Benn fails drug test, fight to proceed for now

Conor Benn has tested positive for a banned substance, reportedly trace amounts of the banned women’s infertility drug Clomifene. Despite the adverse finding, both camps wish to proceed with Saturday’s big money showdown between Benn and Chris Eubank Jr in London. The British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) has yet to weigh-in on the issue.

Matchroom Boxing/Wasserman Boxing Statement: We have been made aware that a random anti-doping test for Conor Benn conducted by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) returned an adverse analytical finding for trace amounts of a fertility drug. The B sample has yet to be tested, meaning that no rule violation has been confirmed. Indeed, Mr. Benn has not been charged with any rule violation, he is not suspended, and he remains free to fight.

Mr. Benn has since passed a doping control test conducted by the UK Anti-Doping Agency, the anti-doping authority to which the British Board of Boxing Control has delegated its doping control testing for the bout. Mr. Benn has passed all doping control tests conducted by UKAD.

Both fighters have taken medical and legal advice, are aware of all relevant information, and wish to proceed with the bout this Saturday.

BBBofC "prohibits" Eubank-Benn
Boxing back in Orlando October 21

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  • Male infertility and erectile dysfunction are reasons a doctor would prescribe it to a guy. Probably wasn’t prescribed to Benn. Not approved by FDA and doctors don’t know how much to prescribe to a male. Weird drug for him to get busted on. Trace amounts, I wonder how Benn thought of it unless a medical person mentioned it to him.Let him stay up at 154 if draining down to 147 is going to make him want to use that stuff ever again.

  • My questions exactly!-What would be the advantages of taking a womens infertility drug? I know a lot of people on this sight are knowledgeable about various PED’s and such.

    • He should just say he now identifies as a woman, he is transgender, and someday plans to get pregnant

    • Clomid, is a prohibited substance by NFL, the international Olympic committee and the WADA.
      Clomid can be misused by athletes to boost sports performance and counter the side affects of anabolic steroid use.

  • I hope they stop the bullishhhhhht and proceed with the fight! There’s only a couple of good fights this weekend! So, i hope they don’t cancel this match! Benn is going to tear eubank nasty by k.o in the 5th!

  • This is a combat sport…I’m which you can be seriously injured …postpone the fight until everyone is clean…respect the sport….

  • I know those that take testosterone counter it with oestrogen supplements. So that’s the women’s hormones balancing out the mens. He was defiantly up to something which is really disappointing. That random substance isn’t appearing in his system (if that’s been properly proven) for no reason.

  • like some have stated, it counters the effects of steroid abuse.

    so basically he finished a cycle of roids and was using the clomid to reduce effects of coming off that cycle.

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