Berlanga, Top Rank part ways

Unbeaten light heavyweight Edgar Berlanga (20-0, 16 KOs) is now a free agent. He and Top Rank have mutually decided to terminate their promotional deal. Berlanga opened his career with 16 straight first round knockouts, but has now gone the distance on four straight occasions. He recently served a six month suspension for biting his most recent opponent.

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  • He was no longer a headliner ..he would just be added fight to a Puerto Rican card featuring that other kid.they would have to go back to feeding him really bad opponents to avoid an embarrassing loss..the journeyman type were too good for him so Arum had no choice ..if he signs with pbc he’ll be a sacrificial lamb..Hearn should offer him 1 fight deal to boost Andrade status

  • Once Berlanga got exposed he lost the hype along with a contract. This cat will be fighting more Taxi drivers until he gets a title shot.

  • He is the next coming of Julio Cesar Chavez jr. He just has a little more pop. We all know what happened to junior.

    • He will never come close to Chavez jr..his 12th rd vs Sergio Martinez alone would be enough to surpass His whole career …Andy Lee and John Duddy, 2 guys Chavez beat easy would beat berlanga

      • Chavez Jr. was never good and I would say they are about the same. Noticed how when the late Jose Sulaiman passed Jr. couldn’t make weight anymore and couldn’t mask the peds he was taking with the help of his godfather. Chavez showed he was a legit waste when he quit not once but twice when he was in tough without Jose.

  • I read that his manager also manages Kownacki, Derevyanchenko and Daniel Jacobs, so he’s done quite a bit of work with PBC. Might be where Berlanga is heading.

    • He’s just an nyc manager..he could possibly go to dibella or star boxing be honest I think star boxing fighting on small cards in AC/Long Island would be his level. Dibella used to have Broadway boxing events in ballrooms.

      • It may not be a bad idea and he surely has the time, but do you think he’d leave Top Rank to fight for a smaller promoter?

        • He had no choice ..they probably told him he will be middle fight on Zayas ESPN cards at best ..didn’t improve his pay because they can’t do anything with him ..if he goes to a big promotion , he will be used to build their home fighter

  • Berlanga lost 16 times the opportunity to improve his boxing skills with the corpses he was served, and when he faced someone with a pulse, he didn’t know what to do and the hype ended right there.

  • Berlanga knocked out bums and when he stepped up in competition he went the distance his last 4 fights. Horrible fights and boring also. Not surw what the future holds for this kid.

    • Exactly. Not only did he go the distance in last 4 but they were boring fights nobody wants to see

  • Top rank realized they are wasting time on him, Its just a matter of time before he gets crack baddly by a journeyman! He reminds me of juanma lopez, so much hype then, orlando salido came along and destroyed his career! He was never the same afterwards. I hope im wrong but, i see berlanga going the same path!

    • Juanma was a real fighter with skills. He put in work against championship level guys. Please don’t disrespect him by comparing him with this guy.

  • The knockouts stopped so he resorted to biting, first loss is just around the corner

  • If Top Rank let him go without much of a fight, they see something that Berlanga has not realized yet. Usually, they like to keep the possible future of a division in their grasps until their hand is forced. An example is the Shakur and Lomachenko situation.

  • A lot of negative comments about Berlanga, but I watch his fights cuz he has power. I think his fights will be exciting with the right opponents.

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