Bowe, Malignaggi join exhibition circuit

Promoter Damon Feldman told TMZ he has a PPV card in the works featuring former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe and former jr welter/welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi. The event would happen on October 2 at the James L. Knight Arena in Miami.

The 53-year-old Bowe would take on former NBA star Lamar Odom, while the 40-year-old Malignaggi would meet TikToker Corey B. In another bout, rapper Aaron Carter is slated to face TBA.

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  • Hopefully Bowe and Odom take it REALLY easy on each other. That seems like an accident waiting to happen

    • I agree. To be honest, I do not think it a good idea for Bowe to be punched in the head by anyone period

      • I would love to see CT Scan slices of Bowe’s brain to see what effects CTE has on the brain. Bowe has all ingredients in his behaviors to be a sufferer from CTE.

      • Don’t forget about Odom. According to his wiki page, during his medical incident at that ranch in Vegas, he suffered kidney failure, several heart attacks, 12 strokes, and was in a coma. Almost seems like somebody is looking for trouble by putting these two in a ring. This is a really bad idea.

        • USF, yes, I recall hearing about some incident where he was on a cocaine binge with alcohol fooling around with a bunch of hookers, and ended up on life support in the hospital. This incident was right at the tail end of his marriage to Khloe Kardashian if my memory serves me correctly. However, some things in the media can be over-exaggerated to attract attention to the stars or athletes. Who really knows. Odom is a big braggart and thrives on attention anyway.

          • @Scoob Cocaine, alcohol, and 10 doses of a viagra-like product called “Reload”. Not a good combination apparently. Yes, I believe you’re right that the Kardashian thing, at least in part, drove him to that.

            Seriously, if you’re the promoter of this, given the condition/medical history of these two, this has got to be on your conscience. Even in an exhibition where they’re not going all out, seems like something can go wrong here. I think I’d pass on whatever money can be made here and just find two people who are better suited to be in a boxing ring.

          • I must be stuck working my job too much and can’t keep up with all street slang names for drug cocktails nowadays. LOL…

  • Such an embarrassment. You can’t even understand Bowe without subtitles.Guess I have to try and get interested in curling.

      • I refuse to watch RB for free on my Amazon Fire Stick. Not interested in watching his continued demise.
        Take care.

  • So Paulie’s unemployed self wants in on fighting YouTuber’s huh?!! My goodness…..

  • I researched the Paulie thing with that clown Corey B. Assuming it was all initiated by Corey slapping Paulie in the back of the head with powder when he was commentating at a fight is idiotic. Paulie reacted and now we have a fight. Corey is another big talker (TikToker) who thinks he can compete merely because he is training. The Odom/Bowe match could be a disaster as well except they might wear a bunch of padding.

  • I didn’t know it was at the same promotions “Carter vs Odom” fight. Now this ALL smells like a WWE style mess where you stage a incident during one match to lead the story into a future card.

  • If bowe can get by Lamar Odom, I would pay to watch him against Jake paul. Paul would take him out in the first round but would be a nice payday for riddick

  • How about they all just go into a room together and we can watch them do crack. Would probably be more entertaining and safer.

  • Riddick Bowe is in awful physical and mental shape. He shouldn’t even be allowed to drive, much less get anywhere near the ring.

  • Boxing is becoming a joke. This is horrible. Canelo and Plant falls through so this is what we get, Malliniaggi and Riddick Bowe? Maybe we can dig up Big John Tate and Rocky Lockrige for a PPV circus. This is the worst time in Boxing history.

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