just because of the ‘bite fight’. Holyfield was hogging the boxing scene from 1990 to 2001, with just a year hiatus from May 1994 to May 1995. And his heart was said to not be so good for ‘whatever reasons’.

    • One thing is for sure. Prior to the fight, Holyfield said, “I am always in shape.” and signed the contract knowing in his right mind he had a chance to win. He lost and that’s it and the game is over. Bottom line…Holyfield needs to hang it up to save his longevity in life. Health is the most important aspect of one’s life.

      • Being in shape and in fight shape are two different things. I’m sure he would have done better had he trained 8 weeks, maybe he would have made it into the 2nd round? …Holyfield is an absolute legend, but he’s been a shell of his former self since 2000 when he lost to Quiet Man Ruiz. I remember he was being interviewed on the Howard Stern Show in 2001, while preparing for his 3rd straight fight with Ruiz, and he couldn’t remember his name. I can’t believe he continued fighting after that, let alone 23 years later.

    • The heart issue was a misdiagnosis. The Mayo Clinic cleared this up way back in 1995. Amazing this story lives on.

  • Fightnews writer making some B.S. excuse “Coming in on one week’s notice is tough. Coming in on one week’s notice when you’re 58? If Holyfield had a full eight-week camp like Belfort, maybe he would have done better.” Holyfield is old, from Nov 1989 to Nov 1999 (from the 1st Stewart fight to the 2nd Lennox Lewis fight) Holyfield should have gone 14-4 (8 KOs). And some think the 2nd Bowe fight was a draw. And everyone knows Lewis beat Holyfield in the first fight 8 round to 4 (or 7 rounds to 4, 1 even).Then after the 2nd Lewis fight, Holyfield (already worth $90 million) goes and has some WBA title fights with John Ruiz. If Holyfield didn’t want to hang them up after the 2nd Ruiz fight, definitely should have after the IBF title fight with Chris Byrd. The Byrd fight was almost 19 years ago, and people want to say if he had just an 8 week training camp, he would have looked so much better against Belfort. So why are people worried about Holyfield in 2021? If he hasn’t done so much good with $90 million over the past 20 or 21 years, tough luck. We don’t need Tyson vs Holyfield exhibition in 2022.

  • That Holyfield-Lewis fight still bothers me. Had Lewis at +300. Put $100 on him which was quite a bit of money at the time. Watched Lewis put a beating on him and still can’t believe that fight was scored as a draw.

  • The first paragraph is so stupid. Two guys were kod and it’s not going to be considered as such? Did they forget to let the winners know they were supposed to fight for real? Or did the two that lost purposely go down. I’m done, I won’t be clicking on these triller/exhibition articles anymore. As long as we give them our attention they won’t go away. I won’t be contributing to that anymore.

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